Tucker interviews Lydia Brimelow!

Posted On: Tuesday - February 20th 2024 8:43PM MST
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Tucker is as big-time as the non-Regime press goes, if not bigger than them all. Is this VDare's biggest break yet?!

The interview is 37 minutes long. One can watch the first 8 3/4 minutes - the first 3 minutes of that being an intro. by Tucker - in an embedded tweet here on VDare.com. If you are a member of Team Tucker (haha), you can watch the full interview here on his site also. (My wife is, so it turns out I'm privileged after all.) If Adam Smith can work his magic, we'll be glad to embed the video off Channel Smith.

Adam Smith has worked his magic and very helpfully put up the 8 3/4 minute video on the Adam Smith YT (youtube or WhiteT) channel - 53 subscribers already! Here is is.

Thanks very much, Adam!

Lydia Brimelow is the wife of VDare founder Peter Brimelow. She does a whole lot of work for the organization, the fundraising, logistics, planning of conferences, business stuff, and all manner of things. However, Peter is the heart and soul behind this 25 year old organization with a mission. I wondered why Tucker didn't interview Peter, but ... then... I think it might be that Mr. Brimelow's Scottish(?) accent is not always so easy to follow... if you miss one freaking word of a sentence..., it's like, wait, what was the middle part again?*

I write that in all fun with, and admiration of, a great American. Congrats on the huge publicity boost, VDare. Let's all relish the fall of New York Commie Cadre thug Leticia James. It'll happen. She's got a very long distance to fall too ...

* H/T, Kevin Kline in A Fish Called Wanda.

UPDATED ~ `1/2 hr. later:]
Made corrections of video duration, including remark about 8 3/4 minute preview.

Thursday - February 22nd 2024 11:28AM MST
PS: This kind of continued into the thread of the most recent post, but I'l; say something about Tucker's having left ("left"? "being shit-canned from", is more like it) CNN, as per J1234. I didn't expect his free-lance journalism to go as well as it has, but I'm really happy about that. It's not just about Tucker, though it's so good that he's being heard all over. It means others can do pretty well this way too*.

Let's say Tucker Carlson has 100 million Americans who view him fairly regularly. If he got 10% of them to get on the Team Tucker, 6 bucks a month plan, wow, that's $60 million (before taxes). He could lend Donald Trump that money back** in 1/2 a year for Trump to build (back better?) his business in another locale.

Anyway, that brings me around to what Mrs. Brimelow had to say, all of it stuff that I'd already read, but amazing and shocking to Tucker and maybe to some of the PS readers too.

* I do know about the Joe Rogan's etc. That's not my kind of thing, but also Rogan is no real political expert, historian, principled guy, whatever. He's just a guy who got famous because he's an MMA fighter, and he listens well, I guess. I heard he's coming around politically, but what sane person wouldn't...?

** Sorry, I like Trump, but no way would I lend him more than 50 bucks. It's not that he's dishonest, but he'd forget that ever happened. ;-}
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 7:46PM MST

J1234 wrote: "Use your position in the legal system to remove ideological/political opponents. These unethical tendencies don't just stop at ideology, however, they eventually permeate through all aspects of such a person's life."

That's a good synopsis of why corrupt and 'backward' countries, societies, cultures get stuck. There have been some good studies of this done, a classic being "The Moral Basis of a Backward Society" (1955).

Westerners generally DON'T know, by instinct, about how this all works. They have to observe it from a distance. Some Whites do know by instinct to "distrust" Blacks, but I would say most outside the Deep South do not really know this; while others, for ideological reasons, refuse the very thought. Even when a White-American distrusts Blacks, he still may not really get what "corruption" is.

Then there is also a long-running "curation" process of how Blacks and others of a certain elite type get inserted into the person's periphery rather than "general population" types. Steve Sailer has commented on this with regard to the U.S. military, which would actually outright reject a majority of Black applicants in most cases. And even with the curation process (see also: "some of my best friends are..."), you have elite Blacks who still frequently end up with basically unethical and immoral positioning within a White-Christian-frame system, like the examples given by J1234 of these Black prosecutors.
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 7:35PM MST

I agree with J1234's comments on the strategy behind making Lydi Brimelow the "frontman."
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 7:34PM MST

I was waiting to post this in the upcoming "Tucker Carlson VDare interview" review, but as I may not be able to comment when it comes up, I'll drop it here and hope for the best:



-- Tucker has known Brimelow since the 1990s --

In the Adam Smith uploaded version:

at 3:18 mark -- Tucker says that he has "known" Peter Brimelow, "sort of," since the 1990s. I interpret the 1990s to be the time referred to by Tucker's line that it was since the time that Brimelow" was not a controversial figure at all". Tucker Carlson was, in the 1990s, involved in magazines (after allegedly being declined by the CIA (according to widely-respected right-wing Internet commentator Thomas777 of Chicago, and less-respected Vladimir Putin). Tucker Carlson described writing long articles on a weekly deadline and disliking it very much.

What did Tucker mean when he said he had "known" Peter Brimelow? Was it supposed to mean "known of" him? He did say the word "know" (not "know of"), but despite his fame maybe Tucker is not as precise a speaker as possible. Still, I have to interpret "know" to mean..."know".

Why did he add the words "sort of" immediately? I'd sugest the old Fox News instinct to put distance between himself and outside-Regime Undesirables.

I have one question, premised on the assumption that Tucker knew Brimelow, that he was not a stranger (as if Hypnotoad667 had created VDare in association with Je Suis Omar Mateen as crazy field-guy and Intelligent Dasein as the exacting-and-cranky managing-editor):

It's funny that during the, what, seven years of "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Fox News, I don't know if Tucker mentioned Peter Brimelow or VDare even once. Am I wrong?

Meanwhile, Tucker had on a lot of fluffy and ridiculous characters, often Based Black Guy types (always, always, always whenever he even close to White Advocacy; a kowtow to Black Moral Superiority Doctrine). Tucker Carlson, for all his positives, is also the one who got Based-Brown-Guy Vivek Ramasaawmamemiey's political career started -- he did not provide such a service for a White-Christian equivalent, but there were all these moral incentives to do it for people like "Vivek" (of whom I am very critical, and who even his best supporters would admit was a nonentity with unknown views as the decade of the 2020s opened, with no real "paper trail").

So Tucker would do things like that for questionable people, but declined to mention, much less interview, the longtime stalwart Brimelow and VDare (and Steve Sailer).

The foregoing is a window into my criticism of Tucker's whole "game" back then, which I wrote about in these pages a number of times (when the PS Tech-team gets back from its several-year-long vacation, and gets around to adding a search-button, those will be easily findable). I would have to revisit my overall assessment of Tucker Carlson now that he has had most of one year independent. And I would probably find that a good portion of my criticism is really a Fox News criticism...
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 7:08PM MST
PS: "I think Lydia only gets credit for three." Right, Alarmist. Peter had 2 boys with his first wife. I can remember some blog posts of his about his wife having cancer and dying.
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 7:07PM MST
PS: You're welcome, J1234, and thanks for the comments.

"Letitia James is cut from the same black female prosecutor mold as Marylin Mosby and Fani Willis: Use your position in the legal system to remove ideological/political opponents. These unethical tendencies don't just stop at ideology, however, they eventually permeate through all aspects of such a person's life. As a result, MM has been convicted and FW is in trouble and not far behind. It's likely that LJ will eventually be exposed for similar infractions...because that's what vindictive small minded people do. "

I don't know of this MM - just can't keep up - but regarding the other 2: I just see them as the usual black grifters allowed to do their thing because nobody can criticize a black woman with all the "lived experience". In these cases, part of their grift is being mercenaries for the ctrl-left who want to take down Trump, in this case. There is no respect for the whole idea of rule-of-law not men (nor fat-ass sassy black bitches) They are African, and this stuff is Africa.

No, they are NOT all like that, but when you just let them get this far with nobody allowed to push back...

Yes, the way that the idiot Fani has been taken down was due the copious amount of really dumb personal unprofessional and corrupt actions of hers. I cannot imagine that Letitia James has not partaken of any of this. I hope, for VDare's sake most especially, that she will be taken down by Trump supporters in this way.

As much as we have no choice but to need Donald Trump, I think it's fortuitous for VDare that this same AG has made these outlandish Communistic style moves on Donald Trump, who remains the biggest story in the news* almost a decade running. They've got heavyweights - at least when you put 100 million Americans together they are - that want Letitia taken down. VDare is way too small to do it themselves.

* with an intermission for the Kung Flu PanicFest, or course.
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 6:58PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I DID, in fact, hesitate when writing "American" wrt Peter Brimelow. Yeah, he's an immigrant with 4 decades of assimilation behind him. (The accents are have difficult to change after 12 y/o or so.) As someone wrote - hard to keep up today, thankfully! - people may have indeed disparaged the whole interview saying "oh, but HE'S and immigrant too!" Good point.

Peter Brimelow obviously cares about America more than his old country, and has worked harder than 99.99% of Americans to try to save it. After all, he could have remained a financial analyst and given opinions on TV, in Forbes, NR, etc. He and his family would have had it so much easier, especially when you think of what Lydia described in this interview.*

So, he surely deserves being called an American for this life of his, IMO.

* I will write a review tomorrow hopefully, having watched it this afternoon. As a preview, I will say that there was a long stretch of Lydia explaining to Tucker what all the story has been with New York, the Castle, the lawfare, etc. It was boring to me, but that's because every bit of it was stuff I knew from keeping up thoroughly with the site. (That's as thoroughly as I'd kept up with the iSteve blog, but for 3 times as long.)
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 6:49PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I've finally got more time to reply. I've only read Steve Sailer thoroughly, as in not missing more than a couple of percent of his post, minus that ridiculous couple of Kung Flu Panic months, for 7 years. Before that, I'd read his blogspot(?) blog and commented there a handful of times (as REDACTED - I can barely remember).

So, I only know of his more recent stuff. I believe that he doesn't comment so much on Jewish political power simply because he's too mellow of a guy. No matter how much bad stuff is going on, iSteve tries to explain calmly and rationally why, with stats, and with sympathy to those on all sides. (It gets frustrating some times, in a way like Donald Trump talking about those rapists coming across the border, but than a week later "good, good people...")

This approach of Mr. Sailer does probably help enlighten people who truly had never before thought of the ridiculously one-sided stats on black crime, etc. However, if he thinks he's going to convince the ctlr-left of anything, he's mistaken. They may even KNOW he's right, they may not, but they want destruction of society. All that Mr. Sailer decries is good stuff as far as they're concerned.

I noted a few posts in which Steve Sailer tries to convince Jewish leftists that they are being pretty stupid in the long or medium run, though he always writes very civilly. Will any of them change their minds? They won't if they refuse to read his stuff because "he's anti-semiitic" and a Nazi White Nationalist. He's none of those, but they won't read enough to find out. They won't read enough to take his advice. Only events may change their minds, but that's when things are pretty far gone.
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 4:36PM MST

More on Lydia - I think she presents herself very well in public, with poise, confidence and the ability to articulate her cause effectively. To be honest, I think she's better than Peter in this regard, but Peter is getting older so that's to be expected. People have commented on Peter's accent being hard to listen through, and this is true. It's probably part of the reason she was the one interviewed, but I think another reason is that Peter is himself an immigrant, so the idiotic left will try to make the case that he's a hypocrite...blah, blah, etc. Bogus argument, because he's talking about the left's agenda to destroy a culture THROUGH IMMIGRATION more than he is immigration itself.
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 1:49PM MST

THANKS for posting this. This is great exposure for a great organization! I see VDARE as the leading edge of the First Amendment contingent of the immigration realist movement. They're the canaries in the coalmine of free speech in the US. Just a few years ago, less courageous conservative organizations would characterize groups like VDARE with something like, "Ewww! We aren't THEM!" and go to great lengths to distance themselves. In today's political environment, however, I think VDARE's plight resonates more with the less courageous, who (even if they won't admit it) are starting to understand that the authoritarian and governmentalized woke ARE COMING AFTER ALL OF US (eventually.) Trump's travails have made that clear to everyone.

And speaking of travails, Tucker's firing at Fox is turning out to be a good thing (as many predicted.) I don't think this interview would've happened at Fox. AOC said "deplatforming works" after Tucker was let go, and she's right, it does work - just not to her benefit or advantage. Now millions of Tucker's former Fox fans have been introduced to Lydia Brimelow and VDARE. I might just pay the 6 bucks a month....


Letitia James is cut from the same black female prosecutor mold as Marylin Mosby and Fani Willis: Use your position in the legal system to remove ideological/political opponents. These unethical tendencies don't just stop at ideology, however, they eventually permeate through all aspects of such a person's life. As a result, MM has been convicted and FW is in trouble and not far behind. It's likely that LJ will eventually be exposed for similar infractions...because that's what vindictive small minded people do.

As to Lydia Brimelow, it's my impression that she's a very capable person who has a deep and personal commitment to this cause. I've heard that Peter is seeking a replacement due to his advancing age, and I think that Lydia would fill that role more than competently. I have noticed that VDARE, as an organization, is a bit less on top of things than they were a few years ago, but having full time staff drop from four to two goes a long way in explaining that. And then there's managing/maintaining a large antique property AND dealing with persecution from the NY state government...I don't see how they do it. Both Lydia and Peter have my undying admiration.

Such great comments from everyone. Really great insights. THANKS.

The Alarmist
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 1:32PM MST

My bad ... I think Lydia only gets credit for three. Still ....
The Alarmist
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 1:30PM MST

Whatever one may say about the Brimelow family, they’ve done their part to stem the great replacement. Lydia deserves a Medal of Honor for squeezing out five lovely children.
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 10:06AM MST

-- Peak Stupidity analysis of VDare--Tucker interview --

If Peak Stupidity gets the summary/commentary "scoop" of the Tucker--VDare interview, I foresee VDare's highly-active Twitter account reposting the link to it. That is, when I 'tag' them with it.

Adam Smith's considerable talents with these things are now blocked off of Twitter. After his third life-ban for Racism.

Dieter Kief continues to post creative-photographic art and philosophical essays, and comments about German politics and related matters, and engaging with a dignified community of followers and what seem to be a range of intellectuals (some people always attract such "good vibes"; Mr. Kief is to be commended for it). It might be out of character to blast something like a TuckerCarlson-VDARE interview summary. He has, though, dropped in a good word for Peak Stupidity in the past to his followers there.

I don't mind at all flagging VDare and Peter Brimelow (with whom I have engaged before on that venue; he got the copy of Sam Francis' first use of "anarcho-tyranny" from me).

VDare's twitter account in the mid-2010s had a powerful reach. Today it is much weaker, as the account is obviously subject to hidden restrictions that severely limit its visibility. (So is mine. And I am also aware enough of how it works that the very act of engaging with VDare on Twitter ensures I stay on the "gray list.")
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 9:46AM MST
PS: I meant to add, along with the commentary to come, I also didn't forget the 2 posts from J1234- and Mr. Kief- supplied video suggestions.

Dieter, this site does suck in many ways, format-wise. Your link didn't grab the post number. I went to the 2 posts of Feb 10th but didn't seem my(?) original comment there, or do you mean some writing in the post itself. I can look later, as I remember the question, but if you hover the mouse/whatever over the post link, you get the post #, which is key. (I realized you were copying the link, but often the URL is simply the basic www.peakstupidity.com.
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 9:43AM MST
PS: "Write a summary, with commentary, of the full "Tucker Carslon 'VDare' interview" -- with higher priority than answering the comments here!" I hit pause to go back here, and to start, I know, I know.. another unrelated post (the continuation of Nikki, Henry, and Donald though).

I don't mind requests at all. The problem with that particular request is that this is a case in which EVEN Adam Smith may not be able to host that video. Understandably, Tucker would like people to go to his own site, and one can join "Team Tucker", as my wife did, for 6 bucks a month.

I can give the commentary without the video, which is maybe what you meant, after all. If I can get paste in transcriptions from somewhere, that'd make it even better. And yes, TOP PRIORITY it should be, especially due to my not wanting to forget anything.

Now, wrt Steve Sailer, I like your envisionment of his time at the Tucker studio in Maine. (At least iSTeve ought to line his closet with nice hardwood and maybe a Moosehead, whether from the taxidermist (probably wouldn't be a local moose) or the local liquor store.) I will say here that I believe the VDare organization deserves this airing of their story on TC more than iSteve.

Steve would have great things to say though, and it'd be a must-see interview for sure, of course.

You know what'd be REALLY cool, is if Tucker could make it to the Berkeley Springs castle for their meeting in April, now that he knows about it. (I stopped at 20 minutes for now. Lydia gave him the whole story about the reason for purchasing a place where people could get together in person.... I'm getting into the commentary, so I'll leave it for later ..."


Hey, pay your own 6 bucks, like my wife did!! You know I kid, Mr. Hail. I am very glad someone wants to read a take from Peak Stupidity. Can you wait until tomorrow or Friday is the question?
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 9:18AM MST
Mr. Hail - just in case you would not have - öh: noticed, hehe*** - here is my answer to your post from ca. February the 10th about the political future in Germany - and elsewhere -- No. 16 or so:


***btw.: noticing could soon turn out to be the new IT term, especially if your prophecies about Steve Sailer's media-career shall come true - - - - (it's always The Future, that is so full of question marks - - - (the late - full of antidepressants ohhh - Leonard Cohen made a whole album about this graveyard of questionmarks (would that not qualify as a Cohen-phrase?!!! - I mean - honestly: It would, hehhe: the future's graveyard of forgotten questionmarks (this is an even better phrase) - - - oh this album's title: The Future - - - - of coarse, to end with a second if not third nod to Dr. Freud & colleagues, hehe!
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 9:14AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, about the Brimelows. Yeah, I agree that having a pretty woman on there (not Laura Southern with her cleavage in a black dress, but still...) can help the cause. Lydia does run a lot of the show, as I noted in this post. However, yeah, the accent makes it tough. OTOH, Mr. Brimelow used to be on TV back when he was a financial analyst/reporter. Maybe his accent has gotten thicker, haha!

On that note though, and to address another point along with it, I watched a 4 minute video of his on the site last night. He discussed quickly his book "Alien Nation" from 29 years back, highlighting some stuff he said then that has all be indeed the case:


For this point, I'll note that, maybe because this was his own video (not an interview) he could spend more time to script it, he sounded very clear - I did not have to concentrate at all to catch all his wording.

Since you mentioned that Peter Brimelow is a "doomsayer", I will say that this very video is the first time I've heard him say or write that this situation is probably too far gone to fix. For years and years, the VDare writers, even when they highlighted some really bad numbers and effects, were ALWAYS hopeful. It may have been Peter himself that said it's a sin to give up hope.

I'll address the rest of your comments later, Mr. Hail. I really want to watch the rest of the interview now, since I was able to get logged in.
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 9:07AM MST
PS: "If I remember this right, one of the prominent intellectual figures that does address this destruction of the foundational Separation of Power is - - - Brett Weisntein in his talk with Joe rogan lately. - Miracle: He is now pro Donald Trump!!!! - He came back to the pro TRump fraction of the IDW after having openly opposed it for a while just because of the things I tried to lay out here: That the Democrats have found means to subvert the Separation of Powers. - A THICK red line. The thickest seen from a strictly political standpoint, I say."

It's not just that they now like Trump, or even those that are just realizing what this unConstitutional Bill of Attainder and other violations will effect next. These people are not just very very late to the party (the party of Constitutionalism and Libertarianism). They are really don't understand how far away from the Liberties this country had

Steve Sailer, I hate to say, as much as he writes the truth and the whole truth about a LOT, has never been a big defender of real Constitutionalism. I should write a post on that Stop & Frisk business. I agree with him that it likely has worked, saving lots of black guys, but much more importantly, innocent people of all sizes/colors from being shot dead in NYC. The fact is, it's unConstitutional, plain and simple. The actions of the TSA for the last 20 years day in day out across hundreds of airport terminals violate the same BoR Amendment.

So, you can compromise and let this and that go for practicality's sake. Without a Congress half full of Ron Paul's, well, eventually you get to now, where a court can just confiscate a guy's money because the city/state/nation want to take him down. Oh, and Political Prisoners can be taken.

This stuff should have all be fought, and with lines drawn against it, 20 to 60 years ago. (The 60 accounts for the unConstitutional Welfare State business)

Yeah, lots of people finally have got their eyes open to what can happen. "Welcome to the party, pal", as the old Bruce Willis said.
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 8:48AM MST
PS: Good morning, Mr. Kief. I hope that that fall off the icy poplar log caused only temporary damage.

"So: They try to destroy V-Dare by bogus lawfare financially: Just to recapitulate what Lydia Brimelow wrote for years and - said to Tucker Carlon now:"

Yes, I've been following their stories (and have donated, but not specifically for the legal stuff). What I think ended up fortuitous for VDare, at this point, anyway, is that due to her hounding and 3 orders of magnitude* lawfare against Donald Trump, once this fatass grifter gets taken down - and she will - the lawfare against VDare will end too.

* True, VDare is not actually getting prosecuted for ANYTHING, but the process is the punishment, as they say.
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 7:11AM MST

-- Tucker meets Sailer --

PREDICTION: Steve Sailer will be on the Tucker Carlson show some time in spring 2024 or so. Most likely with a recording near the time of his book tour through the New York area.

I have visions of a sleek Tucker Carlson Organization vehicle whisking Sailer up to the Carlson interview facility.

Steve Sailer and his agent and entourage enjoy the free snacks and drinks on the ride over. Finally Steve Sailer walks in the door at Tucker's facility. Sailer says: "Tucker, I've got to hand it to you. This place is, in many ways, a lot nicer than my closet." Tucker beams a smile. Sailer adds: "Off the records, Tucker, I urge you to visit Peak Stupidity dot com regularly to see what they're up to, I endorse Peak Stupidity without reservation." Tucker Carlson jots down the URL in his notebook. What happens next, stay tuned.
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 7:10AM MST

If you are "taking requests," like a popular band playing the local circuit might, let me toss this up from the audience area:

Write a summary, with commentary, of the full "Tucker Carslon 'VDare' interview" -- with higher priority than answering the comments here!

My only addition of real, directly-relevant substance is my immediate reaction to hearing the news was: "Wow, Lydia Brimelow won out over Steve Sailer..."
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 6:59AM MST
PS: OK, guys, got lots to write back. Got logged into TuckerCarlson via my wife's acct. (Don't mind paying the $72/yr, but right now this was faster.) I'll watch that later, and I may write a short review. Also, I've got dozens of posts to write, but I'll write you all back when I get some more time a couple of hours from now.

I'll eliminate your dupe too, Mr. Hail.
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 6:48AM MST

-- What is Peter Brimeleow's place in history? --

Peak Stupidity wrote, referring apparently to Peter Brimelow: "I write that in all fun with, and admiration of, a great American."

Peter Brimelow as an American. Technically so by citizenship, and long length of residence. But of course his Britishness exudes from him as well. He is not an American by birth or upbringing and so on. I think another label would better apply to him, but I don't have a ussful word for it.

Peter Brimelow is kind of a "civilizationalist" who thinks in the terms of ethnocltural-stocks, which puts him in the company of thinkers now one century past, and even back to the 19th century. Peter Brimelow wants a NW-European-dominated USA, in effect (which I think is a worthy goal, and actually uncontroversial to our ancestors not long ago).

But the critical thing is that he would want that even if the USA had never issued him a passport and so on, because it's not really about the nationality. It is about the people. Peter Brimelow, and men like him, transcend nationality. That seems especially applicable in an age when the USA's true flag sometimes seems to be a large-and-in-charge LGBTQIAX+ flag, with the Black Lives Matter inset.

Peter Brimelow is also a doomsayer, though an intelligent and rational one. My mind jumps back to Spengler, who was active in the 1910s and 1920s and around that era, so about one century ago. Spengler's famous "Decline of the West" dates to the 1910s was maybe the first true doomsayer vision of Western Decline ever produced. By our time, this kind of commentary is common, and Peter Brimelow's 1990s-to-2020s activities fit into the latest round of that. Same with Ann Coulter starting in earnest in about the early 2010s, or somewhat earlier (but not her whole career).

One difference between Peter Brimelow and Steve Sailer (and I believe a portion of Sailer's income has come for many years from VDare), is that Sailer basically refuses to embrace that 'Spenglerian' pessimism.
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 6:26AM MST

re: Mr. Kief mentions the names Sailer, J. Sachs, and B. Weinsteien. There is something in common with all of these men and their political positioning. Although in most company it is impolite and even dangerous to mention it, I believe I can get away with it here:

The thing these names have in common is their respective relationships with the single most-influential ethnopolitical grouping in the USA. Two of them are members of that group. These two, and others, can get away with a lot, by that very fact.

It's kind of like Mr. Gorbachev could get away with being a non-communist, liberal-reform-sympathizing, social-democrat in effect), within a huge communist regime with global security commitments and the risk of war with the USA and its satellites ("NATO"). Why could Gorbachev do it? It was not because his ideas in the 1980s were uniquely fresh, or perfect for the time and place, or that he was some kind of genius or saint (though he may have been some degree of all those things, an unsung hero who may have averted war, except in Romania with their brief-and-bloody civil war, and them in the always-troubled Balkans). It was really because he, Gorbachev, was an insider, within the power-elite, as a lifelong member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Gorbachev was a kind of dissident within "his own" system. In that way, Gorbachev is rather like a far-more-morally-serious version of Trump, or the image of Trump in 2010s-2020s-era politics in the West.

As for Steve Sailer, a lot of his own commenters have observed that his commentary was once full of direct mentions of the group I am talking about, and he would directly talk about their own "inner politics" as applied to USA-wide and worldwide politics, without being crazy about it. He was a man who "talked too much," like someone with insights into a mafia organization blabbing in newspaper columns about it. But we seldom hear that kind of thing anymore from Mr. Sailer. It's a very risky thing to do. I believe Sailer likely realized was not worth the risk to himself, but it's still not really worked out for him to enter the true mainstream. I was an early-enough reader to remember the old "iSteve.com" in the 2000s, which had at the top, next to a grinning photo of a young Steve Sailer, the slogan "Live Not By Lies." But in the more-charged atmosphere of the late-2010s and 2020s, there is now a real and obvious risk of being destroyed, like the people in prison over "January Sixth" and many others.
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 5:54AM MST

Mr. Kief writes: "the Democratic party, by running large parts of the judicial system, is undermining (in parts even: blowing up!) the Separation of Powers that .c.o.n.s.t.i.t.u.te.s. (literally) the modern state."

This is an interesting theoretical point (framing), but in general it's what so many of us have referred to generally as "the (U.S.) Regime" in the past few years.

Large numbers of people thinking in such a way was not quite possible in the 1990s or 2000s, dissidents of thee time notwithstanding (and even radical-dissidents and critics, including, e.g., the Ted Kaczynski manifesto, the long political preamble to which is so interesting to read a few decades later; for identifying something "systemically" that few had time or inclination to listen to at the time).

And if we're talking about the 1990s and 2000s, we can also recall Tucker Carlson as a young man, when he did not see (or care?) what the system was about, the system he served loyally at the time.
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 5:46AM MST

A media commentator says this:

"It's hardly surprising (that Tucker Carlson invited on VDare to his show), given his frequent white nationalist messaging. But it's still important to say: The couple Tucker is casting as victims here, Peter and Lydia Brimelow, with Lydia as his guest, run an infamous white nationalist website." --Alex Koppelman, managing editor, CNN.
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 5:44AM MST

I am surprised that Tucker Carlson invited on Lydia Brimelow, before Steve Sailer (p.b.u.h.).

Lydia Brimeleow is probably a good person, but she is only of notoriety because she is married to the old-line immigration-restrictionist Peter Brimelow. The latter being now in old age and with a voice that wouldn't play well on Tucker's format, it seems natural they'd trot out a sympathetic face and voice (because, as we all know, or figure out sooner or later, everyone likes relatively-young women and automatically gives them extra points; hence the notorious "e-girl" phenomenon in our time; Lydia Brimelow is assuredly NOT an "e-girl" but the principle applies).

As far as I can tell, Lydia Brimelow does an excellent job here, but there is no copy of the full interview in the wild, which gives our esteemed Moderator an inside track and thee possibility of a world-exclusive summary of the rest of it -- summaries always being legal.

Maybe in the 37-minute version she praises the glories of Peak Stupidity and thanks Adam Smith for his efforts. (Adam Smith's upload of the Steve Sailer speech a few months ago is currently, to me, the top search result on Youtube for "Steve Sailer," a notorious text-man; word is that on his spring 2024 book tour he will have a professional suit and etc.)
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - February 21st 2024 12:22AM MST
PSUhh - I dunno - great (and a bit scary, tbh) 8 min. vid. at Adam's YouTube channel - then:The End.

V-Dare is basically all of us here, somehow - and it is Steve Sailer too. So: They try to desgtroy V-Dare by bogus lawfare financially: Just to recapitulate what Lydia Brimelow wrote for years and - said to Tucker Carlon now:

The 2 person enterprise V-Dare (getting about 800 000 dollars of donations/year) had already to pay 500 000 dollars just to handle the most outlandish accusations of The State = The United States of America by means of the Democrats running large portions of the US legal system.***

***this is a .s.y.s.t.e.m.a.t.i.c. point that could use more light: Public debate!! that is: That the Democratic party, by running large parts of the judicial system, is undermining (in parts even: blowing up!) the Separation of Powers that .c.o.n.s.t.i.t.u.te.s. (literally) the modern state.

This is an underrated aspect of the deterioration of the political system - not only in the US - but in the democratic West throughout - and it should be on the agenda day in day out, if you ask me.

I always wondered, why Steve Sailer is not writing/arguing more in this direction but I think that now I definitely know: They could economically destroy him, if they wanted to and he simply has to hope for the best and on his website stay away from the most dangerous topics in this regard to keep the beast maybe/hopefully well-tempered.

If I remember this right, one of the prominent intellectual figures that does address this destruction of the foundational Separation of Power is - - - Brett Weisntein in his talk with Joe rogan lately. - Miracle: He is now pro Donald Trump!!!! - He came back to the pro TRump fraction of the IDW after having openly opposed it for a while just because of the things I tried to lay out here: That the Democrats have found means to subvert the Separation of Powers. - A THICK red line. The thickest seen from a strictly political standpoint, I say.

Btw. - another "lifelong Democrat" - Jeffrey Sachs by and large said so too - and he too left the Democratic Party bandwagon because he thinks that they are about to take over  The Political System. What is very interesting: Jeffrey Sachs sides now openly with Ron Unz and publishes his most important articles not only on his substack, but also on the Unz Review (he also opposes the Ukriane war).

As a side note: Both men: Jeff Sachs and Brett Weinstein say that the process to leave the Democratic Party/leftist side (and to openly side with Trump in the case of Weisntein) started with Covid.

Jeff Sachs had headed the Lancet-commission which was founded to shed light on some Covid-questions and Sachs said that when he was done with that task he had learned that The Democrats / the US government had openly lied to the public about its own involvement into the creation of Covid. - And Brett Weistein was also engaged in the Covid-debate and - at Joe Rogan (= emphatically publicly!) said: This was his eye-opening experience because he learned in this process how much censorship and misinformation had come from the US government (= the Democrats).    
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - February 20th 2024 11:34PM MST
Mod. - excuse me - I'm a bit in trouble, first post I read today and first big (loud) lahgh! - Channel Adam!
Then I open the cvomment section - ehhh voilà - SECOND lauhter - even louder!

Trouble is: I fell on my back (from an old - storm-fellt old poplar, which turned out to be walkable (I used it as a bridge over a small swamp) - and/but also: mossy/icy and - it knocked me down and I fell on my back - on some branches and stuff in the little swamp - so I still have a bit of an aching, when laughing - but nevertheless: .V.e.r.y. nice morning - thx. to both of you!
Adam Smith
Tuesday - February 20th 2024 9:25PM MST
PS: Good evening, Achmed!


I haven't watched it yet. I guess I'll do that...

Cheers! ☮️
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