Wayne Root touts the Bizarro World Sailer Strategy

Posted On: Thursday - February 29th 2024 8:43AM MST
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I guess we are living in Bizarro World in a lot of ways. More specifically, though, per Seinfeld episodes* I've watched, Bizzaro World, as seen in Superman comics, is one in which everything is backwards as compared to on Earth.

Therefore,in said world, Steve Sailer would be a dumbass who notices NOTHING, spouting off what I just read from one Wayne Root on The Gateway Pundit:

This Wayne Allyn Root - his misspelt** last name makes him suspect already - is a pundit who I've agreed with many times before. He's a Libertarian, against the mandatory vaccination, well, being a Libertarian, you'd THINK so, and, most importantly, on our side against the Regime. This post of his, though just well-meaning advice for Donald Trump, is some stupidity that I hadn't seen coming.
The strategy is simple. President Trump already has the overwhelming majority of white middle-class voters. White middle-class America is “all-in” for Trump. Trump “had them at hello!”

But President Trump cannot win the 2024 election with just middle-class white votes. Even if it’s virtually ALL OF THEM!
So, take the White man for granted... that's the ticket, and YES, Trump CAN win the election with just middle class (and working-class) White votes. It's not like 100% of the rest of the people come out to vote. If Trump refrains from his own stupidity on race (more on this), he WILL get White people out to vote for their interests - Trump has been the only guy in years for which they could even do this. The dumbest strategy I could think of is to turn these people off from voting by spouting pro-black garbage.

Steve Sailer has given and could give you the stats from many previous elections to prove that his strategy - racking up the White vote and NOT pandering - is a winning one. In fact, the '16 results showed that, vindicating Mr. Sailer, but Wayne Root doesn't understand.
So, go after the black vote with TV ads on networks with large black audiences. Go after the black youth vote with interviews on urban black radio stations. Hold rallies in majority-black inner cities. Especially cities in battleground states where a few extra black votes could tilt the election…
I understand targeting audiences. However, you can't fool all the (White) people all the time. Pro-other-than-White = anti-White, plain and simple. Does Root, or Trump, for that matter, think that White people don't get turned off by things like his asinine (proposal for) a "Platinum Plan" to give Blacks! half a Trillion dollars of White people's money? Yes, that dumbass Trump talked that up about 2 months prior to the '20 election. Let's leave the cheating aside for this post. No, of course that move wouldn't have sent any White votes to Bai Dien. What it likely did was get millions of White men to throw up their hands - "What's the point? They're all against us." - and stay home.

Here's Wayne Allyn Root's justification for being on the side of the black "folk":
First, I grew up in a majority-black town on the Bronx borderline, in Mt. Vernon, New York. I went to an all-black middle school and an all-black high school. I was in a tiny minority of whites at those schools. I was bullied by my black classmates and fought back…I won the respect of my black classmates…and I became best friends with my black classmates.

I was the only white kid in the school who made this breakthrough. I eventually played on the track and football teams with all black classmates.
"Break on through to the other side." No bragging there - he was just a good fighter. I'm all for learning some martial arts... but his point is that the violence of black guys who he admits beat his ass because he is White is something he learned to live with. So, Wayne Root is something special, see? That doesn't help White American society one bit.

Oh, and he ran for office as a Republican in a heavily black district of New York City and lost. But, he was the only one to go into big housing complexes canvassing for votes. That's because, I suppose, not everyone could fight like he could. Perhaps other White candidates don't like getting shot. Yet, "I didn’t win that race. But I gave the incumbent Democrat the race of her lifetime. I had the highest vote totals in all-black “project buildings”- than any Republican ever." Whoop-dee-freaking-do!

I looked through the comments and was pleased that the commenters largely disagreed with this stupid idea same as I did. There was a someone who brought up that Platinum Plan stupidity too. Root again:
I understand black voters like perhaps no other white Republican in America. I understand what it takes to win their votes. And I know Trump can get the highest black vote totals of any Republican in history- and lock up the 2024 election.
If black voters have good reasons to vote for Trump, as Mr. Root explains in more detail, then let them vote for him. Nonetheless, much of the time they go tribal. If a preacher in South Carolina says you vote for Bai Dien, so we get more free shit and more black government officials, then you take the F and do what the preacher say. (No, that "F" is not for Failure as in "taking the L". In this case, the "F" is for Fried Chicken.)

Especially in the case of the election of Trump, who would be about all White people have left on their side in the power structure, pandering to others at the expense of White people is an absolutely Bizzaro World idea. Mr. Root, I'm glad Mr. Trump does not have your ear. Just stop.

* I'd read that there was some reference to Superman or other superhero comic book characters in every episode. I can't vouch for that, being not at all into comic books - the show was pretty damned funny though.

** Ha! Spell check doesn't know how to spell "misspelt"! Isn't THAT ironic... unlike the stuff in the Alanis Morrisette song.

Friday - March 1st 2024 8:54AM MST
PS: I just read your book proposal comment, Mr. Hail. Very good.
Friday - March 1st 2024 8:51AM MST
PS: "As someone once described it, the Sailer Strategy was really "a billion-dollar bill lying on the sidewalk," picked up finally by one narcissistic tv-show man with a bold hair color." Unwittingly, I would add.

Trump got visibility by talking about immigration as not only A key issue but THE key issue. I think he'd have gotten nowhere if he hadn't started with that. His support from so many White people indeed displayed the value of the Sailer Strategy. However, I don't think Trump understands it to this day! At least he didn't in summer of '20 when he came out with that ridiculous "Platinum Plan" proposal. I think Trump believes he could please everybody, if the Regime would let him, but it doesn't work like that.

I myself got disgusted with that PP shit back 2 months before the election, but I'm pretty forgiving. Others might have been forgiving too, but they might also have been lazier or had more stuff to do that voting day in November of '20.
Friday - March 1st 2024 8:46AM MST
PS: Right, M. Married White women vote very differently than single ones. Also, it's not just which way people vote, but which people turn out to vote by which percentages... oh, and who can cheat like hell.
Friday - March 1st 2024 8:13AM MST
From reading him over the years, the Sailer Strategy is to get more white married women to vote for you. There are many more of those than there are blacks.
The Democrat strategy has been to get white women not to marry, or to get them to divorce. This is because unmarried white women lean much more Democrat.
Friday - March 1st 2024 7:16AM MST

-- Sailer Strategy book --

I repeat my suggestion that Steve Sailer get to work immediately on a book to be published in 2025 titled "The Sailer Strategy".

"The Saileer Strategy" (2025) would havae a chapter or so, yet to be written, on how things went in the 2024 election. But otherwise the rest could be written right now. Any of Sailer's close followers and long-term fans could actually write good versions of much of this material, though of course Sailer himself writing it would be ideal (and give him ongoing opportunities to get interviews; there is still a prestige to books, say what you will).

The "Sailer Strategy" book would really be about his observations and influence on U.S. politics, from earliest days in the 1990s, through his entry into punditdom in the 2000s, and then through the stormy 2010s when Trump won with the Sailer Strategy.

The case would be made in long form (not blog or tweet form), that it was indeed the Sailer Strategy -- as the book would define it (citing his own old writings) -- that won Blompf the election in 2016. As someone once described it, the Sailer Strategy was really "a billion-dollar bill lying on the sidewalk," picked up finally by one narcissistic tv-show man with a bold hair color.

The book would also include Sailer's advice for whatever his vision of saving White-Christian America from immigration-inundation multicultural-muck Wokeness-oblivion would be. That would allow him to politely counteract the critics who say he only now cares about traffic-accident statistics.


Thursday - February 29th 2024 7:25PM MST
PS Re the 1960 election. The story is that Hizonner Da Mare held off reporting the Cook County returns until all the Downstate precincts had reported. When he knew what he needed to swing Illinois for Kennedy, he “found” the required ballots.
Thursday - February 29th 2024 3:50PM MST
PS: I forgot the link:


Michigan ‘Check My Vote’ Election Integrity Group Publishes Blistering Response to NY Times Hack Reporter’s Attack on Their Work Before Times Piece Goes to Print

I don't like everything about the Gateway Pundit site, but is is definitely a force for good.
Thursday - February 29th 2024 3:49PM MST
PS: I also don't see how a guy who most people couldn't get excited about without a lot of bribery (black SROTUS member - that sounds not so nice! - in '20, student loan blow-off, errr, forgiveness now) could campaign from his basement and get so many votes.

As for the discrepancy between Mr. Blanc's and Mr. Kief's comments, well one is total raw vote and the other is the margin in the States in which it mattered. Raw numbers aside, I cannot help but remember how EVERY! SINGLE! TIME! the vote is close in a State, but still red, by then next morning or a day later, it'd go the other way.

Steve Sailer wrote at least one post about the 1960 Nixon/Kennedy election and the vote totals for Illinois. The cheaters need to know what to come up with. How can they pick a number if they have no idea yet? This seems to be how they operate, IN ADDITION to having already pulled all sorts of thing. There are good people in Michigan trying to prevent that, but then a NY Times lady writer, one Alexandra Berzon, who calls herself an "election denier movement" reporter who writes:

"They recruited and trained challengers to spot and document minute ballot irregularities; filed lawsuits to undermine protections for the vote-counting process; and debated the merits of calling 911 on poll workers deemed to be violating rules. In weekly Zoom meetings, they discussed friendly insiders positioned on Michigan canvassing boards, which certify results; repeated debunked conspiracy theories about election machines, ballot “mules” and widespread voter fraud; and obsessed over the idea that Democrats “cheat” to win elections."

In other words, if you work for free and fair elections you are an obsessive denier.

Thursday - February 29th 2024 3:38PM MST
PS: I have a post coming to badmouth all the AI, but it did a nice job there, 𝑨𝒅𝒂𝒎!

Yes, different character sets, I see. I did read that under the previous post. You told me about that before, so thanks for the reminder.
The Alarmist
Thursday - February 29th 2024 1:11PM MST

In 2020, there were 168 million registered voters, of whom it was estimated that roughly 60% actually voted, but the two major Presidential candidates garnered more than 154 million votes. 70% of votes cast were by non-traditional means, e.g. mail, drop boxes, etc.

Sure, Biden won fair & square with more votes than any other actually popular Presidential candidate before him.

My money is on the Black political machines in several major US cities in otherwise swing states manufacturing and delivering the votes that Genocide Joe needed to be dragged across the finish line.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - February 29th 2024 12:44PM MST
MBlanc46 - - according to Mr. Unz' calculatons, DJ Trump was 7000 votes away from vitory in 2020.
Thursday - February 29th 2024 12:37PM MST
PS Οne begins to wonder whether Mr Trump understands anything about the American people or American politics. Steve Bannon is not totally ignorant of those things. Mr Trump listened to Steve Bannon in 2016, and he won*. He then fired Mr Bannon and was beaten** in 2020. Left to his own devices, it seems that Mr Trump always, or almost always, does the wrong thing.

* It was more of an ambush than a victorious battle, but he did wind up in the White House.
** Yeah, there was some skulduggery, but he did lose the raw vote by something like five million.
𝑨𝒅𝒂𝒎 𝑺𝒎𝒊𝒕𝒉
Thursday - February 29th 2024 9:55AM MST
PS: Good morning, Achmed,

If you don't for Donald Trump you ain't 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤!


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