Disposable Cameras: Explanations by Erin and James

Posted On: Saturday - April 6th 2024 3:35PM MST
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We've got plenty of serious posts cooking on the front burner, more on the Invasion, the Climate Calamity™, the evil more than stupid out of the Regime, etc. However, we'll insert some humor here that will be familiar to The Office fans (a group I belong to). It will also be familiar to all who have seen the changes in technology (hence, society) of all sorts over the decades, as we've recently written about wrt the old phone books here - - here and here.

Let's talk disposable cameras. The use of these camera occurred during a fairly narrow window at the end of the film camera era. Those of us over 45, I'd say, will remember the day when pictures weren't free. The age of free digital photograph, high-resolution as now or not, has been a good thing and a bad thing. Waiting a week for pictures to come back (or just negatives first, for those without the money for all the prints - some may not have been good ones, so another week) took patience. One bad thing with "infinite photography", and video now, is that those, cough, cough, Oriental cough, camera-crazy tourists no longer are limited by the number of 36 exposure rolls of Kodachrome they can pack. It's much worse now.

Next-day developing (!!) came along sometime in the 1980s or 1990s, a hell of a thing in its time. However, if one wasn't a serious photograph, the Wal-Mart (and drug-store chain) plants that did the mass developing could use this capability to sell you disposable cameras. They were set up with one roll of film in them. This way, one didn't have to worry about screwing up and letting light in during loading/unloading film. One just bought this plastic thing (with a cheesy lens, of course, so not for pros) for not too much more than a roll of film and sent the thing in for quick developing. No, you didn't get the camera back - you got your photo prints. IIRC these were in use from the mid to late '90s

Well, there's a video of the later-era Office secretary named Erin. She was a ditz, but looked really nice in shorts playing volleyball, so... but the humor is great stuff, as good as seen from the rest of the characters. Here's Erin's take on the use of disposable cameras.

That's funny! However, one of the commenters on the youtube page cracked me up even more. He (James) thought he understood the concept and use of these disposable cameras, so he explained it to a Gen-Z'er thusly:
7 months ago:

"The disposable camera thing is hilarious."

Reply @squishy-tomato
7 months ago (edited):

"hilarious, but wasteful. A shame we don't get to see the result."

Reply @gymnasticsgirlie0647
1 month ago:

"Genuinely, can you please explain it to this confused Gen Zer? I looked it up and it said that you can only use the camera once, so why is everyone freaking out about her throwing the camera away?"

Reply @jamess2664
1 month ago:

"She was throwing the camera away before taking the film out."

Reply @gymnasticsgirlie0647
1 month ago:

"Oh, thank you."

Once again, I yield the floor to Captain Jean Luc Picard:

Sunday - April 7th 2024 5:33PM MST
PS: Do you tape it to people's backs, as with "Kick me" signs?
The Alarmist
Saturday - April 6th 2024 8:00PM MST

Did you read my comment? Here’s your sign. 😂😂😂

Saturday - April 6th 2024 7:33PM MST
PS: I'll have to check out this Bill Engvall. Do you have a particular routine of his in mind?
The Alarmist
Saturday - April 6th 2024 7:23PM MST

Why does this remind me Bill Engvall’s “Here’s your sign” comedy routine?

(NB: The schtick is that stupid people should wear ‘I’m Stupid’ signs ... example:

Q: Did you shoot that deer mounted on your wall?
A: No, he tried running though the wall and got stuck. Here’s your sign.
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