Nikki Haley is second to none in Nevada

Posted On: Wednesday - February 7th 2024 6:36PM MST
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Though there will be a caucus tomorrow to pick Donald Trump anyway, the Nevada government required a primary. For some reason, Donald Trump was not on the ballot, but then this "None of these candidates" guy, who ought to be on all of them, was, and he won handily.

I have my problems with him, but Trump's ability to fight using his mouth is also second to none. This was highly amusing.

We hear you're leaving, that's OK... Perhaps, darling Nikki (no, don't get me thinking about the Prince song*, please) could find a nice high-paying cushy job "consulting" for Offense Contractors as, you know, just a private citizen making a buck. Perhaps she could "work" from home. I would if I had that 2 1/2 million '19-dollar house on Kiawah Island.

Hopefully, someone's already given her a business card or contact...

Nikki don't lose that number.
You don't wanna call nobody else.
Send it off in a letter to yourself.
Nikki don't lose that number.
It's the only one you own.
You might use it if you feel better
when you get home.

Wheewww! That's some great lead guitar by Jeff "Skunk" Baxter who later became a Doobie Brother. This hit song (the biggest commercial hit for this un-commercial style group) was from Steely Dan's 3rd album, Pretzel Logic. Whichever other studio musicians that had play with them, Steely Dan was Donald Fagen and Walter Becker.

PS: Big hat tips to clever Gateway Pundit commenters TedSam and Mike Ghost somewhere here for our title and the music suggestion, respectively.

* Whatever you think about that particular song, that guy could sure play guitar too.

Thursday - February 8th 2024 11:17AM MST
PS: Oh, I see. Thanks for the explanation, Mr. Blanc.
Thursday - February 8th 2024 11:08AM MST
PS Mr Trump wasn’t on the ballot because apparently there’s a rule that one couldn’t participate in both the state-run primary and the Party-run caucus. Nimrata won’t be participating in the caucuses. I’ve always thought that, if None-of-the-Above were on the ballot and if None-of-the-Above got the most votes the office being contested wouldn’t be filled, I might consider voting.
Thursday - February 8th 2024 10:38AM MST
PS: Tarheel, that would work. I remember you as a Steely Dan fan.

I had no idea about that, Alarmist. It's pretty interesting that they'd even attempt to give people a choice of that sort.
Thursday - February 8th 2024 10:37AM MST
PS: Thanks for that one, Adam. I know you've written things along these lines before.

Dieter, if it's what you're saying, yes, Donald Trump likes to rub it in. He enjoys trash talk. Many times, that has a better effect on his supporters than "boring policy talk". I wouldn't mind that if he still had the policy ideas in his head, for Jan '25. Alas, I think his head is full of great one-liner, just awaiting an opportunity.

I kind of like listening to Camille Paglia - I posted a conversation between her and Jordan Peterson long ago. After the talk about Art Graduate school, I woke up completely and enjoyed the last hour or so, as they discussed Wokeness in its early stages.
The Alarmist
Thursday - February 8th 2024 5:23AM MST

BTW, I’m still for Giant Meteor in 2024.


The Alarmist
Thursday - February 8th 2024 5:21AM MST

What’s funny is that a few of the commie european countries had something like NOTA as a ballot choice. It was a safe way to prompt the party to reconsider its chosen candidates. In fact NOTA was attributed with the downfall of the Soviet Union.
Thursday - February 8th 2024 4:41AM MST
PS Doesn't that line in the bridge refer to JB?
"But you don't even know your mind."
Dieter Kief
Thursday - February 8th 2024 1:47AM MST

To turn a popular phrase a bit further in - like a loose screw - - (hey: do you hear some subconscious talk here - - - I did not know what would come up before I started writing: So this is the wit that is in the language itself: A common treasure! - Donald Trump' victory is one that sparks this kind of fun: To Turn the Screw (Henry James: The Turning of the Screw!) of this expression "second to none" - one step further.

That is a great footnote to the Trump saga (If only Tom Wolfe would still be alive - - - on the other hand. He saw MUCH of Donald Trump coming (as did Richard Rorty in Achieving Our Country*!) - see Tom Wolfe's hilarious novel about the rise and fall of a builder and real estate developper Charlie Croker - - - - A Man in Full***

Now what have we got: Nikki Haley screwed in a bit tighter into the history-board of the Nevada primaries so to speak, if a bit loosely: A True Primer there in the desert! Screwed in tighly after having been a bit loose before - by Donald Trump.

I mean: Send Camille Paglia a link to this post above and she might go on for an hour or so about our - - - Sexual Personae* (monumental book of hers).

You could also tell this stuff John Lennon (a greast wordsmith see: - In His Onw Write**! - But you could also go tell that stuff to any of the wise old blues men and they'd right away know how to handle this stuff (Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, B. B. King...).

the asterixxed books recommendations for the PS Book Club, hehe!
Adam Smith
Wednesday - February 7th 2024 7:38PM MST
PS: None of the Above 2024!

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