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Posted On: Thursday - January 18th 2024 10:33PM MST
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I mentioned in a comment yesterday that I should have been using the name Vikram for Vivek in posts about Mr. Ramaswamy. It was hard enough to get his 1st name down (not in hindsight), but Vikram has humor value for us die-hard The Office fans. Man, if Trump had used that name for fun as one of his derogatory nicknames, as much as it would piss the guy off, he'd have gathered a solid The Office voting bloc! Hw many we number is the question, though.

Both men of the subcontinental crowd have valuable advice for us.

In this corner, former GOP candidate and anti-Woke salesman, Vivek Ramaswamy, swamy, wamy ...

Vikram, errrr, Vivek, has dropped out of the GOP primary election race. Why? I thought these guys would hold out longer. Usually, the case is that they want to gather enough support to enable themselves to push some of their ideas to the winner candidate, in return for support. I don't think that works with Trump anyway, as he doesn't follow through with ideas he does agree with.

Or, does Vivek just want a high-level Government job for now? Was that Vivek's plan, to sell his hard-core no-holds-barred anti-Woke attitude to Team Trump? It comes across very well. If nothing else, he's a good salesman.

His similarly-named counterpart from The Office* is also a salesman.

And in this corner, the top salesman in the Lipofedrine Tele-marketing industry, Vikram, ram, am...:

The first clip shows boss Michael Scott's wonderful introduction of Vikram to his Nana's assisted-living-facility-based investment club.

The second shows the beginning and end of Vikram's stint at the Michael Scott Paper Company:

Imagine that ending with Trump and Vivek. That's about how much Trump listens too.

* The actor, Ranjit Chowdhry died in April '20 back in Bombay. Wiki says he was stuck in India due to Kung Flu lockdowns. He didn't play a big part in the show, but he did a good job.

Al Corrupt
Wednesday - January 24th 2024 7:11PM MST

Mr Mod, I’m sure he would make a great press secretary, but VP experience would be great in ‘28
Dieter Kief
Saturday - January 20th 2024 3:37PM MST
Apropos Raggedy Ann Mod. - - : - You won't rust your weary eyes Dead Fans - -
Saturday - January 20th 2024 12:46PM MST
PS: "Vikram for VP" Al, someone suggested he be the Press Secretary for the next Trump term(s). We already have that raggedy-Ann doll with the weird eyes, lesbian, Black!, immigrant... the REAL DEAL
Saturday - January 20th 2024 12:44PM MST
PS: "Further, he’s wrong at a deeper level: He follows the Left in conflating sex (of which there are two, male and female) and gender."

I'm pretty sure you're right that it's this, Mr. Blanc. Almost nobody gets this right anymore. It's not as bad, though, confusion-wise, with the use of "their" and "them" instead of the masculine GENDER as 3rd person pronouns when sex is not known, nowadays, even when sex IS known, which gets really stupid at times.

Mr.Smith, one might make an exception for American Indians and their very special deals involving salmon fishing with nets in the rivers and that sort of thing, plus the gambling... errr,, gaming thing. They get a lot of breaks now - I'd appreciate that more if they really stood up and did their own thing completely as nations. They are Indian "nations" after all. Were they really free of Feral Gov't involvement, the American patriots might want to ally with them against the Regime.

Anyway, yes, immigrants of various groups get all sorts of exemptions and set-asides, because if one argues against the unfairness and un-Americanness of it, he is , ooops, they are a bigot. (Yes, they are ONE bigot.)
Al Corrupt
Friday - January 19th 2024 3:25PM MST

Vikram for VP
Adam Smith
Friday - January 19th 2024 2:42PM MST
PS: Greetings, Dieter!

I don't have much time to respond now, and I will elaborate later, but there was a time in the mid to late 70's (and maybe into the 80's) when the U.S. government gave special grants to Vietnamese refugees and immigrants to buy fishing/shrimping boats which helped establish them in the fishing industry in the gulf region. I guess they are packing up nowadays because there isn't much shrimp left.

Asians and other "disadvantaged" people get preferential treatment in government contracts as well...

I'm not saying these Vietnamese immigrants didn't work hard to succeed, I'm just saying that government grants made it a bit easier for them, and by extension made it a bit harder for those who could not access such grants.

Anyway, I've gotta run for now, but I'll be back in a few hours.

Dieter Kief
Friday - January 19th 2024 1:50PM MST
Adam - since you ask why Vietnamese succeed - - - is it really that the locals don't get enough credit from the bank? I ask.

I know some of them - - - a couple in Berlin for example, they run a bratwurst-Camper at the S-Bahn Glienitzer Brücke.

They charge 50 cts. less for the bratwurst. And they - as everybody else who runs such a stand, have to pay a fare to the city - 1500 Euros/month. - So how does that add up? It works as follows: They have no employees. They run this stand 18 hours/day 7/7 - doing at least (!) 9 hour alternating shifts. Simple. Isn't it? I know how simple that is - my family did the same with our family business (a restaurant, amongst other things 7/7// 365/365 no holidays).
You succeed if you do that...
Friday - January 19th 2024 11:39AM MST
PS Ramaswamy is wrong about there being two genders. There are three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter. Anyone who’s ever studied German knows that. Further, he’s wrong at a deeper level: He follows the Left in conflating sex (of which there are two, male and female) and gender. I find it appalling that the Sub-Continentals, having moved in (uninvited by me or anyone that I know), should now think that they should be running the place, a place built by our ancestors, who bequeathed it to us. Hail: Thanks for you detail dissection of this huckster.
Friday - January 19th 2024 10:29AM MST
PS: Even the BB is getting grief, and from their own employees even? Seems like their typical kind of humor. Was it the convenience store *stereotyping* faux pas, or was it just that he's apparently a staunch Conservative - "one of our own"?

As for Steve King and the rest endorsing Vikram, errr, you know, yeah, they (me too I suppose) are pretty trusting. Yet, as you say, Mr. Hail, his "people", so to speak, are very foreign to Americans and America. What's he up to? Some people do get a clue - he's a very bright guy - and he gets away with saying lots more anti-woke, anti-media stuff BECAUSE he's a foreigner himself. I mean, how can he be a racist?? [sarc, if you didn't catch that, anyone.]
Adam Smith
Friday - January 19th 2024 9:59AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone!

Mr. Hail Asks...

"By what right do completely-alien outsiders have to "take over" the accommodation industry in places to which they have no ties, no tradition, no roots at all, not even any local-resident population of significance, places like Nebraska, Arkansas, Alabama, upper New England, in fact everywhere? Why wouldn't actual locals, who lived and have long ties to the area, run these places?"

Which is a little like asking why so many Vietnamese immigrants operate fishing and shrimping boats off the gulf coast.

There are special business grants and low interest SBA loans for immigrants that White Americans are not eligible for. It kinda makes it hard for others to compete when immigrant businesses are subsidized by the tax cattle.

Cheers! ☮️
Dieter Kief
Friday - January 19th 2024 9:29AM MST
PS Mr. Hail, I'd assume you're under the spell of Dr. Freud's small differences paradox*** when it comes to Mr. Vivek.
Put the other way around: I see not much political differences, but rather psychological ones bothering you in this context.
***basically saying that small differnces trigger us more at times than big ones - because they are so naggin' - for being so .c.l.o.s.e. to our own positions.
Dieter Kief
Friday - January 19th 2024 5:21AM MST
PS and OT

newest globalist/WEF-craze: let's criminalize agruiculture!
Friday - January 19th 2024 12:55AM MST

-- the White House 7-Eleven --

This recent report on the future of "Vivek" in a Trump 2025-2029 administration, if you've missed it so far, may be of interest:

The Babylon Bee has gotten into hot water for this, criticism and denunciations even from some of its own staff, and the usual social-media pilers-on causing a big mess.
Friday - January 19th 2024 12:48AM MST

-- A critique of Vivek, the Viveks of the world, and their modus operandi --

I'm surprised that more people are not more skeptical of "Vivek." A figure out of absolutely nowhere, whose entire m.o. is like a late-2010s social-media meme of "Based Brown Guy"; a figure who rattles off a laundry-list of cheap-talk tailor-made to appeal to White-Christian Middle America, mixed with a calculated shock-jock style, or social-media hot-takes guy style (to use a more-2020s-relevant relevance).

Vivek, a figure who thinks he is qualified to lead White-Christian America because in 2021 he published a book claiming he has discovered ten key-points on why to oppose Wokeness, and got promoted on Tucker Carlson for the effort (favorable attention which, let me point out, no comparable White-Christian Male would have gotten; even Steve Sailer has never been invited on Tucker Carlson, though maybe he will before spring 2024 given his new book; Tucker just did a long sympathetic interview with the anti-Obama homosexual cocaine user Larry Sinclair who claimed he had drug-and-sex liaisons with Barack Obama in 1999, so surely Steve Sailer qualifies as more respectable than that).

Vivek's "act" is, for me, typical of what Indian-Subcontinentals excel at. They are often very good at talking, and at "politics." They excel at middle-man roles.

In multi-ethnic environments, you often see people like this playing these roles, exploiting local conditions to grab power to which they are not "by right" entitled, by which I mean they are not actually products of the society they are seeking to gain major leverage over. "Vivek" is NOT an American in any sane jus-sanguinis sense. He is a Hindu, for one; he has zero ancestry in the USA beyond his immigrant parents; his coasting into the U.S. elite was, in no small part, a result of pro-Diversity initiatives that we all are forced to support and pledge allegiance to. (Similar to the case of "Michelle Wu, Mayor of Boston" -- see on that).

You can see a certain sort of this in the monopolization that people like Vivek have achieved over the U.S. motel industry, and plenty of other little cases. (And I mean that in both the ethnic sense and another sense, a type and an m.o.; by what right do completely-alien outsiders have to "take over" the accommodation industry in places to which they have no ties, no tradition, no roots at all, not even any local-resident population of significance, places like Nebraska, Arkansas, Alabama, upper New England, in fact everywhere? Why wouldn't actual locals, who lived and have long ties to the area, run these places? Are we "too lazy," as Jeb Bush says?).

But for even-better examples, look all around the ex-British Empire. The UK and Ireland now both have Indian-origin prime ministers, as does the Scottish Parliament, I believe. But the examples I really mean are more widespread than that, takeover of institutions through their usual methods, similar in some ways to the notorious Overseas Chinese but even more effective than them in many ways, because of their facility with English.

What the Viveks out there do is this: they observe a host-society, they exploit one or more market-niche(s) within the host-society, and they milk that advantage, squeezing in the wedge, unless and until a 'pogrom' against them happens (as with the mass-expulsions of every Indian from Uganda under Idi Amin, a crude but useful example), or some other misfortune turns their fortunes and casts them further afield.

When the Viveks out there find a market-niche to exploit, they have no compunction about who they are and what the "game" is: They are "in" but not "of," a society that rewards them handsomely in money and prestige and influence and, indeed, power --- despite having not put in the work of building and 'manning' the society. They will gladly glide along on institutions and norms we create and maintain, harming the commons in certain ways, which they hope we will repair. (Yes, in this way they are also similar to the influence of another group I will not name but you may be able to guess, and it's not the Esikmaux.)

That is why two of them were in the R-team primary. It's why you see them quite disproportionately represented in such places (as with the likes of Fareed Zakaria; why is a foreigner brought in as an expert on U.S. foreign policy, for decades running since his days with the Council on Foreign Relations still in his twenties? It doesn't make much sense, on first glance).

Vivek himself represents much that is really bad about the crazy U.S. Immigrationist system. He strikes many of us, including me, as "playing a part." That he got real support despite the substantial negatives about him (and the "no one has ever heard of this guy" problem) shows me that White-Christians, including Congressman Steve King who endorsed him, are in purely reactive mode and just follow hollow demagogues that any of our ancestors would have been highly skeptical of. And although I voted for the Orange-Man twice, I feel the same about him, basically.

I'll finally say this about Vivek. Like a lot of people who share a similar approach or background or "m.o.," he sees natives as a problem to manage. He believes that sweet-talking, demagoguery, reading from lists of talking points, and the Based Brown Guy routine under the ant-white political climate is a winning strategy at managing the rubes -- which means us -- and is good for his own career.
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