Remember Glenn Beck with his Overton Window?

Posted On: Friday - May 12th 2017 8:48AM MST
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Well, let me tell ya', this new trick makes the Overton window look like something outta windows '93. Wait, what does that even mean? Who cares? The point is, the new overall political theme going on is much, much more insidious. Before I digress into writing a bit about Glenn Beck, let me state one thing again: I don't believe that very much that goes on in politics or behind-the-scenes control-of-the-world stuff is due to overarching long-term plans or conspiracies. There'll be a longer post on that sometime, but let me for now just say that, if people were smart enough to make multi-generational or even centuries-long plans, then they wouldn't be planning for the statist, commie, socialist, feminist stupidity we have now, would they? If you're smart enough to make moves, as in a chess game, seeing 5 steps ahead, I'd think you'd plan for things to work out better than they have.

Anyway, we ask the reader, in cases like this, knowing the material to follow, have you digested your lunch yet? This is something the PeakStupidity lawyers felt they had to throw in, as, well here goes, do you remember this guy?:

OK, OK, maybe that wasn't strictly necessary, but I feel I should bring back some good memories of this guy, as it relates to the latter part of this post. Mr. Beck, before he went completely mental, was on CNN with a show back in 2009. No, I was long done with the TV by that time, much less cable service, but there was a clubhouse with a cable TV nearby, and I got into a comfortable routine of going there each afternoon for some snacks and to view the 1-hour show.

Mr. Beck would have his rotatable chalkboard which he would use to diagram the various pieces of history and current politics that related to the sorry state we were in (by "were", I mean it's worse now!). Listen, I'll give the guy a bunch of credit - he admitted he didn't have much formal education on the subjects he expounded on, but he would tell the audience about events he was reading on, back to time of the Woodrow Wilson administration and so on. He seemed to have a good libertarian attitude and an understanding of the US Constitution and how far we had gone away from liberty.

Glenn was a bit over-the-top sometimes, like when he had ragged on the "lizard-lady" (some Øb☭ma administration official), don't remember the actual name, who used the Chairman Mao expression about "power from the barrel of a gun". Sure, the lady was a Commie statist, but the quoting of ex-chairman Mao (Rot-in-hell) is not what proves that. The show was entertaining, and I even got Mr. Beck to sign a book - not his book, as I didn't like him THAT much - one time. I was amazed they even let him on TV back then.

Digression almost over with, Glenn Beck talked about the "Overton window" for quite a while. I don't know or care who Overton was, but his idea was that there was a figurative window that would bound, on the left and right, the acceptable views that would be debated and were deemed appropriate and not radical. Mr. Beck talked about how the left-wingers in office would continually slide that window to the left, and we had to do something about that. That's a good concept, and it seems to work the way he used to explain on his TV show.

Here's what's been going on for the last few decades, the way PeakStupidity sees it, and this is a lot more insidious, let's call it odious, than this Overton idea. Again, not due to any large conspiracy and long-term planning, just a whole lot of dumbasses at the same level of stupidity, we have something more like a confidence game - a con job, if I may. (Yes, I may, cause it's my website). I'll come up with a name later. Just recently the phrase "Trump Derangement Syndrome" has been re-coined by the right as a slur on the nutcase left, just as "Bush Derangement Syndrome" was 15 years back. OK, I get it, the left does indeed act deranged much of the time, but I say that is not just their stupidity shining through, but also a way of conning in these dupe conservatives. Yes, sorry to have to say it, but using that type of language just shows you are being conned.

"Conned" how?, you ask. I have plenty of memories of what went on, during the time George W. Bush was president. It was very much the same story as now. "How could this have happened?! He is another Adolf Hitler! I'm going to move to Canada! We've got to do whatever it takes to stop this ultra-extreme conservative!" Well, if you remember anything, you know that George W. Bush (and his Dad too, BTW) was not anything close to a conservative. He pushed for a major addition to medicare, busting the budget, did not a damn thing about massive illegal immigration, and you could come up with 10 others in a minute, reader, I'm sure. However, by acting nutso about the guy, the lefties made conservatives feel smug and proud. "This guy really pisses off these people, so he just MUST be a conservative. I'm glad we have control of things, so we can do ..."

What? What good did Bush do with a Republican Congress and Senate? Not a damn thing good! If it would have made you feel better at the time, you could have rightly said "it would be much worse having Al Gore, man-bear-pig, Global Climate DisruptionTM D-average college drop-out extraordinaire in office". Sure, that's true, but things were just going downhill a little slower, but nothing was being reversed toward liberty and conservatism, nothing!

It is the same with Trump, as it has been going the last 3 months or so. I will admit to being duped during the campaign, thinking that this guy really wasn't part of the establishment and actually cared about Americans. I most certainly DID NOT think that way about the Bushes and didn't vote for either of them. The political environment is comparable though, PeakStupidity having been duped or not during the election time. Has Trump really done any good yet? Of course, it's better than the Hildabeast, but most conservatives are still being conned by the behavior of the left. "See, they hate him so much, this is great!"*

Don't fall for it; if the guy doesn't help us get things fixed, we need someone else who will.

OK, this is getting long, due to the part about Glenn Beck, I suppose. I will finish the idea about this con job later on in another post.

Oh, about Glenn Beck. Yeah, he lost me back when he went down to the Mexican Border with his teddy bears. Whatever happened to his brain, it may not be reversible. I'm glad I didn't spend 20 bucks on a book.

* We have posted this very same sentiment, but it was before Trump started breaking promises every other day.

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