The Gateway Pundit - Website Review Addendum

Posted On: Tuesday - March 5th 2024 7:02PM MST
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I reviewed the Gateway Pundit site in the last post. Here are just a couple of items to a) illustrate one point again, b) praise the commenters a bit, and c) give notice of something weird.

The image above, and the post linked-to therefrom is a PERFECT example of one of my (small) points in criticism of the site. So, Nikki got angry when called out, rightfully, as I saw, on her broken promise to support Trump once she's out of the GOP primary. I checked this short clip out.

Now, I don't like Nikki any more than the next guy, but this was a great example of some wasted time on that site. First of all, why should Haley's reaction be a story in itself? She doesn't keep her word - that's the story. But, I viewed the clip and saw that Nikki Haley didn't even get loud. I didn't exclaim "Yikes!" What for? This post was NOT from one of the lady writers - it was written by Jim Hoft himself. It's Hollywood National Inquirer style schlock. I wish he'd stick with actual stories, keeping maybe 2 dozen good ones on the front page longer.

Hu's the slow boat Commander?

The story of Angela Chao is one we at Peak Stupidity just made fun of in The strange death of CCP U-boat Commander Angela Chao, since we have no earthy idea WTH is actually going on with that Chinese Torguga crowd. (Tortoise or Turtle is acceptable). Writer John Mills is all over the place with no real idea either, in his GP post on it. However, a couple of the commenters brought up Jim Rockford!:
Put Jim Rockford on the case.

Hillfarmer79 Chipper609
Jim came home to his trailer to find 25 "new arrivals" living there and he is now in jail for assaulting one of them.

Jim's answering machine still works, but the message is in Spanish.
This kind of thing can make one's day. Thanks. I see more other humor there than I'd mentioned before too.

Finally, this is the weird thing. After all those nasty ads I'd meant to take more screenshots of, I don't seen the bad ones right now. I went to my other oft-used device, and they aren't there either. No yellow pustules. No fat chicks in bikinis. Only some swollen feet are displayed. I can live with that. Did this Jim Hoft read our post? Naaaahhhh.

Old Soldier
Thursday - March 7th 2024 9:49AM MST
Nikki Haley is the newEST Ross Perot - guided and funded heavily by Democrats, she has no other purpose than blunting Trump's campaign. If she can somehow siphon off 10 or 15 million votes from Trump, she can dupe the country into going for Biden for 4 more years. I would suggest that Haley, and Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel are 2 peas in a pod...they both seem like Democrat party operatives with no concern for America or Americans at all. That's just my 2 cents worth.
Wednesday - March 6th 2024 1:14PM MST
PS Politicians in Clown World are, well, clowns. It doesn’t pay devote too much attention to them. Sure, there’s amusement in handicapping them, especially if you see an opportunity to win a few small bets. I’ve been doing it since 1960. (I lost that one.) But don’t take it too seriously. Whoever wins, he or she is not on our side.
Wednesday - March 6th 2024 6:02AM MST
PS: Charlie Chan instead of Jim Rockford?

I had no idea he was an on-screen detective till now, Alarmist. He was a native proto-Steve McGarrett, I guess. I'd only known the name, mostly from the Grateful Dead lyric in "US Blues".
The Alarmist
Wednesday - March 6th 2024 4:07AM MST

No offense, but wouldn't Charlie Chan be more appropriate?
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