IRS Deadline Looms: Women and Minorities Filing Separately Hardest Hit!

Posted On: Tuesday - April 16th 2024 6:47PM MST
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Alternate headline: Tempers flare and fight breaks out, as Blacks! in Houston struggle to file income tax on time. Fortuitously, shots did not ring out.

Note one thing. In the title here I didn't write pay, just file.

From The Gateway Pundit a couple of days ago, we read CHAOS: Houston IRS Office Closes Early Due to Fighting .
There is nothing like waiting until the last minute to file taxes.
Don't I know it, brother! I'm gonna start on the forms as soon as I finish this post.*

I had no idea that black people had this much civic virtue. I mean, I'm already a couple of days late and don't particularly give a rat's ass. Those people in Houston, man, they got to get those 1040s in by nightfall. Otherwise, you in trouble wid da man!
The IRS office in Houston, Texas closed early on Saturday because a fight broke out in front of the building. Numerous people were lined up to get help with their taxes.

Tempers were out of control as impatient taxpayers were waiting for assistance. The deadline to file is Monday, April 15th.
Such dedication!
“Unfortunately, they did everything as a walk-in, no appointments and that’s really what caused all these problems,” ‘said Henry Castro, another visitor at the IRS center,'” Fox 26 reported.
Regarding this last bit, I really do sympathize with that crowd. We had to do some passport business at the big post office, and it was nearly the same story. Appointments that COULD be made in this case might be upheld, but you'd still wait. In the meantime instead of walk-ins being able to sign a sheet when they came, the lady came out later and tried to get the 6 (she relented and brought it up to 10) first people in the office signed up for the day. Yeah, well, that wasn't so clear. The whole thing was extremely third-worldly, which I made known verbally. Coincidentally, I'm sure, there were lots of 3rd-world people there that day, generally the ones behind the counter, working for the Feral Government. For a short while my temper did flare, but had the situation gotten worse, I would have just walked out before those shots might have decided to ring out.

Anyway, from the original local FOX news story:
Hundreds of people were lined up at the IRS building hoping to get help with their taxes. Instead, a field assistant from the IRS said they had to shut down early because of a riot that broke out.

Tempers flared outside the Internal Revenue Service’s building as hundreds of people trying to file their taxes and get identity verification were turned away.
Now, we see what this is really about. "Identity Verification"? That smacks of the illegal immigration racket. From the IRS on that:
The IRS proactively identifies and stops the processing of potential identity theft returns. You may receive a notice or letter asking you to verify your identity and tax return information with the IRS. This helps prevent an identity thief from getting your refund.
Now, some may be on the ID-theft victim side here, and many may not. I also can guess that many of these last-minute filers had money coming back to them. They usually do that first time they can in January - a friend of mine worked a few seasons at H&R Block and told me how much the illegal aliens cheated with made-up or Latin-America-residing dependents for nice supplemental "socialize the losses" income. Perhaps these people just got around to it and want to make sure they've got a check coming.

So, there was CHAOS among the tax filers in Houston there, but I can't say these people were generally actual tax payers. I doubt it.

White people CHAOS is different. They may just crash Piper Dakotas into IRS office buildings. The Robert Stack-attack in '10 was also in Texas, but up in Austin. The very last paragraph of that wiki page is interesting:
The Internal Revenue Service formally designates certain individuals as potentially dangerous taxpayers (PDTs). In response to an inquiry after the attack, an IRS spokesperson declined to state whether Stack had been designated as a PDT.
What do you do about a PDT, get a robot to open his forms? All this is mostly done on-line though. How about those people in Houston the other day? Potentially Destructive Taxeaters?

* Seriously, that's the case. It's not that hard but painful nonetheless. I could not cajole my son into doing it, as I did last year - see Kids Eating Goldfish and Doing Taxes and our follow-up, Kids Getting Audited and Going to Camp.

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