Naperville, Illinois Councilman's expert "migrant" welcoming troll job

Posted On: Friday - February 2nd 2024 12:50PM MST
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Though I found this short story elsewhere, since VDare is THE site to go to for immigration invasion news - Peak Stupidity is a close 2nd recently - I will link here to a post by Former (Border Patrol) Agent in which he presents and discusses a video clip containing a nice troll job by one Josh McBroom. See Make Immigration Enthusiasts Live Up To Their Own Words—Quarter Illegals In Their Houses.

Josh McBroom is a Councilman for the City of Naperville, a tony suburb of Chicago. Naperville* is 28 miles southwest of the city of Chicago (usually goes from city center), straddling DuPage county on the north and Will country on the south. "Tony" is not a term I've used before. It doesn't mean an Italian area. Instead it means an affluent one (as per Mr. McBroom below) and going along with that, Naperville, though only 62% White, has black and hispanic proportions of 5% and 7% respectively. (Well, on that latter, SO FAR) There is a small proportion of "mixed race", but over 22% Asian**.

In a meeting discussing the issue of the recent migration of illegal aliens migrants from somewhere - I don't know - up to Chicago and somehow out to the tony suburb of Naperville, Councilman McBroom had a suggestion:

Now, look, I'm not the least naive guy in the world, but I could tell, and would have bet you a grand if you'd wanted, that this guy was trolling the first time I watched this. Former Agent, in this post, leaned the other way, but I believe he figured it out as per a different post of his.

Here's the thing: Josh McBroom had to talk a fine line there. If he were in the least way obvious about his trolling, with different wording and/or a smirk on his face, then the whole council and later all the yard-sign placers of Naperville would call him names and shut him down. No, he had to provide plausible deniability that he was trolling. He kept a straight face and gave no obvious clues that this sign-up sheet idea was a slap in the face of the virtuous hypocrites of Naperville. Nice job, Josh McBroom! Peak Stupidity salutes you.

Really, the much bigger and more basic troll job behind all this has been the actions of the Governors of Florida and Texas by which these foreign burdens on society were shipped up to northern cities to begin with. It's Illegal Alien Hot Potato. Governors DeSantis and Abbott say "thanks for playing".

* The History section of that Wiki page starts with the usual talk about the Indian tribes, the Potawatomi having taken the land from Iliniwek (the future State mascots, if you will) by force. Of course, they were all indigenous, mind you. The White man will never be. All he did was take over and build farms roads, houses, and villages... like Naperville... oh, and lawn signs, yeah...

** Yeah, I know. It's a BIG continent, the BIGGEST, in fact. Why not break out Oriental and Indian (neither the Iliniwek* nor the Potawatomi ones though) at least?

[UPDATED 02/06:]
Youtube no longer has the long version, which is necessary for the viewer to really see the troll job here. I found it on rumble though. Thanks, Rumble!

Sunday - February 4th 2024 12:55PM MST
PS I went to college in Naperville, 1964-68. Of course, much of what is “Naperville” now wasn’t Naperville then. It was farmland. There were always a dozen or so Negro students at the college; otherwise, Naperville must have been 98% white. Wikipedia (yeah, I know) says that Asians are now almost a quarter of the population. Over the course of my lifetime, the Left have destroyed my country, right before my eyes.
Saturday - February 3rd 2024 7:40AM MST
PS: I agree with the idea in your comment, Alarmist. However, my confidence in this particular guy's acting the troll was shown correct by some latter tweets he made that I saw either on VDare or Gateway Pundit, or somewhere...

He was asked why he wouldn't be first on the sign up sheet and welcome some "migrants" to his own house - that's when he confessed to trolling the welcoming crowd.
The Alarmist
Saturday - February 3rd 2024 3:34AM MST

Mein Gott im Himmel! One can only hope he is trolling, but there's plenty of anecdotal evidence that people of Northern European descent have had manly common sense overridden by their females' emotional domination on topics related to human welfare.

Perhaps is more a human nature thingy. Perhaps the real reason the Greeks beat the Trojans is because the Women of Troy wanted the cute horsey.
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