Fred Reed says the Sexbots are coming, and the Feminists are worried sick

Posted On: Monday - May 15th 2017 4:12PM MST
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In his latest column, with comments here on, Reed discusses the sex robots that are coming soon to a bar post office box near you, and how that changes the balance of power in the "truce" between the sexes. This column is so funny and on-the-money that you just have to read the whole thing.

The way computer technology and sensors are advancing, via lower cost and smaller sizes, these "girls" may be amazing within 5 years. Were they to come into widespread "use", the changes to society are too weird and unknown to know, but interesting to contemplate, and contemplate Fred does:
Oh Lord, where is my Haldol? Recently I saw online a documentary on sex robots. The reporteress, a short-haired woman seething with quiet indignation, Viewed With Alarm the very idea. Progress is rapid on these love assistants, she said. They move. Some do, anyway. They talk, but not too much. Before long they will have skin-temperature silicone. Today we have all those deplorable men sitting home, lonely and isolated, choking their chickens and pondering suicide. Soon they will instead be rocking and rolling with Robo-Barbie. This worried her. She said.
Though PeakStupidity has not spent much time on it so far, Feminism is a one of our topic keys that will reqire many more posts in which to flesh-out the stupidity of. A major part of the problem with feminism is that, in the long run, YOU! CAN'T! FOOL! MOTHER! NATURE!. Well a beautiful, charming sex robot seems like another try at this.

Mr. Reed goes on a diatribe on the disadvantages over American women, and I would only disagee with his assesment to the extent of extrapolating his descriptions to Western women in general. Feminism has led women in the west to delude themselves that competition with men in their realm will make them happy, when Mother Nature states quite clearly, in her own way, that this is wrong. Both men and women are less happy as a result.


It is a real problem: American women are inoculated from birth with angry misandry insisting that men are dolts, loutish, irresponsible, and only want sex. (To which a response might be, “Uh…What else have you got?”)

Of course, in some cases women, real ones, offer a lot. Even in America, women exist with intelligence, a sense of humor, maturity, and a recognition that marriage isn’t a guarantee of uninterrupted bliss. Such women are a delight, both of them. The problem is knowing when you have one. They all talk a good show as long as things go well. When they don’t she gets a lawyer, the kids, child support, and moves to Okinawa with a colonel she met in a meat bar. You never see your kids again.

No, this didn’t happen to me, but I see a lot of it.

Dating an American woman entails both high overhead and high risk. The costs are great in time, money, and emotional discomfort. She will grow on you, or try to. Sooner or later the dread question will arise, “Is this relationship going anywhere, or what?”


In modern America I see no sign that women are concerned about masculine misery, and indeed that most of them rather like the idea..
Fred goes on to a short description of seeing these sexbots under construction. This just made me think a bit about the engineering and the software programming job descriptions within this burgeoning field. Would the programming be more fun? I think you'd want the SWM (Speaking/Whispering/Moaning) group within the software department to be a mix of men and women, while the Moods group should be completely female-free to avoid costly returns for servicing. As far as the engineering, some of the smaller, say Oriental models could be built with pneumatics, while the Big Bertha may require 3,000 psi hydraulics with fast acting spool valves - just trying to "flesh" this out a bit - it's kind of fun.

Now to the real gist of it. Not just feminists, all females for that matter, will be threatened greatly by technology like this. Think, 1/2 of their only power that they have over men, the first half of the making of children, and the fun part for men, will be greatly diminished, were these robots to get the job increase man's productivity in this area, so to speak.
Of course what the shocked and appalled women are really concerned about is competition. They are dismayed at their coming automation. While women are more sexual that men–the better ones are, anyway, usually Democrats–men are more urgent about it. This gives women great power as they are the only sexual outlet men have, except in Scotland. Now they watch the coming sexbots with the unease of a McDonald’s worker watching the installation of an automated burger-flipper.

This thing could flip the tables on the feminsts who've tried things their way but also forced it on all of us via State coercion. Let's think again about this whole "fish needs a bicycle" deal, mmmkayy....

One thing bugged me in the comments on unz on this article that were otherwise very worthwhile reading. There is confusion between "lonely" and "horny". To me there is a very clear difference, but they are conflated sometimes, as in song lyrics about women, as "horny" is just to crude a word, as the most probable reason. Let's not get them confused here. These sex robots are a proposed solution for horniness, not loneliness. It may be fairly easy to forget that Sally is not human for the former problem, but not for the latter.

It's amazing how fast things are changing in this world, which brings us back to 1980, "when things were so uncomplicated", per the creative genius Jeff Lynne .....

PeakStupidity has thus far never repeated a piece of music, but this Electric Light Orchestra song off of the wonderful concept album "Time" is perfect for this post.

We know the women are worried about this; as for the men, "Is that what you want - is that what you really want?"

I sent a message to another time,
but as the days unwind, this I just can't believe.
I send a note across another plane,
maybe it's all a game, but this I just can't conceive.
I drive the very latest hover car.
I don't know where you are,
but I miss you so much till then.
I met someone who looks a lot like you.
She does the things you do, but she is an IBM.
She's only programmed to be very nice,
but she's as cold as ice, whenever I get too near.
She tells me that she likes me very much,
but when I try to touch, she makes it all too clear.
She is the latest in technology,
almost mythology, but she has a heart of stone.
She has an IQ of 1,001.
She has a jump suit on, and she's also a telephone.
Is that what you want? Is it what you really want?
I realize that it must seem to strange,
that time has rearranged, but time has he final word.
She knows I think of you,she reads my mind,
She tries to be unkind, she knows nothing of your world
Although her memory banks overflow,
no one would ever know, all she says "is that what you want?"
Maybe one day I'll feel her cold embrace
and kiss her interface, until then I'll leave her alone.

Hahaa, just remembered "she's also a telephone" line! That must have been a big deal back then, while now people barely even use the phone function of their phones. Jeff Lynne - prescient about the sex robots, a bit off on the phones.

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