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Posted On: Thursday - April 18th 2024 7:24PM MST
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I wanted to make sure and write the previous post first, as it was coming anyway, and I didn't want readers to think Peak Stupidity is down on Steve Sailer in general.

I got to 20:45 in his interview by Peter Brimelow, as Mr. Sailer was giving an overview of the support of Trump and Trump's flaws. He then talks about future elections (after '24) and "...hopefully there's new generations out there that can kind of square the circle for Republicans ..."

I'm sorry, but I don't know how to address that kind of talk without telling someone to "open your eyes, man!". This talk about getting improved GOP candidates together is all very Pat Buchanan-esque, the Pat Buchanan of the 2020s, stuck in the political mindset of the 1980s. This is not (American political) business as usual. It's very late. We're not dealing with Tip O'Neils and Jimmy Carters. The US Gov't is filled with American Communists bent on destruction.

There are Political Prisoners rotting in FS dungeons, the election process is Banana Republican, and the treasonous Motherland Security Chief has enabled an an invasion of 10-15 million foreigners in the last 3 years. It's really, really late in the game.

I will hate to actually see it when it comes, but the demise of the US Dollar ("It's the economy, stupid.") at the end of all the Financial Stupidiy may cause a disruption that forestalls the complete transition of America to a Totalitarian Communist Police State.... or, we'll go straight to it even quicker, I dunno ... Future elections?!

OK, fine. I'm calm and collected now, though not as much as Steve Sailer is. I'll watch the rest of the interview now and Ann Coulter/Peter Theil later or tomorrow.

PS: No offense intended with "It's the economy, stupid." That political expression comes from over 30 years back with Bill Clinton. I would like to know if Peter Brimelow, formerly a Finance writer and pundit, sees what's coming a little better. He does, at least, see who the enemy are.

Monday - April 22nd 2024 6:53AM MST
PS: @Mr. Anon, re: Ron Unz. Yeah, he is glad to argue with the people that agree with him. Otherwise, you're some idiot that belongs on another thread.

Ron Unz's problem on on the Kung Flu is that he has way, way too many words and so much time invested on his "The US did it!" theory. The CIA? Well, it's not that I don't think lots of Feral Gov't agencies aren't evil enough to do that, but it's all out in the freaking open! "Always has been." The UNC lab in Chapel Hill was working on this Gain of Function research, and that was no secret. It was no secret that they farmed out work to Wuhan, China. This would save money and time, as, when working at a 2-levels lower safety protocol, you get more done. However, sometimes shit just happens...

In 5 years time, assuming there is enough electrical power in the country for him to run his servers, Ron Unz will have an article up:

"I have always assumed, like the rest of the American population, that the Covid-19 vaccines were safe and effective in eradicating the Covid-one-niner. I read 14 books this weekend and a new article by Glenn Greenwald on the subject though. The press has been giving us a wrong version of this vaccine history for 5 years, and I now will explain exactly what the real story is, so listen ..."
Monday - April 22nd 2024 6:42AM MST
PS: Mr. Anon, to address iSteve's lack of writing on those 3 issues:

COVID: I think he knows he was wrong on the Totalitarian aspects of the PanicFest, so he doesn't write about that. His stats on excess deaths have convinced him that it WAS a big epidemic that killed millions and that's that, end of story. He dismisses any worries about the vaccines. It's just not his interest, but then, as you wrote, he never believes anything really nefarious - such as plans by Bill Gates, whether good-intentioned or not - is going on.

I wonder if it's the case that his lifestyle habits (don't know if this is before he got his dog Lambo - I think so) that including writing from his big closet and maybe not socializing that awfully much means he didn't really see all the stupidity of that PanicFest in person.

There is no article on the PanicFest in his book. Considering that this was a major social "event", you'd think it would. Again, I think he wouldn't include his Noticing of Italian ski areas and Covid and all that from Spring '20 because a) he didn't make any big points worth putting in and b) he was WRONG in general.

On the '20 election: Here's where Mr. Sailer shined with his posts about 1960 election history - Kennedy and Nixon and Chicago election theft and other stuff with his statistics. He seems to have concluded that Trump rightly lost. He won't go for unprovable questions like "how did Joe Biden get more votes than any other (D?) candidate ever by campaigning from his basement?" Actually, maybe he could have done some more digging into typical black turnout percentages, other groups, etc, and polling info to come up with something to either support or discount that question.

I guess he doesn't care, because, as I wrote in this post, iSteve thinks everything will carry on for the foreseeable future. (Or "the foreseeable". as I read twice in the Lionel Shriver book. Is that the expression now?) We just have to convince people to look at the data, get a candidate who's a combo of Romney-Trump (yeah, I didn't write that in this post, but he said that in the interview - WTF?!) and straighten things out over the next, what 50 years? Plenty of time ... sure.

On the Ukraine War: Of these 3, this is the one I'm really surprised by. I mean, does his own "Invade-the-World/Invite-the-World" mantra mean nothing to him here? It's not as if Steve Sailer is too young to remember the end of the Cold War. He lived half his life with it going on, and the end of it was a big relief for multiple generations. What I mean is, he, of all people, has got to know that Russia ≠ The Soviet Union.

Mr. Sailer, via the Gell-Mann effect, may have let the Establishment convince him of the Covid-19, election '20, and Ukraine narratives, as these are not his areas of expertise. However, his principles, were they solid, would have him decrying the US involvement, and downright instigation (in '14) of the Ukraine war.

Furthermore, this is one issue that he would not really become much of a pariah or "conspiracy theorist" by being on the other side of. The only rah-rahing on this war now is inside the US Congress, where Ukraine flags were flying all over - they were going "rah, rah!" because ... $$. big $$, to be spread all around - maybe even a little to the Ukraine. Outside Washington, the flags are almost all down. Most Americans want nothing to do with it.
Mr. Anon
Sunday - April 21st 2024 9:36PM MST

I get the impression that Steve has fastened the boomer goggles even tighter over his eyes and that the whole site is slipping into irrelevancy. At least, it doesn't seem very relevant to me any more. Ron Unz* has stated that isteve, previously one of the biggest draws at the web-site, has declined in readership over the last few years. Probably due to Steve's utterly establishment take on COVID, the 2020 election, and the Ukraine war.

Steve is also completely uninterested in the global oligarchic elite and just how much power they wield. Bill Gates is just a concerned citizen with a bad haircut as far as Steve is concerned. I've just about done with the site myself.

*For his own part, Ron today unveiled an article on the manmade origins of COVID and his own theory that it was the doing of the CIA. With the admonishment that he didn't want to entertain any comments on vaccines, etc. i.e., comment on my article, as long as you agree with me.
Friday - April 19th 2024 10:28PM MST
PS: What I worry about, O.S., is when the financial SHTF, the ctrl-left useful idiots will blame the whole thing on "Capitalism", as if we had a real free-market economy right now. They'll be doing their best to convince American who don't keep up that, yes, Communism is the best way out of this. This is not their first rodeo.
Friday - April 19th 2024 10:26PM MST
PS: I just now got the time to write back to comments again. Mr. Kief, egarding Steve Sailer, I have probably written here a few times that I only read his stuff other than very regularly on TUR since the end of '16 a few times on his old blog. So, I haven't noticed a big change.

No, he does not care so much about Constitutionality and all that, except when it's important to his post. I don't think he's interested in that sort of thing. As you said, his (current) writing is Sociological.

Of those big stories you mention, I'll say the election fraud is one he ought to have covered more - since the few days or weeks afterward when he did. Mr. Sailer seems to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and that includes LOTS of people who don't deserve that. No, he seems to have not much of a care about the J6 Political Prisoners especially.

I guess he can only write about so much, and he likes what he likes. The book is plenty full of his good stuff, and he says he can easily fill another one.
Old Soldier
Friday - April 19th 2024 10:18AM MST

The only things that are guaranteed over the next few generations of Democrats is that they will continue to LIE, CHEAT and STEAL at every opportunity, especially in elections. I've never known a Democrat who was all. And when Communists fully take over this country soon, rest assured the Democrats will be screaming 'bloody murder' the most about the impositions put on them - and they'll laughably blame everyone else for the takeover.
When I meet someone new, I ask how they vote (Democrat or Republican) - their answer tells me who they are. If they say Independent, I know they'll sit on the fence until election time and will vote for whoever gets them the biggest benefits.
And, ultimately, yes, it is "all about the economy, stupid" no matter what anybody says.
Friday - April 19th 2024 9:13AM MST
PS Mr Sailer noticed the way forward for the Repubs: Become the party of whites. Or die. Unfortunately, the history of American politics at least since the Second World War closed off the first option. Therefore, it’s as certain as things are in this life that the Repubs will die. As the Dems know how to fortify the few states that are critical in presidential elections, death will probably come soon, at least at the national level. Death will probably be slower at the state and local level. What comes next? Beats me.
Friday - April 19th 2024 5:33AM MST
PS: I'm sure the ex Finance Minister of Algeria knows the score. However, what can't go on, won't go on. Already, the amount of interest being paid on the US national debt is on the same scale as that spent for Offense, errr, Defense. The Treasury Bonds have higher rates now, and the FED has found that they can't lower the rates - Bai Dien has not licked inflation like he licks ice cream cones.

Nobody wants to admit the fundamental thing - you create money ouf of nothing, and prices have to go up per Supply & Demand.

Wait until interest rates have remained up in the 6-8% range for a year or two. Then, those bonds have to be covered at those rates, and the US budget will be seen as a farce. The psychological aspect of it is something you might know about, Mr. Kief. At some point, people crack, realizing that they'd better get out of the $$ while it's still officially worth something - then the rest follow, the procrastinators or unaware folks being screwed the most. It's kind of like who sells his house first when a Section 8 ghetto family moves onto the block ...

I am 1/2 way through Lionel Shrivers newest book, but this reminded me to ask you, have you read her novel "The Mandibles"?
Dieter Kief
Thursday - April 18th 2024 11:31PM MST
Steve Sailer decided to stay clear of politics after Trump resisted to make what I call - with Steve Sailer: The George-Steinbrenner-turn - I right away commented on this Sailer idea when he brought it forward: He wanted a Donald Trump able to fundamentally change - right after the elections.

This was a pipe-dream. For many reasons (and - by far! - not all of them rational).

What Steve does now is strictly sociological analysis. - He walks firmly in the footsteps of Steven Pinker and other intellectuals who know that lots of htings are going wrong, but try to stay in the mainstream by all means püossible (lots of intelligence being part of their strategies - not always and not throughout: Honesty and related morally tinged norms. That's why I stopped reading Steve daily - because he made this turn. I'm sure he got aware just how fragile his existence is: He wrote enough about John Lennon to let you know that he cares about this stuff. He now keeps a lowere profile to - not get noticed by th elunaitcs and all other dark forces - whether or not he thinks about the agencies I dunno - and I also don't know if he thought about those, how much he did think this stuff through.

He also bought a strong dog...

Bottom line: He is more cautious now - and not as intersting as he was. One of the mian points that are at stake and that he does not tackel at all is the constitutions seperation of power - - - - a counterfactual constitutional ideal, which - nevertheless: Is crucial and - at the red hot center of things right now (yes the Jan 6 prisoners, Peter navarro, the Trump-trials, the Russai-collusion hoax, the Hunter-Biden-Laptop, the cocoane-soaked Ukraine-connection of the Biden-family and the .m.e.d.ic.a.l.-industrial political complex; the Twitter-files; the isnide-trading of the elites; the bipartisan military-industrail complex; the israel-lobby (Jeff Sachs' remakr, that Netanjahu is confronting Joe Biden as the US-president: Oh to pin that in unmistakably clear manner: Jeff Sache said, that Biden 'd be noit in power in the US, but that obviously Netanjahu was (note that Sachs and John mearsheimer - - - -and ron unz build a colaition of the informed in the last fewe months - - - -and it was Mearsheimer, who co-authored the book: TThe Israel Lobby).

I forgot in my list above the obvious - and in a long Time-magazine-article published cooperation of Silicon-Valley with the Biden-democrats to rig the 2020 elections... Jeff Zuckerberg alone did pay some 60 million dollars to "secure" these elections....(see the work of not least: Christine Engelbrecht and Gregg Philipps and their inititative True The Vote***
***I admire those people.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - April 18th 2024 11:09PM MST
Apropos economy and de-dollarisiation:

Here is how large parts of Africa and the Middle East think about it: The clip is just to give you an impression of the man I quote below: a reasonable North-African ex-minister of finance with some decent knowledge. No fever, no foam at his mouth, just 1 +1 +1 +1... =

Former Algerian Finance Minister Ali Benouari:

"To pay for oil, gas and other raw materials, you have to buy dollars. And who do you buy dollars from? You buy them from the Americans. And if that's not enough, they give you a higher interest rate so that you can continue to invest in U.S. Treasury bonds, in other words, so that you can continue to finance U.S. military spending, spending of all kinds. In other words, you, me, anyone with a dollar in their pocket is funding the US Army, the CIA, and the NSA. Their budget is $50 billion, which is more than the budget of many African countries. And this money will be used to pay the people who spy on you in order to destabilize you. Do you realize how absurd that is?"
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