Dead Commie Pi Day

Posted On: Thursday - March 14th 2024 6:56PM MST
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That's not a tasty dish served by the current "leader" of Haiti. It's two separate things we can celebrate today and each March 14th.

From Instapundit, I learned something from this meme:

Good riddance to the instigator of what became a most violent and destructive ideology. That was 141 years ago today.

Also, one of the most important ratios in geometry, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its radius, 𝜋, is an irrational number that today's date comes closest to. It's 3/14, the first 3 digits of 3.14159.... It's not just about circles, but all sorts of engineering equations end up with that 𝜋 in them.

There are contests in which people try to recite the highest number of digits from memory. People get well over 100. I think 3.14, with 3 significant digits, is good enough for most calculations. Hopefully, I can keep the 3.14159 precision in my head for as long again as it's been there already.

So, friends, happy Pi and Karl Marx Death Day!

PS: Hmmmm, there's that number 141 again, hidden as the first 3 digits right of the decimal. Does it mean that Communism has come full circle today? I could believe that. If you believe in Numerology, well, become a number theorist, and you'll be able to find a reason for everything.

Al Corrupt
Thursday - March 21st 2024 1:44PM MST

I’m partial to phi myself
Dieter Kief
Saturday - March 16th 2024 12:01AM MST
Old Soldier - Karl Marx did not like the fereakish leftists - he grilled and loathed and ridiculed them over and over again and over again! (They existed in his times - and lots of them!! They always do - anthropological constant - - - that's why Cervantes' Don Qiuchotte is a classic, btw. (Karl Marx loved this book - if I remember right - - he did love fiction and read a lot - - -was friedns with Heinrich Heine)) - - because he made this anthropological coanstant or: This human potential for outlandish freakiness - - - visible - even: Enjoyable.(Gilbert Shelton's work is very close to Cervantes - - - and also top-notch: funny).
Old Soldier
Friday - March 15th 2024 12:28PM MST
PS 38 months of Democrats ruining things led by Crooked Joe Biden have produced these...very high gas prices, continued high inflation, run away crime in Democrat run cities, open border nightmare, two new WARS, close to WWIII, the Biden Fiasco in Afghanistan, unbelievable national debt, national media controlled by leftists and the White House, cocaine in the White House, the current recession, emptied the Strategic Petroleum Reserve needlessly, Biden's unending love of freaks, weirdos, pedophiles, and hundreds more anti-America, Democrat inspired, issues. I can't help but think Karl Marx would feel right at home amongst the White House perversion and corruption.
Friday - March 15th 2024 10:17AM MST
I do wonder how much clearance there is in the cylinders for those big ship engines.
Friday - March 15th 2024 10:05AM MST
PS I’ve always figured that five digits to the right of the decimal was sufficient.
Friday - March 15th 2024 5:32AM MST
PS: Never gets old, Alarmist ... ;-}
Friday - March 15th 2024 5:31AM MST
PS: I always leave a little extra when sizing up gift wrap, say for a 10 ft OD pipe I want to give.

I suppose that could be insulation around the pipe that must fit snug, M. Then one might want to go 2 more digits. For most engineers, the amount of precision needed should be fairly obvious.

An interesting tidbit from the world of heat transfer is that there is an optimum thickness of insulation on piping for the most overall heat transfer resistance. Thicker than this results in MORE heat transfer. This has to do with that the heat transfer from outer area to the outside fluid (the still air, or what have you) is from/to a larger area, which goes as - here we go again - 𝜋 times the thickness difference, while the resistance to conduction goes linearly with it.
The Alarmist
Friday - March 15th 2024 3:39AM MST

I'm reminded of the Mississippi boy who went to Harvard, returning home for Christmas:

Father: OK, Harvard Boy, say something smart so I ca see if I'm getting my money's worth.

Harvard Boy: Pi R Squared.

Father: Sheeeit, son. Everyone knows pie are round.

Friday - March 15th 2024 3:17AM MST
How big a circle are you calculating?

If you're wrapping a pipe that's 10 feet around, the difference between 3.14 and 3.14159 is about a sixth of an inch. I think most people wouldn't notice the extra gift wrap - unless it's too short of course.
Of course most people would also say "Why are you giving me a pipe?"
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