The strange death of CCP U-boat Commander Angela Chao

Posted On: Wednesday - February 14th 2024 5:34PM MST
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OK, I really would like to find out what type of Globalist, Deep State, Chinese Communist Party, whatever strange stuff was behind the "motor vehicular accident" that killed Senator Mitch McConnell's (Traitor-KY-jellied) sister-in-law. Let me rephrase that: "... that happened to Angela Chao on the day she was killed."

However, as I started reading about said accidental death in this Gateway Pundit article, I soon came across some strange detail: Kyle Bass, the CIO of Hayman Capital Management, reported, “Chao entered her Tesla and backed into a pond on the ranch and passed away. OK, I'm sorry, but that's funny cause it was really unexpected. That's not... really... a car accident, per se...

Without the ability to make comments myself, I just had to scroll down to see if any commenters had run with the ball here. Bingo:

The Crucible 100+ Upvotes 4 hours ago:
Asian drivers.....
Whatta ya gonna do.....

Now she'll be voting democrat for the next 100 years.
After you stop laughing, you really need to take this short on-line sensitivity course from the Michael Scott School of D.I.E. I mean, who here hasn't been "Koi Ponded"?:

Anyway, we don't know it was the CCP that done it, or the Deep State, the Jab, or just some some bad Asian Chao. It's possible that the poor lady was not up to anything untoward or threatened to the point of suicide. She is Chinese AND a woman, prone to following rules to the letter. When the GPS says turn right, dammit, you turn right, and when it says back up, you back up.

I wonder what happens when you short out a 100 kWhr battery pack. I think I'd rather be in an IC-powered car, maybe even one with manual windows.*

Oh, yeah, about the title - it's from Risky Business, one of my favorite movie lines ever, at the very end of this clip:

I don't know what's so enormously funny about seeing water pour out of cars that ended up in lakes, but there just is.

* Peak Stupidity speculated on this type of situation in Chappaquiddick, the movie, the man, and the manslaughter(?).

Thursday - February 15th 2024 10:08PM MST
PS: Al, I don't know if Mitch the Kentucky Tortuga* would even care if the CCP took out his SIL. I wonder how much more functional he is than Zhou Bai Dien. Did you see those videos of him freezing up for 5 seconds?

* tortuga, tortoise or turtle, one.
Al Corrupt
Thursday - February 15th 2024 8:08PM MST

Kill, not kirt
Al Corrupt
Thursday - February 15th 2024 8:07PM MST

You no do what we want, we Kirt your sister-in-raw
The Alarmist
Thursday - February 15th 2024 3:12AM MST

The Deep State often uses drowning under unusual circumstances. Tesla U-Boat is an interesting twist.

How about an EV reboot of Knightrider?

Adam Smith
Wednesday - February 14th 2024 8:56PM MST
PS: Good evening, Achmed,

When I stayed in Flamingo (Circa 2001-2002) most of the buildings were built on stilts, as you say. Water tight buildings up top. Screened in (because mosquitoes) but otherwise open areas below. One of the buildings had some washers and driers like a small laundromat. Another had some workout equipment. You know, nothing you wouldn't be too worried about loosing in a storm surge. It was the same way in Ozello.

Living along the coast is cool but I prefer the mountains.

Wednesday - February 14th 2024 8:18PM MST
PS: Regarding the fires caused by shorting out by seawater during those hurricanes, I remember some of that, Adam. The smart people have their houses up on piers - you keep your laundry machines, other stuff that's not the worst thing to lose, but also your cars, of course, below. Well, nobody told them there'd be fires like these*.... strange days indeed.

I remember a resident noting how his house had not been harmed by the hurricane, directly, that is. Then the EV caught fire and that spread to the house ....

I watched the whole of that last one too. That was very interesting. Thanks.

* Channeling John Lennon.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - February 14th 2024 7:27PM MST
PS: What happens when you short out a 100 kWhr battery pack?

Good Times! ☮️
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