Impeachment of foreign traitor Mayorkas and the use of appropriate terminology

Posted On: Wednesday - February 14th 2024 7:01AM MST
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Traitorous scumbag Alejandro Mayorkas:

We'd have been better off getting another 100,000 criminals out of Cuba than this guy.

Well, he's been impeached on the 2nd vote, but, no, that doesn't mean much. Conviction in a trial by Senator-jurors requires 2/3 of them to vote yea, which will never happen, of course.

I suppose this is just a show, but VDare writers do like to see this, as it brings the immigration invasion issue that much further into the light. (I think it's in the light pretty well now, what with 10 million or so new aliens in the nation* since Bai Dien and Majorkas opened the floodgates.)

Let's get something straight though. Even from the best of sources, I keep reading terms like "foment", "derelict", and "botch". NO! As head of Motherland Security under which fall the agencies like ICE, BP, etc. Mayorkas did not foment trouble down there on the Rio Grande. Mayorkas was not derelict in his duty to control the border. Mayorkas did not botch the job.

This was all purposeful action to let in millions of unknown foreigners to destroy the American Nation. The more let in via various schemes the more encouragement there's been for others to make their way from all over the world. This has been a 3-year act of deliberate destruction.

I can think of other terms for punishment of traitors like Alejandro Majorkas other than "impeachment."

* Alien Nation is the name of the book VDare founder Peter Brimelow wrote 30 years ago. If this nation had heeded that book 3 decades ago, we'd be in lots better shape.

Thursday - February 15th 2024 6:48AM MST
PS: I still hold out some hope, Mr. Blanc. It'd take action that people can't fathom right now, such as massive deportations - not just the recent 10 million surge, but of anyone who's not a citizen. Then, it would take the kind of attitude in society that if your group doesn't assimilate, then your whole bunch can just GTFO. Yes, that would be a major reversal in thinking for 100's of millions of people... oh, and it'd mean taking on the Regime and winning.

Ah, well, one can dream...

Right, Alarmist. They feel they must play be the old rules, while the other side doesn't. That's got to change. One thing I do like about Trump is that I don't think he believes we have to play by the old rules.

Sue this mofo until he'd be richer back in freaking Cuba!
The Alarmist
Wednesday - February 14th 2024 12:53PM MST

So, where are the Red State AGs to wage unrelenting lawfare on this dude?
Wednesday - February 14th 2024 11:55AM MST
PS “This was all purposeful action”. You are not wrong. As far as impeachment goes, I suppose there are arguments on both sides. On the one hand, it focuses attention* on the issue. On the other hand, you lose the “argument”. Is the attention worth the loss? And in the end, even if we “won”, what would we gain? Heritage Americans are no longer the dominant social formation. Even if we don’t become a minority, we’re just another competing group. Which is not allowed to express its interests, let alone fight for them. And which all the other groups hate. The republic that our ancestors built is gone. The question before us is: How to make a place for ourselves in the territory that was the United States of America? (I suppose that white Canadians are facing the same question.)

* Presuming that anyone pays much attention to congressional shenanigans.
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