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Posted On: Thursday - December 8th 2016 5:54PM MST
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This lady may have indirectly had a good bit to do with Donald Trump getting elected president. Word on the street is that he read her book Adios America around just before he announced that he was running for office back in summer of '15. Yes, I was on the street when I heard some word about it. Anyhoo, I didn't used to have respect for Miss Coulter back - say 10 years or so - when she came off as another neocon, "Go GOP!" standard Republican booster. (I haven't listened to Rush Limbaugh that much, I'll admit, but he seemed to me to be the same and has also come around.)

Ann has been dead-on on all her articles about immigration over the last 5 years. Her book read as though it was crib-notes from 10 years of articles and blogposts on

This is her latest column, which is basically advice for Mr. Trump. The advice, in a nutshell, is to stay tough, remember the reason we elected him, don't listen to any spew out of Paul Ryan or Nikki Haley (just common sense there), and don't try to make friends with any of the Gov't (aka Lamestream) media. If they treat you nice, Mr. Trump, it's because you are LETTING US DOWN, so quit that.

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