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Posted On: Friday - February 23rd 2024 10:42AM MST
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In Tuesday evening's post about this interview, Peak Stupidity was very excited. I had no idea that VDare would make it to the big-time like this, having their words reach a big national audience. Viewership of some of Tucker's interviews are on the level of the moon landing coverage, albeit with an audience that's no longer a unified country, as in 1969.

A few notes here before I go over what I saw/heard in the full 37 minute interview:

1) I made use of my wife's Team Tucker membership. I was so excited that this was on that I didn't feel like going through the process just then*. I don't know how likely it is that certain Peak Stupidity commenters could find this video elsewhere off Mr. Carlson's site, although he got the Putin interview. I respect Mr. Carlson's right to his IP.

2) I could, however, paste in the whole transcript somewhere. Due to that last part of (1), I''m not sure if I should. Of the excerpts I did inculde from that transcript, I did not fix the grammar of the transcriptionist, software, I assume.

3) This will not be a play-by-play. Besides Tucker's intro, which you've probably already viewed, there were only a couple of main subjects discussed.

You all could have watched the first 8 3/4 minutes in that previous post. I'll start there.

In the 1st half of Mr. Carlson's 3 minute introduction, he went over the recent terrible immigration invasion surge. Of course he had no time to go over the whole history of the invasion, yes, both legal and illegal, and he does not know the whole story anyway. (VDare, as an organization, and many of the long-term individuals under that umbrella, most assuredly DO.)

There was one small surprise here. Tucker had badmouthed Governor Abbott of Texas, last summer, I believe, AT the border, as he figured the Gov. was playing to a crowd and not serious about really stopping the invasion. Things look different now, and Tucker sounded pretty supportive of and pleased by Greg Abbott in an interview later. (OTOH, as I wrote about the Putin interview, Tucker doesn't interview via argument. He's ... different... in that sense, very polite and old fashioned.) Yet, Tucker's introduction here is not favorable to the Governor.

After that, Tucker nicely introduced his audience to who Peter Brimelow is and what VDare is. I'll just excerpt that:
Peter Brimelow has been a journalist for 50 years. Worked at a whole bunch of what are now called mainstream publications. Was an editor - Barron's, Forbes, National Review, Dow Jones, a legitimate old school journalist. And in the late 90s, he began to ask questions about our immigration scheme. Is this really good idea, is it helping America? And of course, no one could answer those questions because the answer is obvious. No, it's destroying America as it destroyed California, so it will destroy your state. That's certain. But for asking that question, he was fired from his jobs and shunted off into what we call the fringes. But he didn't stop. He started a website called VDARE.
He then introduced Lydia Brimelow, but didn't explain why he didn't interview Peter. (We have speculated plenty on the explanation in the comments under Tuesday's post.)

Mr. Carlson mentioned that he "has known", rather than actually only "known of', Peter Brimelow, something that commenter Hail has wondered more about. I don't know if he meant in person. That would not be out of the question were Tucker a few years older, IMO. Mr. Brimelow was on TV and in the Washington, FS political/social scene. Though always a Conservative, he was one of the in crowd (not that that made him a bad guy - the issue that's since been his life-long battle was not something he was into yet). Perhaps Mr. Carlson just meant "knew" Peter Brimelow as in, he had read his material and/or seen him in video. "Known of" implies that one has only heard the name before.

Tucker then went into the fact that Peter Brimelow has become a "controversial" figure once he took the Conservative side on this existential immigration issue, along with being disparaged by the mainstream. (We can argue later whether being called a white nationalist or a white supremacist is actually disparagement.) Tucker then let Lydia Brimelow speak, and that was for a large percentage of the rest of the time, as he did with Vladimir Putin.** Tucker only interrupted when Mrs. Brimelow's story seemed incredulous to him, to ask her a few questions related to her story, or to prompt her - at 20 minutes in - to go to a new subject.

Lydia's first story was the background of VDare and how grassroots and small-time it is (compared to the huge ctrl-left organizations that get taxpayer money by the $Billions). The parenthetical expression is my wording, but I will say that Mrs. Brimelow brought to light the Sam Francis-coined term "Anarcho-Tyranny" at one point. She explained how VDare has long been long used to the cancel-culture. They have been de-platformed from things that I didn't even know WERE platforms. This is not new, having started well before the '20 Wokeness pandemic.

Part of this segment is the story of the purchase of the castle in Berkeley Springs, W. Virginia. I knew most of this, but not about all the numbers. "Depending on how you count it", there have been 8 to 12 canceled supposed-to-be-in-person conferences. Lydia has been very smart in making contracts with the venues that cost lots to break. I had no idea that in one case it was $80,000 that the NY City hotel lost! Now that's a nice way to make a living. Plan conferences that just HAVE TO be cancelled, cause, Nazis, collect, rinse and repeat. I kid, because, as Nazis are actually Feds, and Feds live paycheck-to-paycheck off the taxpayer, they wouldn't have the front money.

OK, seriously now, as Mrs. Brimelow noted, it has been very important for the ctrl-left to keep like minded people from getting together in real life - that's "meat space" for you geeks. There's something better and more real about meating in person, hence, VDare's purchase of the castle in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia where conferences could not be canceled ( as they'd been pretty much every single time, too).

During this period in the interview, Mrs. Brimelow touched the story of the persecution by the black A/G Commie mercenary Leticia James a few times already. This persecution via "lawfare" started with the finances of the castle and the VDare Foundation. Unlike with Trump and the bogus charges against him, VDare didn't have ANY charges leveled against them. There was nothing anyone said VDare did wrong financially or otherwise. Leticia James has kept asking for reams of information that required much clerical and legal work to produce. VDare has had to redact info that could lead to the doxing of writers that wisely want to remain anonymous. Even that anonymity has been threatened. All this is lawfare, and I was pleased that Lydia repeated the point that "the process is the punishment."

For 10 solid minutes other than 30 seconds of interruption for clarification or remarks of incredulity ("... this is all so North Korean...") by Tucker, Lydia told the story of the lawfare by Leticia James against VDare. It was long and boring... but that's only because I have been keeping up with this the whole time. Although lately, writer Pat Cleburne" - not the actual ghost of the Confederate General - has done a bang-up job covering the story (nicely adopting the appropriate term Communist), Peter Brimelow has told both the long and the TL/DR version of the financial story before. It was great that Tucker Carlson got to hear these details in, well, detail.

"Why in the heck is VDare based in New York?", the reader may well ask. Let Lydia explain what has already been explained by Mr. Brimelow, with a little color commentary too:
This is an interesting thing. 25 years ago, our pro-bono lawyer who worked for Covington and Burling and was later banned from being able to do pro bono work for VDARE, even though he was allowed to do pro bono work for the defendants in Guantanamo Bay, set up our nonprofit in the state of New York, and our papers were signed by no other than Lois Lerner. Who you may know, went on to target the Tea Party. But, back then it was a different era politically.
Back last Spring or Summer, I got into a discussion with the commenter "Buzz Mohawk" on the Steve Sailer blog about all this, trying to drive home to point that, well, read the freaking website. I myself, being neither a financial nor legal type, get lost in a few of the details, but I told Buzz that no, it was NOT easy for VDare to extricate itself from the hell-hole of a business climate that is current New York (the whole State, at this point).

Lydia Brimelow gave details that I had not understood till now. It's not that getting out of New York would entail lots of work selling assets to another company set up to do the same work in another State (or, however that works). It's worse than that.
But helpful people at this point usually say, why don't you just exit New York and you can't. It's like Hotel California. You cannot, if you're a charity that's incorporated in the state of New York, and everyone should take this as a warning, you cannot reincorporate into another state without the permission of the Attorney General's office. You cannot sell or transfer all or significantly all of your assets without permission from the Attorney General's office, and you cannot close up shop without permission from the Attorney General's office.
On a dark New York tollway, long weave in her hair, warm stank of the skunkweed, rising up through the air ...
So once you are under the, jurisdiction of Letitia James, there is no getting out until she decides you're dead enough.
"Relax", said the court clerk, we are ready to receive. You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave ... (Take it, Don Felder.)

The best thing for VDare, I'm sure other Conservative entities, Donald Trump, and even the people of New York State, would be for Leticia James to go away or be put away. One very fortuitous thing for VDare at this point, as I see it, is that they have the most well-known and important American politician and 100 million Americans behind him against this Communist Leticia James now. That surely can't hurt!

The last full 15 minutes of this interview was the response by Mrs. Brimelow to Mr. Carlson's 2nd query:
You've also been hounded and slandered by the media, and you have furthermore, and you just alluded to this, been stalked and your children have been harassed by the SPLC, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is, a hate group posing as an anti-hate group. Tell us what your interactions with them have been like.
I counted from timestamps, and Tucker only talked for 50 seconds total during all this. Lydia Brimelow's response was mostly personal, including plenty of descriptions of the people in small-town Berkeley Springs and the attempted antifa-style infiltrators ("hostiles", they are often called) and other effects of $PHate Center induced hounding of the business and her family. I like that she made a few tie-ins between the good things about knowing everyone in a small town and then the effect of alien nation, pun very much intended.

Again, I've read of much of this before. Most people, such as Tucker, haven't, and it's pretty enlightening of the state of free speech freedoms in this country.

Finally, with a couple of minutes to go, Tucker asked for details on how one could anonymously donate to VDare, and Lydia gave, again, lots of details that are on the site too. That is, except just send cash money in the mail, hide it well from the USPS, and quit worrying about tax deductions.***

Let me summarize the whole thing for the Peak Stupidity readers and state my moderate degree of disappointment. The video title on Tucker is Uncensored: Lydia Brimelow. I was hoping for a nice long discussion of the myriad types of destruction of America from the immigration invasion. I was hoping Tucker would get to hear how much work has gone on at VDare over the last 25 years documenting it all and pushing for action (such as words that'd go up the chain, VDare---> Ann Coulter ---> President Trump). Lydia Brimelow did a good job of inserting some immigration invasion points in the midst of her long answers to Tucker's few inquiries. Tucker didn't ask any immigration questions though!

I believe that's because Mr. Carlson's goal was to find out more about personal destruction by New York Commie A/G Leticia James, other than from the Donald Trump angle, the big story, of course, that it is. I think VDare's post title is more accurate: Tucker Carlson's Interview With Lydia Brimelow On New York Attorney General Letitia James's Attack On". Yes, the interview was pretty specific, with questions about the recent lawfare by Leticia James and about the $PLC's long term attacks on everyone Conservative.

It would have been great if they'd covered the immigration destruction, but then that'd have been more of a talking-heads style panel discussion. Above anything else, the fact that VDare got exposure on Tucker Carlson's show is a very good thing! It says a lot about the courage of Tucker that he invited VDare on.

PS: As of 5P MST today, 02/23/24:

(The date/time shown are of the tweet's posting, I guess.)

* It's not so much that I'm a cheap-ass. I CAN be, but then I think giving $72 yearly to Tucker (I DO NOT like autopay!) is a way of helping him show big-numbers support, same as with my long-term NRA membership. "5 million members" sounds intimidating to many would-be Commie confiscator Congressmen.

** "I KNEW Vladimir Putin, and YOU, Mrs. Brimelow, are no Vladimir Putin!!" Sorry, that came out of the blue...

*** Maybe I'm missing something, here, but unless they have a business or some other source of many deductions, a married couple has to have over $25,000 in deductions before itemizing is a better deal than the standard deduction. For a single guy, it'd be half that.

Saturday - February 24th 2024 10:02AM MST
PS: Related to this and the last post, let me link you all to another video, present (for NOW) in a James Fulford post on VDare:

"Coffee And A Mike: Lydia Brimelow Discusses Tucker Carlson Interview, Letitia James's Lawfare Against"

Mike, the interviewer/host of this "Coffee and a Mike" show (He's got a professional mic, but I saw no coffee) is a very mellow and friendly type. This video is over an hour long, but don't go thinking this is all a rehash of what Lydia said on Tucker Carlson or what writers have posted on VDare, in excruciating detail.

No, Lydia gets very deep into the whole mindset and the two talk about the future of free speech, the country, the whole thing with discussions about possible civil war (or not), and the future for like-minded Conservatives. Yes, it's very deep. "Deep thoughts...."

About 1/2 way into this one, with some discussion, and glee about all the millions of views/retweets/etc, of the interview I just reviewed, Lydia does note that Peter wanted her to do this show. I.e., it sounded like it was his call, not Tucker's. She didn't really explain Peter's reasoning, so we can all speculate, as we have already.

I stayed up late watching this one, but I'd say it was worth it.

Saturday - February 24th 2024 9:56AM MST
PS: Good morning, Adam. I'm not sure if i would get the video off of Tucker's site even if I could. (By the latter I mean, yeah, if I would just make a channel like you have, then that's where it goes.) If the video is already out there, as you described for the others, I don't feel any compunction not to embed it here.

It makes sense that this one wouldn't get nearly as many views as Tucker's interviews with the more well-known pundits and, well, Russian Presidents, of course.

Oh, it's 6 bucks monthly, BTW to have access to all the videos on Tucker's site - maybe some more stuff too, I don't know. Again, I could paste in the whole transcript, I suppose. As I've written before regarding John Derbyshire "Radio Derb" podcasts, I never listen, as I can read in 15% of the time. That's only audio, so a little different from video as far as enjoyment of it though. That'd mean you all could read this in 5-7 minutes probably.
Adam Smith
Saturday - February 24th 2024 9:21AM MST
PS: Good morning, everyone,

Still no "free" version of the full Tucker/Lydia interview available. (As far as I can tell.) I've been really busy the last few days, so I haven't had much time for interneting. (I would like to thank Mr. Hail for the nice comments and I do hope Dieter's back is feeling better.)(I still have much catching up to do with all the comments under the last few posts. Looks like there's lots of good info there. Thank you to everyone!)

I was thinking that if I waited a few days someone would post the full Tucker/Lydia interview to bitchute or rumble or something. But alas! It looks like I'll have to pony up $9 dollar bucks if I'm going to be able to post a copy for our viewing enjoyment. (Unless Achmed can download it through his browser with his wife's magic $72 password. 🙃)

I'll probably wait another day or two, (mostly because I'm kinda lazy and kinda busy later today and because I'm still hopeful that someone else will upload the full interview somewhere) but it looks like this Tucker/Lydia interview does not have the usual interest that many/most of Tucker's interviews have. Usually something like this would be posted somewhere else by now. (For example, when I posted the Tucker/Bret Weinstein interview last month I learned that Tucker's cloudflare content management/protection system is fairly robust. It seemed more difficult than usual to download material directly from Tucker's website though I only messed with it for a few minutes because I found a couple copies of the Weinstein interview on bitchute, so I download it from there instead.)

Anyway... I haven't even read this post yet. Just thought I'd say good morning and Happy Weekend.

Cheers! ☮️
Saturday - February 24th 2024 5:47AM MST
PS: Even though it's in fairly simple language, I may not go too far into the page you linked to - though thanks for that.

"Based on the information it had obtained, the Attorney General began an investigation of Respondent and its leadership for potential violations of the New York law applicable to charities. " "Potential". It's a fishing expedition, I guess, but the main problem for VDare is:

"The Subpoena seeks: documents concerning Respondent's organizational structure; compliance conflict-of-interest policy requirements under New York law, and financial operations; its purchase and conveyance of the Berkeley Springs Castle; and transactions between Respondent and entities controlled by the Brimelows.". and so on, and so on... Peter and Lydia have both stated that they went overboard with the lawyers to dot all the "i"s and cross the "t"s.

Yeah, that they have lived in the castle since '20 (written there) is wrong, as you say.

I agree with your take on the Queen of Sheeba.

Yes, what BLM has done compared to the nothingburger being put on VDare is that Anarcho-Tyranny again. Another example is the deal with Fani whatever, and hopefully this Queen of Sheeba if her corruption - and I'm sure there's plenty - gets called out. Nobody is ever calling out Fani to be punished by law for blatant perjury in court and the rest of the corruption. They'll just be happy if they are able to get her to drop her persecution of Trump. OTOH, people who walked about the Capitol 3 years back ... It's pretty rotten at this point, J1234
Saturday - February 24th 2024 5:37AM MST
PS: "Abbott has had with the feds over border security and razor wire shows he's capable of doing the right thing now and then."

J1234, It sure seems like he's doing the right thing. OTOH, as for the really big picture, as commenters here pointed out, Abbott was over in India recruiting more cheap labor while he was tweeting about this - at least at one point. Lots of people, like Nikki, think massive numbers of people here via immigration is just fine, as long as they came LEGALLY. Most Americans would not agree.

The reason the border stand-off story has tailed off to nothing is that Bai Dien, Mayorkas, and company have pressed the Mexicans to throttle back the path that goes through those certain points in Texas, such as Eagle Pass. They want to defuse the very obvious invasion there through election day. Still plenty of influx happens elsewhere (such as in California by the coast right now).
Saturday - February 24th 2024 2:24AM MST

Oh, and was BLM ever prosecuted for buying all of those mansions (one for 6 million bucks) with their $100 million or more in donations? That's ANOTHER news story that just kind of died.
Saturday - February 24th 2024 2:17AM MST
PS -
Thanks a bunch for going through the full interview and giving us a synopsis, Mr. Moderator. I also was surprised to hear Tucker kind of trashing Greg Abbott. The recent confrontation Abbott has had with the feds over border security and razor wire shows he's capable of doing the right thing now and then. Give credit where credit is due. I love Tucker, but don't always like his approach. (BTW, it's interesting how that Texas border story has kind of disappeared for the moment. A couple of weeks ago it was supposed to be the start of our looming civil war.)

Below is the legal action brought by "the people of NY" against VDARE. It mentions that VDARE (a non-profit) bought a house/venue for $1.4 million, but says nothing about how the structure and property is used to host conferences, and was purchased for that purpose because rented venues in the region had - on multiple occasions - backed out of contracts to host past conferences due to pressure from leftist activists.

L'Teesha has accused the Brimelows of living in the mansion, but they, in fact, live in a smaller house that's also on the property. They probably work out of the mansion during the day, and the kids probably knock around there while they do, but they live in a different house...a "cabin" I think they call it. That's how I understand it, anyway.

Don't expect to find all the pertinent facts in documents like these. From what I can tell, L'Teesha is just another mentally unstable black woman who's been put into a position of power, and therefore sees herself as the queen of sheba.

Friday - February 23rd 2024 5:10PM MST
PS: So you got out of the country and went to Florida? Good move!

Some of the civil rather than criminal legal moves States make (this wasn't New York) is to get you for not paying up on professional licenses, even if you've been gone a few years. Then, you may find a lien or judgement against you.
The Alarmist
Friday - February 23rd 2024 4:43PM MST

NY pursued me for taxes for several years after I left the country, but the crowning glory of the Empire State’s sense of ownership of its subjects was finding they had issued a bench warrant for my failure to appear for jury duty five years after I expatriated. Fortunately the Florida cop who stopped me was a former NYC cop who knew how things rolled back in the Evil Empire, so he let me go with a couple words to the wise rather than shipping me back in shackles.
Friday - February 23rd 2024 1:48PM MST
PS: VDare is too much on the up-and-up to do that Alarmist. I can see that as a plan for some, though...
The Alarmist
Friday - February 23rd 2024 1:38PM MST

No, in NY, you have to run it into the ground, and they’ll still sue you for failure to meet your fiduciary obligations in doing so.

Escape from NY: Give ‘til it Hurts

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