Last day of Teen History Month

Posted On: Thursday - February 29th 2024 4:06PM MST
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I'm so glad that we've had 3.3% more time this year to adore Black! people and learn the history of how they build the world into what it is. AI has been helping this year.

It's a matter of a few hours now. Learn that (real) history while you can. Those who control the present control the past, as they say.

On this Leap Day '24, we will present something completely not really so different. Here's someone we'd all like to see take some kind of flying leap:

Here's something humorous to go along with that. I sent that video via text message to my wife. She had to talk to me about it. It wasn't that SHE believed it was real, but she thought I thought it was real. Haha, I only wish...

PS: I know you gave me the link in comments, Adam, but I'm having a hard time finding your channel. It must be one of those newfangled UHF channels, and I'm getting too old to keep going up on the roof to move the antenna around!

Friday - March 1st 2024 9:32AM MST
PS: Wow, there's a lot of info in those stats to ponder, Mr. Smith. I'll have to get into it another time.

I looked at that "network" type graph from Malcolm Pollack. Yes, Mr. Hail is right there. Where are the Christian Nationalists? That's a big thing now.

The lady who termed it is getting ragged on pretty good, but it SHOULDN'T BE a bad term. It's just that the way the lady reporter (I forget where from) put it made it sound like they are against Constitutional freedom of religion. A Christian Nationalist, contrary to what's being said, would be, well, like most of the Founders actually.
Adam Smith
Friday - March 1st 2024 9:18AM MST
PS: Me again...

So I was looking through the Sailer analytics and I noticed that 42 views came from this page...

So I spent a minute looking around this guys website...

And I quickly found this page from about a week ago...

Which features this graphic...

And there he is... Hail to You!

I've seen this graphic somewhere, but it's been awhile.

Cheers to You, Mr. Hail! ☮️
Adam Smith
Friday - March 1st 2024 9:02AM MST
PS: Good morning, Messrs. Alarmist, Hail and Moderator!

Thank you for the Tucker/Brimelow transcript, Achmed. I too generally prefer a transcript over a video. I look forward to reading it. (Right after this comment!)

Mr. Hail, you are correct. Most of my videos are unlisted. I do this because I had some videos that were unlisted, and when I changed their status to "public" youtube flagged and deleted them. (Interestingly, youtube has not deleted my blocked Tucker videos. I can watch them on my browser provided my browser is logged into youtube. But apparently no one else can watch them. Youtube has not given me any strikes for these three copyright infringing videos. I'm probably going to delete them and post them elsewhere.) It seems to me that there are fewer youtube censorship problems publishing videos as "unlisted" instead of "public".

Achmed said, "That means that his embedding Mr. Sailer's VDare castle talk in the comments got that 8,500 views. That says something about the readership numbers there."

You tube provides analytics for such things. For example, 6 of my external views came from, 9 from peakstupidity and 38 from unz.

Here are a couple images to better explain where the traffic for Sailer's video came from...

I guess that's all I have to say for now...
I hope you all have a wonderful (in my case rainy) day!

Friday - March 1st 2024 8:42AM MST
PS: That's not to say that Mr. Carlson couldn't branch out a bit, Mr. Hail. He COULD interview SS, and I think it'd be great too.

He has some categories for his videos, a little vague IMO. I'll look them up now:


I just copied and pasted that.

Off this subject for a second, I did honor your request by last Friday and reviewed the Lydia Brimelow interview. I'm sure you can see it:

You did mention that you might not have time to comment, and now the post is a week old. I promise I'll look for comments there still, if you have something to write about this. I could link back to it, as I want to write a short post pointing out another interview - this one over an hour long - that she did. (It was not NEARLY at the same level of exposure. I don't remember the guy's name even, except Mike something.)

I see that my last comment under said post here pointed out that other interview too. "Coffee and a Mike"

Back to your comment, I meant to reply to you re: "Basically I think an interviewe specifically about "the Sailer Strategy" would be a great idea in "election-year 2024." Yes, that would be very good.
Friday - March 1st 2024 8:34AM MST
PS: "The idea, for me, is not that Tucker would want Sailer to talk about Black traffic statistics, but about his book and the broader themes of his "life's work." Political-talkers and news-talkers have often liked to invite on guests with new books, for material to talk about. The best interviewers would actually read the books, and the conversation would go well."

OK, Mr. Hail, and I would love to see that too. However, I just don't think that's Tucker's thing even now. (I do remember your descriptions of how you think Tucker used to have the whole short segments before very scripted, as in the interviewee already knows exactly what Tucker will ask, etc.) I was watching one with Alex Berenson on the Covid times last night. I think that Tucker does not want just a round-table - even if only 2 people and his small round table in his Maine cabin - discussion. He wants interviewees that bring new facts or stories to light.

I'll watch some more and see if I run into any that'd be like he and Steve Sailer just going over the book. The thing is, Steve Sailer "notices" stuff, and it would be very enlightening in general to viewers, but it's not bringing new facts to light. That is, except with his few efforts in which he does get "all statistical and shit", like the black exuberance deaths, admissions to universities (also a topic of his that has started boring the crap out of me, I hate to say), and I'm sure some more that we here could add on.

See, that's why Lydia Brimelow, though she tried and succeeded a little, was trying to get immigration invasion points across, while Tucker wanted to know only about 2 basic things: The treatment of VDare by Leticia James and the financial/legal story there and then the treatment by the $PLC and followers of the Brimelow family along with how that's going in small-town Berkeley Springs, W. Virginia.

Here's another way of looking at it, Mr. Hail. I watched a very nice ~35 minutes long interview of Marjorie Taylor Greene from last fall, I think, now that I'm on Team Tucker. (It might have been still my wife's account.) Was there anything very specific in this one? I'd say it WAS more general. Was that more like what an interview of Steve Sailer with a talk about his book would be like?

Maybe, BUT, see MTG is in congress. She gave a very good description about the MIC/other Big Biz donor parties - about the little cocktail weenies and alcoholic drinks - explaining that a Congressman can realize a few hundred thousand with little effort in one evening, rather than work his ass off on the phones to get the small donations from constituents - every 2 years, mind you. That could be discussed elsewhere, but I'm just saying that MTG gave Tucker and his viewers like me very important information on how things really work. That was just one part. Her story about fellow reps wondering how she could NOT be voting for funding for the Ukraine is another.

It was a GREAT interview. MTG had information of a higher level than Steve Sailer has.
Friday - March 1st 2024 8:06AM MST

-- Sailer on Tucker, cont. --

I have been envisioning Tucker inviting on Sailer ever since the Sailer "Noticing" book project was announced in late 2023.

See also a related, recent comment here under PS-#2890 (Wayne Allyn Root and Sailer Strategy).

The idea, for me, is not that Tucker would want Sailer to talk about Black traffic statistics, but about his book and the broader themes of his "life's work." Political-talkers and news-talkers have often liked to invite on guests with new books, for material to talk about. The best interviewers would actually read the books, and the conversation would go well. The worst of Tucker's Fox show actually was very much NOT like this, but involved three-minute scripted "outrage" material, mental equivalents to eating handfuls of candy at a time. Sailer is more like a steak dinner. (Choose a better metaphor if you wish.)

Sailer, however, is not practiced at being an interviewee, nowhere near as slick as people that Tucker favored for "reactions" during his Fox News show days. Sailer has more value than all of these people.

Basically I think an interviewe specifically about "the Sailer Strategy" would be a great idea in "election-year 2024."
Friday - March 1st 2024 7:55AM MST
PS: How could I have never watched that movie, Alarmist?! It looks like a must see. Dang, just checked, but the 'brary doesn't have it. OTOH, their search software sucks, so I may ask a librarian.

Mr. Hail, thanks for the very well-worded letter. For a second I read "standing committee" as part of the sender - sounded a bit Communistic. ;-}

Yep, if Mr. Smith had access, then we all got access.

Regarding, iSteve on TC: Again, I don't think Mr. Carlson cares so much about just talking to people who are not only in agreement, but are on the same page already. What I mean is that Lydia Brimelow, representing VDare, brought her story of the persecution by NY A/G Leticia James to Carlson's attention, giving details he had had no idea about.

I think if Mr. Carlson brought on Steve Sailer and the latter's charts & graphs (don't leave them at home in the closet, Steve!) to specifically show his numbers on black deaths of exuberance - murders and wrecks - that might work as a good subject. Only thing is, I wouldn't give too much of a damn. It'd be nice were iSteve to get the exposure, but I'd rather it be on the subjects of his that I care about more.

The main thing is that Tucker wants to interview people to get new info. on what's going on.
Friday - March 1st 2024 7:21AM MST
PS: Hmmmm, site was down for at least 1/2 hour - was close to calling GoDaddy, but then I spent time trying to dig up my PW for that. TOO! MANY! PASSWORDS!

Anyway, regarding Adam's channel, I guess I'm safe in assuming the "views" are views on Adam's "own" videos, as in with the 11-character code that'd bring one to the video "on" his channel? That means that his embedding Mr. Sailer's VDare castle talk in the comments got that 8,500 views.* That says something about the readership numbers there.

* I'm glad Steve Sailer thanked you on there too. Sometimes he grabs stuff, and doesn't say a word.

Friday - March 1st 2024 6:03AM MST

Mr. Moderator, let me request that you use the "Send Tucker Carlson an Email" function to suggest Steve Sailer as a guest. There is no better time, with his paperback edition coming out!

Sample letter, subject to revision as needed:


"TO: Tucker Carlson
March 1, 2024

I run a highly regarded website that aims to study Stupidity, and that aims to counteract it when possible. I will have you know that our experts on in the field of Stupidity experts have greenlighted you as "Not Stupid." In other words, we like you and support your work, possibly excluding the UFO stuff.

Anyway, let me suggest, Mr. Carlson, that you immediately put wheels in motion to bring onto your show Mr. Steve Sailer, the man who in the 2010s was named "America's Best Journalist" by both P. Brimelow and J. Derbsyhire. Know that you not only have my personal blessing to bring Mr. Sailer on, you will reap many mutual benefits by so doing. You, Mr. Carlson, will not regret such a choice.

If you do bring on Sailer, I would also like to request hereby a "finder's fee." I believe two methods of compensation are fair: (1.) a minimum of $500 U.S., cash, is fair; (2.) lifetime rights for my associate, Mr. Adam Smith, Esq., to access to your video materials without restriction.

With friendliest regards,
A. E. Newman
Corresponding secretary for the Peak Stupidity Committee."
The Alarmist
Friday - March 1st 2024 5:55AM MST

I’d say, “Now, do one where Biden does a Wiley Coyote,” but Lloyd Bridges did it in Hot Shots, which opens this clip...

Funny, but I I liked the Biden Presidency better when Lloyd Bridges had the lead role ... it seemed less parhetic.

🕉 😔
Friday - March 1st 2024 5:34AM MST

A lot of Adam Smith's videos are in "Unlisted" form, as far as I know. The Sailer VDare speech with 8,900 views is the highest-viewed public video.
Friday - March 1st 2024 3:53AM MST
PS: For those who like to read, it beinjg 5 - 10 X faster than listening, the full interview of Lydia Brimelow is on VDare now - it states they got permission. Here:
Friday - March 1st 2024 3:50AM MST
PS: OK, got the frequency, Kenneth,,, errr, Adam.

I went ahead and signed up to be on Team Tucker for a years. I didn't feel too bad about using my wife's account, but then she gave me shit for being a cheap ass. I told her I would, not that Tucker needs the money, but if his org can prove N members, that's always a good thing, as with the NRA (back in the day, at least. I do like GOA better.)

After I signed up, my wife wondered why I blew 72 bucks like that. You can't win.

Anyway, Tucker's interview with MTG, from last fall I believe, was fantastic!

BTW, I thought about putting the PW on here, but that'd require my email address too - I thought again....
Adam Smith
Thursday - February 29th 2024 7:17PM MST
PS: Greetings, Achmed,

I noticed that youtube blocked all three Tucker Carlson videos for copyright infringement. I'm really not surprised. I'm actually a little surprised it took them this long to block them.

I guess I'll have to open a rumble account for videos like these.(?) Still haven't found a free copy of the full Lydia Brimelow interview, and I've been too lazy to do anything about it.

Speaking of AI...

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