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Posted On: Thursday - February 15th 2024 7:09AM MST
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I don't remember where the following sign was, exactly.

"Straddling"? Is that what they meant? Even that's neither the best translation of the Chinese text* nor a good match with the symbology. The Chinese says "No climbing". 10 letters, that'd be, same as "No striding". How hard would it be to get this right?

This was in the impressive cable car that brought us up to, and later down from, the Great Wall. (I think our general tickets covered it, and we did - some of our party - get our exercise on the wall.)

Well, yeah, that too. Don't get the small window ledge dirty and spread those Kung Flu germs by stepping on it. More importantly, no, indeed, don't go trampling people inside the cable car. How that would be accomplished, I have no idea.

Same place, but I think this was at the other end.

You shouldn't step here either, and heaven forbid you cause a stampede of tourists out the doors onto the hillside. Bad grammar aside, I wonder if this was actually about noise. The Chinese authorities want to make sure nobody cranks up The Doobie Brothers. That makes the best sense, when you ...

Alas, my source says the Chinese text translates to "no stepping here", as does the one above - look closely and you can see that those circles, squiggles, and arrows match - great problem for a kid's puzzle book.

We appreciate the humor, but I ask you, Mr. Xi, how much does it cost to hire a GOOD Chinese-to-English translator? What I'd recommend is the hiring of an expert who's been to America, maybe even one who's been a visiting scholar specializing in Engrish.

* Can you call the characters "text"?

The Alarmist
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Thursday - February 15th 2024 12:22PM MST
PS: Haha, Adam, I'll have to check out that site. My favorite that I personally took a picture of (might be hard to find) was on top of a stairwell that wasn't really standard. "Please be aware of bumping the head carefully."
Adam Smith
Thursday - February 15th 2024 9:57AM MST
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