MTG calls out Mayorkas as the treasonous asshole he is

Posted On: Tuesday - April 16th 2024 9:07PM MST
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I would have called him a Communist too. Motherland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is right there implementing the plan for final destruction of this nation. He knows what he's doing and seems fairly smug and nonchalant about it.

No, Marjorie Taylor Greene alone will probably not get the Senate to even get started trying this man, as the impeachment vote by the House requires, much less to convict the Commmie. Still, this kind of thing warms my heart. Is MTG the only member of Congress that hasn't been "gotten to" yet? Otherwise, you'd think you'd see more of this. Americans are extremely pissed. A good rep should represent that. MTG most assuredly does here.

(She's so mad at this fucker that she got flustered even and confused the point on who should have been deported at 02:43. We all got the point though.)


PS: Though Forbes might have intended this clip, titled SHOCK MOMENT: Marjorie Taylor Greene Outright Confronts Mayorkas About Laken Riley In Furious Tirade, to be unfavorable toward her - I can't really tell - the comments are pretty patriotic, with some standard stupidity interspersed, of course.

Saturday - April 20th 2024 9:23AM MST
PS: I watched the video Peter Thiel / Ann Coulter video this morning, Dieter. I have enough comments it that this could be a post, I guess. Let me just say here that I am glad to see the demise of a site like gawker, which I likely clicked on a handful of times at most, and only by accident. I remember the name though. I see how people with enough fame to be caught in their web of scandal and gossip reporting would hate the guts of the guy who ran it.

However, that 5th Amendment grounds for the suits was pure BS though. The 5th Amendment, as with all of the Bill of Rights, is a law of the land that constrains the (at the time) new Federal government only. (Later some Amendments were "incorporated" to include restraint on State governments. I noted what Mr. Thiel said, that pure libel claims would not hold any sympathy with the ctlr-left. That judge in Tampa was NOT a lefty though, from what he wrote.

Yes, Miss Coulter held her tongue well. I don't begrudge her interrupting to ask those questions either, as I HATE it when people tell stories and don't give me a chance to first picture WHERE things occurred and enough details to let me picture the whole thing, before they continue on ... .
Dieter Kief
Thursday - April 18th 2024 12:16AM MST
A random US reader of my Tweet: Where is Peter Thiel from?
Answer: Very religious parents in Frankfurt/Main.
(He sure is no talker. Ann Coulter being the extreme opposite, has to restrict herself very much.
My idea is, she learned that when she worked as a lwayer. This means to sit through long hours at court doing: Nothing. You have to be patient...
Wednesday - April 17th 2024 3:25PM MST
PS: Agreed, O.S. They care more about their position and getting along than they care about the country. How do you get like that?
Old Soldier
Wednesday - April 17th 2024 1:45PM MST
I would sure be nice if a Republican, other than MTG, grew a pair and confronted Democrats just once every year or two. There are maybe 5 Republicans that are worth voting for, the rest are just Democrats in disguise.
Wednesday - April 17th 2024 6:33AM MST
PS: Thanks, Dieter. I have not heard Peter Thiel speak (never knew much about him), but I always want to hear from Ann Coulter.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - April 17th 2024 3:20AM MST
Ann Coulter talked to Peter Thiel about how he killed GAWKER etc . . . . full interview
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