Ann Coulter on the Haley family NeoConinity

Posted On: Wednesday - February 21st 2024 7:18PM MST
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Man, with posts backed up out the yin-yang, Peak Stupidity ran across another great Ann Coulter column. That's nothing new in and of itself, but this one has something to say about Nikki and Michael Haley, discussed here yesterday. I'll excerpt this entire last section of the column, "We'll Get To Your Country Later"—The Scam Border Bill.
Haley keeps falsely telling voters that her husband has gone to ”war,” is ”protecting our family and our freedom,” and has ”the courage to fight for our country.” In fact, her husband has never gone to war, he’s not protecting our freedom, and he hasn’t had to fight for our country.

A decade after we invaded Afghanistan and vaporized the Taliban, Michael Haley was sent there to teach Afghans to grow crops other than opium—which failed, as any half-wit knew it would. Currently, he’s in Djibouti, holding bazaars and Ramadan dinners for the locals.

I wouldn’t mention it—it’s not his fault that the Department of Defense decided to take the best fighting force in the world and turn it into a bunch of social workers—except that Haley keeps acting like she’s Martha Washington bringing food and medicine to the troops.

Law-abiding citizens in Chicago face more risk of death on a daily basis than Michael Haley. But they’re just Americans, so who cares?
That's going a lot farther than most people do in describing the NeoCon attitude, the current American military, and the difference between a "Common Defense" and an arrogant out-of-control flailing Offense, causing this nation to be hated around the world.

Thank you, Ann Coulter!

Old Soldier
Thursday - February 22nd 2024 4:44PM MST
PS "vaporized the Taliban"???
Seriously??? If we vaporized the Taliban then who did Joe intentionally leave $85 BILLION worth of the finest US Military hardware to? I'm guessing that equipment wasn't left for Afghani goat humpers.
Thursday - February 22nd 2024 12:46PM MST
PS: Not any reply here, but just a heads-up, especially for Mr. Hail's sake:

I'm about 60% done with the review of the Tucker Carlson / Lydia Brimelow interview. I'm out of time for right now though, unfortunately.

Thank you all for participating BIGLY in the comments here lately!
Thursday - February 22nd 2024 12:21PM MST
PS One quibble: The US never “vaporized” the Taliban. Yes, the US ran them out of Kabul in 2001. But that wasn’t “Mission Accomplished”. The Afghan fighters staged a strategic withdrawal to the hinterlands. From there, they kept snapping at the heels of the invaders, until the American people finally got tired of the exercise and went home. The Taliban believe in themselves, their religion, and their nation. (If only Americans felt the same about themselves.) That was “Mission Accomplished” for the Taliban. For the record, what was Mx Coulter’s opinion on the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001? Finally, Ganderson, thanks for your reminiscences of Jonah Goldberg.
Thursday - February 22nd 2024 10:54AM MST
PS: "Ann Coulter would have no compunctions about going on, if invited."

I'm sure she would. My remark was about Letitia James. I just think that an Ann Coulter/Tucker Carson discussion on pretty much what they both have agreed on for years is not Tucker's thing. I think he'd rather interview people on either side, Regime or American, who are involved in what's going on right now. Lydia Brimelow of VDare explained thoroughly how the Regime,, with the $PLC being considered a part of it, can work to thwart simple resistance via speech/writing. I WILL write the review by tomorrow afternoon. It's looking like I'll run out of time today... we'll see.

I agree with you that Ann Coulter - didn't know of Tucker for that long (just probably the last 5 years of his CNN time and since) - was a Neocon a decade and a half ago. I didn't read her so much for a few years. Lately, I've agreed with her completely on 98% or so of her columns.
Thursday - February 22nd 2024 9:47AM MST

RE: Mr. Ganderson's comments on Jonah Goldberg

Wow, in youthful teenage years the (in?-)famous Jonah Goldberg as "a very smart, very funny slacker."

I wonder what the process looked like, by which he got promoted up the Neocon ranks. Back there in the 1990s, it'd have to be. He was born in 1969. By the year 2000, Goldberg is well-ensconced in the world he still inhabits, as a kind of ideological gatekeeper of Conservatism, and a Neoconservative attack-dog, who traded on his (then-)youth among a lot of older Jews and Gentile-Zionists who formed the wider classic Neoconservative movement. So Jonah Goldberg became a "made man" in that political mafia some time in the 1990s, maybe also with some helping hands also in the 1980s already (he turned 16 in 1985).

I have a good feeling I do know the outlines of how it happened.

-- --

I once saw Jonah Goldberg speak. He was surrounded by lesser personalities. He ended up on something I'd call a shrill anti-Trump rant, an animated and entertaining style in the way members of his religion sometimes get worked up to. A moral fervor, a kind of aggression, a willingness, or even eagerness, to offend or shock. That was how he "presented," as I recall.

At the end of the event, Jonah Goldberg pledged his life and his sacred honor on behalf eternal resistance against Trumpofascism, vowing to never desert the Never Trump banner. He was almost as animated as my description is suggesting.

I didn't like the message, but his presentation was entertaining in a way. Despite his reputation as a writer and editor, he is kind of a performer at heart. So that fits with Mr. Ganderson's recollections of the Neocon As A Young Man.
Thursday - February 22nd 2024 9:27AM MST
PS Why do these People of Khaki think they are People of Color when most white folks are darker with a tan
Thursday - February 22nd 2024 8:52AM MST
PS Mr. Hail- your first paragraph describes me- I was all onboard the neocon idiocies of the Bush administration- it took me awhile to realize how stupid and destructive they were.
Thursday - February 22nd 2024 8:47AM MST
PS A long time ago I read a column by, or perhaps it was an interview with, William Safire*, o in which he mentioned his Army service- followed by his observation that (this from memory) two years stationed in Germany in the 1950s didn’t exactly make him Audie Murphy. I think about that quote when I hear about Haley’s or Anal Pete’s service. Even Tulsi Gabbard, whom I like for noble and not-so-noble reasons wasn’t the CO of a rifle company.

* Safire was probably a neocon… but he was one of the people that facilitated my conversion from left wing commie to right wing bastard. Safire was the first” “right-winger” I read regularly. I liked his language columns, too. Jonah Goldberg was another- I taught Jonah in high school- he was a very smart, very funny slacker. I liked him, still do. When he was in my class I was the corn fed midwestern DFL liberal, and he was the Irving Kristol/ Norman Podhoretz (aren't they the same person ?) conservative Jonah gave me a copy of Modern Times, which put me in the fast lane to “our thing”. Now when we see each other we still disagree, but for different reasons!

There, I’ve bared my soul.
Thursday - February 22nd 2024 8:13AM MST

I'll say it again, but it's still surprising to me, as I remember what these persons (or personas) were like in the 2000s, that Tucker and Coulter end up voices of White-Christian Ethnonationalism fifteen years after the Iraq War they both supported, and after a long period of flagwaving for the the "Invade-Invite" Republican Party, a task that they both devoted a large portion of their adult lives to.

A dividing-line is Nationalism vs. Empire, and Nikki Haley is of course with the Empire. How could she be anything else? ("Empire," by the way, is a one-word way of simplifying the Sailerian "Invade-Invite").

I've always been interesting in people's family-histories because so often we can predict the outlines of someone's life or place in the world through what their ancestors did. with Nikki Haley, it seems just obvious that she'd be an Empire person.

White-Christian Ethnonationalism, the term, I think gets at what Coulter and Tucker are, and it's simply a fancy way of saying they take their own people's side. I use it as a neutral descriptor and even a positive term. Though both of them would deny it, Tucker more animatedly. Ann Coulter by some time in the later 2010s or so would have just laughed off someone calling her such a thing and she'd have counter-attacked in her usual, sometimes-shrill-but-effective way. The term applies better than something vague like American Nationalism, or American Civic Nationalism. And it's really of a para-national kind (see, for example, Tucker's promotion of Viktor Orban, for one, a few years ago while still at Fox), for all Westerners now see themselves in common cause against the Blob that is multiracial Great Replacement Regime-ideology.
Thursday - February 22nd 2024 8:05AM MST

Tucker Carlson is getting "scorched" in the media over the VDare interview.

Ann Coulter would have no compunctions about going on, if invited. And VDare is further isolated, by the USA's political commissars, than Ann Coulter.
Thursday - February 22nd 2024 6:53AM MST

It's impossible for me to express how much I detest Nimrod-a. But then, I pretty much hate dot Indians in general, and she's a CLASSIC example of the scheming, amoral, corrupt Indian.
Thursday - February 22nd 2024 6:29AM MST
PS: "A few decades later, in comes an Invite-girl who takes the name "Nikki." In adulthood, she seeks to pair with an "Invade" symbol for career-advancement, and does, and did rise very high indeed"

We should have had more conversation under that post, my fault I believe, but our continuing here is fine with me.

This is not the same situation as with the Representative of Somalia discussed recently here. No, she's not American by ethnicity, but Nikki was very much assimilated. That her parents were immigrants - BTW, not your "wretched huddled masses" either, but very well-off high status people back in Punjab Province, India - has her pushing for invite, and then her traditional* Southern Conservatism + her husband's being (somewhat) a career military man has her on the invade bandwagon.

Both of these are what the Establishment GOPe, NeoCon, etc. likes in a politician. That's partly why she's gotten where she is, but Trump didn't hurt her cause either.... I'll get to that.

* You wrote that it's not been a long-term tradition - no argument with that - but since WWII, so Nikki and politicians around her never knew otherwise.
Thursday - February 22nd 2024 6:08AM MST
PS: "Nikki Haley recently did a series of interviews in which she complained that White children had bullied her for being "Brown" in her 1970s childhood in the USA, born to recent foreign-origin Sikh parents."

Right,she did the usual "we didn't fit in" business way back when she got into politics, as a helpful sob story. No, she didn't fit in.

"Bullied", though, is a completely misused word these days. Did some actual bully keep trying to kick her ass. I doubt it. Did the White girls at the Prep school not include her in things? That was probably the case - it was still the late '70s and early '80s. Whaddya' gonna do... go to the integrated school? "No, no, none of that!"

Her family was not brought to Bamberg County, SC in chains by the White man. She ought to have complained to her Dad, not the residents of S. Carolina. (I'm sure she did some times, actually!)

There's nothing new there. What you mention here may
Thursday - February 22nd 2024 6:01AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I don't think he will, as much as I'd enjoy seeing those two together. That'd be Pundit v Pundit, as a talking heads show. Tucker likes to get information from direct sources.

In fact, it'd be more his thing to interview Leticia James herself. I doubt she'd go on, because, even though Tucker is an old-fashioned non-argumentative reporter (when he does interviews, I mean), the lady would just dig herself into a hole.
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 7:54PM MST

People like Haley sponging off perceived prestige of "the military" may be more-than-a-little ridiculous, of course, requiring a taboo-breach by people like Ann Coulter. But it does fit into Nikki Haley's whole act.

Nikki Haley recently did a series of interviews in which she complained that White children had bullied her for being "Brown" in her 1970s childhood in the USA, born to recent foreign-origin Sikh parents.

The worship of a globe-spanning "military" seems like an ancient tradition, but actually was weak-to-nonexistent before the 1940s. A few decades later, in comes an Invite-girl who takes the name "Nikki." In adulthood, she seeks to pair with an "Invade" symbol for career-advancement, and does, and did rise very high indeed

This again ties in with my ideas (previously written about on this website a few weeks ago), on the curiously-"twinned" ideologies of "Invade The World, Invite The World," and how the pair got intertwined...
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 7:48PM MST

Will Tucker Carlson interview Ann Coulter?

She was banned from TV, for Racism, in 2016, the year that he started "Tucker Carlson Tonight."
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