Tucker Carlson "wonders" about American subway stations

Posted On: Saturday - February 24th 2024 10:05AM MST
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In the comments under this post of a week back, J1234 pasted in and commented about a video of the beautiful Stalin-era-built Kiyevskaya subway station in Moscow, Russia. Tucker Carlson reported on the place for 3 minutes, while he was checking out Moscow after his interview with the big man Vlad Putin. As he took in the subway station Tucker was shocked, shocked, I tells ya'*, at what he observed.

I myself am neither shocked nor surprised in any way. A country doesn't have to be rich and a recent World Sole Superpower to have decent infrastructure. In fact, the 2 things may not go together at all. One can go to China too and see clean, well-used, efficient subway stations, and a LOT more of them, albeit none with the beauty that we can see there at the Kiyevskaya station. I was in one of the more well-off South American countries 6 years ago. We used the subway there on the last day - I can remember it didn't seem dangerous, but I cannot recall that it was particularly sparkling clean.

Tucker makes the following remark:
Vladimir Putin, you may not like him either, but it doesn't change the reality of what we saw or more precisely didn't see. There's no graffiti, there's no filth there, no foul smells, There are no bums or drug addicts or rapists or people waiting to push you onto the train tracks and kill you. No, it's perfectly clean and orderly.
After that, he asks the same question twice in a row here, slightly differently:
How do you explain that? We're not even going to guess that's not our job we're only going to ask ask the question, and if your response is to shout at us slogans dumber than the slogans we used to call Soviet and mock, that's not really an answer.
Russia a country we're told is a gas station with nuclear weapons, have [sic] a subway station that normal people use to get to work and home every single day that's nicer than anything in our country. We're not going to get we're not going to speculate. We're just going to raise the question and wait for someone in charge to give us an answer...
Uhhhh, yeaahhh, Tucker, I don't thing anybody "in charge" is ready to give the answer, and even you aren't. You're a brave man, but not that brave. (Or, you really don't know? Ha, no.)

You explain the cleanliness, orderliness, efficiency, beauty, and safety of the Kiyevskaya subway station in Moscow by noting the lack of large numbers of Black! people.

Well, as you have to say to the kids sometimes, "This is why we can't have nice things."**

* No, that's not the exact line out of Humphrey Bogart from Casablanca, but they did tend to talk like that, "let me tells ya...", in the old B&W movies.

** H/T, Paul Kersey.

Adam Smith
Sunday - February 25th 2024 12:53PM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Alarmist!

•𝐋𝐎𝐋! & •𝐀𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐞!

There’s no place like home... ☮️
The Alarmist
Sunday - February 25th 2024 7:50AM MST

You know MARTA is a shithole ride when a •Indian keeps reminding himself he is from •India.

After realizing he was no longer in the sub-continent, he should have tried clicking his heels together while saying “There’s no place like home.”
Sunday - February 25th 2024 7:02AM MST
PS: "Like I said, this isn't about subways or infrastructure or economics." Right, Mr. Hail.
Saturday - February 24th 2024 10:22PM MST
PS -

Mr. Moderator said: "Tucker wasn't talking so much about the structure holding up, but of the safety and cleanliness. We all know why they can have those kinds of nice things..."

Yes, Tucker's video about the subway isn't about the subway...or infrastructure or the economy. It's about culture. He's only 10 years younger than me so he can remember what things used to be like, or can at least remember some of the remnants of the stable and functioning society that the US once was.

In 1973 my parents decided to move us to a newer neighborhood; it had newer houses, newer schools and just right up the street there was a brand new mini-shopping mall with a small multiplex theater attached. The other new thing (which wasn't on my parents' radar when we moved in) was the new low income housing project about three or four blocks away from the theater in the other direction.

Less than 10% of the houses in the neighborhood were occupied by blacks (some of them nice folks) when we moved in. Whites were moving out in short order, however, something my folks were oblivious to at the time. When the theater opened up, it was - at first - patronized by enthusiastic neighbors. Within a few months, though, going to a movie was crash course in vibrancy. Screaming black teenagers from the projects would make movies unwatchable for all other patrons. They would hoot and holler and run around throwing things during the entire screening.

Within a few more months shops at the mini-mall would start getting robbed on a semi-regular basis. Within a year or two, all the shops moved out and the mall was vacant. Within a couple more years the theater closed its doors and the building was rented for many years by a weird church...the only enterprise that could make such a space in that location work. The neighborhood that was less than 10% black when we first moved in was over 90% black by that time.

I could go on and on about the home invasions, murders rapes, assaults and robberies in the area, but you get the idea. The all white older neighborhood we moved out of was still all white and now considered upscale and trendy, with corresponding housing valuations. Like I said, this isn't about subways or infrastructure or economics.

Adam Smith
Saturday - February 24th 2024 6:42PM MST
PS: “Did you see any clientele on the MARTA playing classical music out of their boom-boxes?”

Lol... Uh, no. I didn't hear any sort of classical music while riding the Rickety Nigger Train. (We used to* park at the Sandy Springs station when flying out of Atlanta because they have a huge parking deck which is (was?) quite a bit safer than parking at the airport.) But I've only made such a trip like three or four times. (Been to the airport many times picking up and dropping off.)

While I suppose it's possible, I'd say it is highly unlikely to hear classical music on the MARTA.

Plenty of panhandlers and drug dealers though.

One night Mrs. Smith and I met a •Indian on the train riding North out of ATL. I think he was a little drunk or something. He kept saying “I don’t know if you know, but I am from India!” Must have said it 15 times or so.

It was obvious he was from India.

* We decided years ago that if we ever take a flight out of ATL we're going to hire a car to take us and pick us up. Things have changed a bit since we last took a trip on an aeroplane. (Racial reckoning and all.)(It's probably been about 6 or 7 years since we last flew anywhere.) The last time we flew we were a bit surprised, and quite relieved, that no one broke into our car while we were away.

I have no desire to go to Atlanta. Hell, I don't really like leaving Dahlonega anymore.

Our cars turn around at exit 14.
https://www.iexitapp.com/Georgia/GA 400/Exit 14/43306

Saturday - February 24th 2024 5:55PM MST
PS: It was dubbed Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta over 30 years ago, as I recall, Adam.

I know it was just in the video editing here, not over the speakers, but that classical music makes the place seem more, not sorry to say it, White. Let me ask you, Adam: Did you see any clientele on the MARTA playing classical music out of their boom-boxes?

You reminded me that I have been remiss in not making a special post for Teen History Month.
Saturday - February 24th 2024 5:51PM MST
PS: "Were there any black folks there?" Nope. I went to full screen from the 01:47 to 02:57 marks - the complete portion filmed in the station. There were a couple of slightly-swarthy mustachioed guys, maybe not exactly your descendants of The Rus, but no.

Yes, good point though, Alarmist - these systems end up black run, due to this work being an easy outlet for AA. They end up being run like shit. That's the efficiency aspect, but the safety (from assault, etc.) is a mater of the "clientele", if I may....
Saturday - February 24th 2024 5:45PM MST
PS: I agree with that, Mr. Blanc. The New York City system is something like 120-125 years old, and as I wrote about in a post (of course!) comparing keeping up old stuff and starting from scratch, the latter can be a lot easier:

"Chinese vs. American infrastructure - "From Scratch" vs. Repair modes"


Now, one could boast of that nice infrastructure - I mean the actual station structure of the Communist era. If it's pouring lots of concrete and setting up steel, I imagine they could do that well even during the Commie era. However, at that point, even though it was probably kept clean, I doubt it was efficient and I'd guess the average Moskovite(?) couldn't afford to ride it. It's a ticket for the subway or a head of cabbage, which do you need more?

As I guess earlier when I read J1234's comment under the other post, Tucker wasn't talking so much about the structure holding up, but of the safety and cleanliness. We all know why they can have those kinds of nice things...
Adam Smith
Saturday - February 24th 2024 4:38PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone!

When I watched Tucker's video I noticed a refreshing lack of Our Greatestest Strength™. The subway in Moscow is unlike the Rickety Nigger Train™ that Mrs. Smith and I have (on rare occasion) taken to the aéroport in Atlanta.


And since we're talking about the Rickety Nigger Train™ let me be the first to wish all of you a Happy Black History Mumf!


(Not sure if ChatGPT believes its own bullshit, but whatever.)


Happy Saturday! ☮️
The Alarmist
Saturday - February 24th 2024 3:19PM MST

Were there any black folks there?

In NYC, the subway has become a patronage jobs program for connected African Americans. That explains half the problem.
Saturday - February 24th 2024 10:59AM MST
PS Three things. First, a lot of American infrastructure is older than that in Europe and Asia. Second, America has always been freer and more free-wheeling than Europe and Asia. Third, Americans tend to like being taxed even less than they do in Europe and Asia.
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