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Posted On: Wednesday - May 3rd 2017 7:38PM MST
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Back 4 months ago, we featured this song, "Sky High" by the Atlanta Rhythm Section. Here is one the best songs from the band, Doraville:

touch of country in the city.
It ain't much, but it's home.

Friends of mine
say I oughta move to New York.
New York's fine,
but it ain't Doraville."

Yeah, pretty sure the neighborhood has changed since the song was written in the '70's, and knowing Atlanta, not for the better.

Core line-up of the band during their prime years (early '70's to early '80's):

Barry Bailey - lead guitar
Dean Daughtry - keyboards, vocals
Paul Goddard - bass
James B. Cobb, Jr. - guitar, backing vocals
Ronni Hammond - vocals

(youtube didn't have the Doraville cut off of the same live album Are you Ready? that Sky High is on. Those cheap youtube bastids!)

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