The Pretendians per Steve Sailer: Squaw or no Squaw?

Posted On: Friday - March 22nd 2024 6:41PM MST
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Now, that we have your attention here at Peak Stupidity... Now, that we have your attention... hey, staring at female humans is toxic masculinity - please stop ... though no longer active on the site (due to time constraints only), we are not above reading some of Steve Sailer's posts on VDare. His latest of many is Life Expectancy—How To Find Where The Pretendians Live.

"Pretendians" is Mr. Sailer's clever term for pretend Indians, those White women (for the most part) who fake society - at least their colleges and/or employers - into believing that they are Indians. (That is, the Casino tribes, not the Tech Support tribes.) As with Fauxahauntas - and thank you, Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren never fooled most of us. She fooled whom it mattered to fool, those giving away easier admissions and employment and those who could be virtue-signaled into giving out undue breaks and respect.

Regarding his post, Mr. Sailer uses his stats in a novel and clever way to try to figure out where the greater percentage of Pretendians vs REAL Indians live. He has written much more on these women before with other examples and ideas, IMO.

I'm not writing this post to argue against Mr. Sailer's method - I think it's fairly sound. I'm writing this because I swore off of writing comments on the Unz Review site, but I really wanted to so badly.

Why do this many White ladies want to pretend to be Indians? (More and more seem to be getting de-feathered as of late.) Is it all just the benefits? Mr. Sailer understands woman as well as I do, and he notes the Pretendians tend to be: ... typically left of center white women in academic or government jobs who have decided that they aren’t what they appear—regular white women—but are actually American Indian princesses who are not only glamorously attention-getting but also eligible for affirmative action.

Yes, women like to be considered glamorous. I think, deep down in their female lizard brains, these women want to be thought of by men who've never seen them as wearing loin cloths. That's all there is to it. Maybe it's cross-legged inside a private tipi or in a sweat lodge, glistening with sweat, wearing a loin cloth. That's the way I see it anyway... then I see a youtube video of Elizabeth Warren talking feminism on the Senate Floor. Ruined! The whole thing is ruined, I tells ya'!!

Oh, and the women above? They may be Pretendians, but squaw or no squaw, they are hot!

Sunday - March 24th 2024 6:31PM MST
PS: "It was decades before I knew Cher wasn't American Indian to any significant degree, but instead Armenian." Hell, J1234, for the whole time, I figured she was the daughter or granddaughter of Gypsies, just based on THAT song. She was pretty angry about people calling (song-narrator-)her a tramp or a thief too.

She had both of us fooled and probably a lot of other people. Since recent posts, along with Mr. Hail's great comments, are about changes from before the age of the internet, I'll bring up that that's a factor here too. We weren't going to just look up the ancestry of Cher, or Meat Loaf, for that matter, on a whim. There'd have to be a good reason, such as an engagement. Did Sonny Bono check her out before the internet?

Regarding your B&W picture of the real Indian, what happened, too cold out there on the Plains for loin cloths? This is, cough, cough, bullshit, cough ...
Sunday - March 24th 2024 5:00PM MST

I'm thinking the earliest version of a well known white(ish) female pretendian was Cher, right? I can't think of any earlier examples, but I may be wrong. Of course, white actresses (like Dawn Wells) would play roles, but never pass themselves off in real life, as far as I know. It was decades before I knew Cher wasn't American Indian to any significant degree, but instead Armenian. She had the dark straight hair, a somewhat darker complexion and the angry song, "Half Breed" which made her appear to be Indian. Her wiki page says her mother was part Cherokee, but several sources online - especially native American sites - take exception to that.

She sure cashed in on it, however you see it. Most Indian women look like this:

Dieter Kief
Sunday - March 24th 2024 12:20AM MST
PS Alarmist Kids instead of Indians - - -
Those were the days - - a huge campagne by the most popular German tabloid BILD-Zeitung (in the late 70ies no breakfast table on no construction site without BILD.
The Alarmist
Saturday - March 23rd 2024 3:37PM MST

As a wise German politician once said, “Kinder statt Inder.”
Saturday - March 23rd 2024 12:12PM MST
PS Hail: When we gave up on Kinder, Küche, Kirche.
Saturday - March 23rd 2024 10:38AM MST

Where, when, on Professor Oswald Spengler's continuum of the civilization life-cycle, do the core-ethnic women of a civilization start overtly pretending to be marginal-ethnics?
Saturday - March 23rd 2024 10:37AM MST

There is an incentive for all who can to identify as something other than "White." This is just one type of way people find to do it. Loopholes.

It's not necessarily even vital to this trend that supposed Amerinds get free cash handouts and job-preferences and preferable loans and lots else from the Regime. (But all those things do help.) It's really something more like a civilizational thing.

This jocular theory that White woman want to be thought of as exotic, why did it not much exist a century ago but now is considerable? Surely women's nature didn't change, rather political conditions changed.
Saturday - March 23rd 2024 10:04AM MST
PS Elizabeth Warren in a loin-cloth? I’d have to gouge out my eyes.
Saturday - March 23rd 2024 9:23AM MST
I'm an Indian outlaw
Half Cherokee and Choctaw
My baby, she's a Chippewa
She's one of a kind
The Alarmist
Saturday - March 23rd 2024 5:47AM MST

Last time I was in the US, I watched an episode of Bonanza, and it featured Dawn Well (Mary Ann of Gilligan’s Island fame) as a young Indian Squaw married to a white farmer/rancher who the Cartwrights had to rescue from a lynching by the town riled up by a drunk rancher bigot.

She didn’t play it as sexy as Lisa the Whoopie Girl (Laugh In), who once played the role as a squaw discussing the merits of Rnning Deer versus Sleeping Bear.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - March 23rd 2024 1:33AM MST
- - - A pretinadian hero is somehting to be. - - -

Second most popula r sexual phantasy of (Western?) women is to - fall in love/ be engaged with a sadist - - - see?

And then there is this fascination of women with the beast in general (the savage, the rebel, the - - - Indian, the vital - if dangerous (sigh! - they often sigh when they mention this) black man...).

JB Peterson just spoke with crime-writer Klawans and they dive deep into this creepy but: Fascinating, Mod., hehe - - - stuff.

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