Joe Bai Dien sees dead Presidents...

Posted On: Saturday - February 10th 2024 11:49AM MST
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  Elections '16 - '24  Humor  Dead/Ex- Presidents  Zhou Bai Dien

... and plagiarizes their campaign quotes:

Legal Disclaimer: Joe Bai Dien did not utter this, nor would he remember if he had. Also, Peak Stupidity did not plagiarize this meme. Memes are easy!

Saturday - February 10th 2024 8:09PM MST
PS: I was in an office type setting before, so I could watch your B&B video till now, Alarmist. Yes, this would be perfect for one of the 100's of anti-invasion posts. Thanks.
Saturday - February 10th 2024 5:12PM MST
PS The next five of more years are going to be one heck of a ride!
Saturday - February 10th 2024 1:24PM MST
PS: Thanks, J1234.

Ahhh, I wish I could do voices, better, Alarmist. I have a friend who does a pretty good Beavis and an even better butthead. There are times I want to start with "heh, heh, he said lucidity, heh, heh", but nobody would get it, even big B&B fans. I still have the t-shirt though.
The Alarmist
Saturday - February 10th 2024 1:07PM MST

Bai Dehn looks like Beavis doing his Cornholio persona there when hopped up on caffeine and sugar, looking for some TP for his bunghole.

Bai Dehn goes to the border....

Saturday - February 10th 2024 12:51PM MST
LOL! Very good, Achmed. You could get a job at the Babylon Bee!
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