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Posted On: Wednesday - January 10th 2024 10:22AM MST
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I wrote goodbye to the iSteve commenters today, 2 weeks after I quit reading and writing, but we'll see if this takes.

As I wrote there, it's nothing personal at all. It could have been, as per Mr. Hail's comment under the previous post, that I picked a point at which I was fed up with some aspect of the writing, the site itself*, whatever. That might have been satisfying, but it's not the case here.

I was simply spending way too much time on there, as entertaining as it is. I could just read, I thought, but even if I don’t comment, I have an obsession about finishing threads – probably a half hour per hundred comments. But, if I read, I usually JUST GOTTA write! I’ve been tryin’a quit, but there is no 12-step program I could find anywhere.

So, to help me out, it was somehow arranged that at the hotel my family and I stayed at for 4 nights between Christmas and New Years, The Unz Review was blocked for that IP number. This one is NOT the hotel’s fault, but someone nearby must have waged some big internet siege against this site, as Mr. Unz wanted the area sealed off like a Moslem no-go zone in Paris. (The innocent have to pay sometimes – done this same before – I may have blocked the whole Orient from Peak Stupidity one time – tough titties.) See?:

I could read on my phone there, and sure enough, before long there were about 10 comments I wanted to make. I couldn’t.** Upon coming home I realized that this wasn’t going to be so hard after all. I will quit for now.

I’ve really enjoyed the posts by Mr. Sailer and the words of the many, many great commenters there. (I refer to iSteve’s blog specifically, where I probably spent 85-90% of my time.)

My original purpose in commenting there, 7 years ago, I recall just before Christmas, was to be able to link to Peak Stupidity. I was happy that one wasn't required to give up ID info to comment, so my first comment said something about Peak Stupidity, with a link, of course. Then I got sucked into the writings and the conversation. At least from the comments here, I see most names come from commenters there. I imagine it is the same for non-commenting readers. Will I lose business? [Business?? - Ed] I'll check in a few months.

One more thing I've thought about is that Steve Sailer, maybe more than any of the rest of the writers there, gets read by higher-level pundits and such who don't want to admit that. It's nice to think that an Ann Coulter and such might see one's own comments, and maybe learn something? An example would also be some guy that Mr. Sailer rightly criticizes some "important" twitterer (X'er, sorry) like that Richard Hananiah for something, and you figure the guy would read right on through. I like getting a word in this way.

No, it's not been hard to quit. It's not like heroin*** apparently. I'll miss the fun, but I think: 2-3 hours a day for 7 years now, well that's most of a year of waking hours. Who knows how long we got, and I do have something new I want to work on.

As for Peak Stupidity, we ain't going anywhere. If anything, could '24 be the year in which we finally get back to the software... not one of our resolutions, but miracles happen ...?

Here is an oldie from The Atlanta Rhythm Section on Cold Turkey, Tennessee:

I can't find any real Cold Turkey, Tennessee on the internet. (Maybe they're not on the internet?) I think the ARS made up the town in which they got more love than in Detroit, Cincinnati, New York, and LA.

* Oh, yeah, just in case Ron Unz comes by to read comments there, I will need to thank him too - I meant to do that. Part of why I liked reading and especially commenting there is that the site works very very well, at least the way I like it to.

** I realized a week later that I'd forgotten that my phone could have been a hot-spot for me, and then I could have used this device to write.

*** I just learned there was a song Cold Turkey by John Lennon/Yoko - it was about quitting heroin. There was also a movie with Dick Van Dyke from the same era. I think the ARS made up the town in which they got more love than in New York and LA.

Thursday - January 11th 2024 5:46PM MST

I don't frequent Sailer's blog as much anymore, but used to spend a lot of time there. I'll go to read and peruse now and then, then not visit for a month or so. (Which is why I wasn't aware of Achmed's departure until I read about it here.) Frankly, if Steve's headlines aren't in my interest area, I don't bother reading any further.

I also don't bother with any other of the contributors at Unz, even though I've enjoyed reading some of them over the years. The ones I've never enjoyed are the angry ranters...I can just look in the mirror if I want that.

Achmed said:
"....Steve Sailer, maybe more than any of the rest of the writers there, gets read by higher-level pundits and such who don't want to admit that."

As gifted as Steve is, the more I hear elements of him in Tucker and other widely known media types (or academics with media exposure) the less I see him as the king of realistic perspective from the right (even if their perspectives are watered down somewhat.) Not saying I don't have a deep appreciation of what he's contributed. He's a national treasure. I'm just presenting a theory as to why I don't feel as addicted to his writing as I once did.

Achmed - have you bought chewing gum? That helps with kicking a habit. And do you want us to stop calling you Achmed? (That's your iSteve name...which probably reminds you of, well...you know.)

Dieter Kief
Thursday - January 11th 2024 4:22PM MST
Thx. Adam - for the first time in 2024! - A very good year for you too!
Thursday - January 11th 2024 1:17PM MST
PS Sites like TUR are honeypots.
There is an echo-chamber aspect that appeals to the hardcore readers, meaning a lot of older gentlemen before they die off, with the occasional inquisitive lady chiming in.
It works for Sailer as he must make a pretty good living from Unz, Taki and others.
Peak Stupidity Book Club
Thursday - January 11th 2024 11:11AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Dieter!

I hope this message finds you well.

I sorted through the books you mentioned (and a couple you didn't) and uploaded them. I guess I could have made it happen the other day, but it's been a little busy around here.


I finally got around to building a new heater for Baby Girl's kitty house. The old heater would only heat her house to ~55° when the outside temperature would drop below 25° or so. And I was always a little worried that she would move her blankets too close to her infrared ceramic heat emitter and cause a fire.


Her new heater has 3 heat emitters totaling 450w. Two of the emitters are controlled with a thermostat in her house, (one of the two is controlled by a switch giving me something akin to a high and low setting), while the third is plugged into a thermocube outside her house which turns the third emitter on when it drops to 35°. (Turns off at 45°.) There are nice little cages around the emitters to prevent fire.


So far it's been working very well. Her house has been staying between 68° and 75° as the thermostat cycles. We have some cold nights (~13°) in the forecast, so we'll see how her heater keeps up with some real cold.

I also bought her a 70 watt bucket so she'll always have water this winter when it drops below freezing...


Everything is all well and good here on the mountain.
Beautiful today with highs just shy of 60°.

On my way to install a new block heater in the Blue Tractor.

Here are those links...

True Grit by Charles Portis (12.9mb .pdf)

End Times by Peter Turchin (3.4mb .pdf)

The Coddling of the American Mind (5.6mb .pdf)
by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt

The Agony Of The American Left (2.8mb .pdf)
by Christopher Lasch

The Revolt of the Elites (14.2mb .pdf)
by Christopher Lasch

Hope you have a great day, Dieter & Friends! ☮️
Thursday - January 11th 2024 10:48AM MST
PS: "Steve started to wear on me with his Scamdemic pieces written while cowering in the closet under his stairs. For Heaven’s sake, man, grow a pair and live like a man."

For a month to 2 months back in Spring '20, I'd scan the iSteve blog titles. I would skip anything to do with the Kung Flu (80-90% of the posts, as I recall calculating at the time), unless I was in a really bad mood and wanted to tell everyone to lighten the hell up.

As Mr. Smith notes, Mr. Sailer is not so Conservatively aware, to put it that way, of many issues. Now, he doesn't beat on those issues, but he'll act like he's very sure he's right about, say, Russia and the Ukraine, when, I don't think he's thought about it that much, and he's just reverting to opinions that were probably born during the Cold War. Things do change. Foreign affairs are not so much Mr. Sailer's interest and not so much of his knowledge base, I think.

I could add a handful or two of issues that Mr. Sailer knows pretty well and does very good noticing and writing of/about. I'd have to go back on there though to jog my memory.

Anyway, I have an addendum post coming on this.
Thursday - January 11th 2024 10:36AM MST
PS: That'd have worked, Mr. Ganderson. I will miss them. I never thought that song had much of a tune though.

Dieter, I read James Thompson only way back - he seemed pretty good to me, IIRC. There is still J. Derbyshire, the always wise Ron Paul, and probably a handful of others I'd read and comment on were I to stay on TUR.

Did Mr. Sailer mellow out and get less courageous? I am not sure. I did read his stuff on VDare as long as they've had it, I guess, along with his own blog more sporadically. Regarding Jewish power, to me, Mr. Sailer has gotten bolder< IMO. It's not like it wasn't in him, but because he attributes all bad political things to stupidity - they just need to have this explained to them again and see my graphs! - I think he's finally realized that much can't be explained by stupidity, or, at least, as with the free speech/Palestinian war business, they are between a rock and a hard place now.

On racial issues, Mr. Sailer takes the side of innocent black people as a way of getting his point across. Is that dishonesty? He really means it - too bad more black people are getting run over, murdered, what have you, but that often lacks any sympathy for us White people who really shouldn't have had to put up with any of it!
Thursday - January 11th 2024 10:28AM MST
PS: Good morning, gentlemen.

Yes, Mr. Blanc, even the ones who will never admit being wrong (for Jack D., you'll only know he agrees if he goes silent) are still very knowledgeable.

Once I realized that arguing with Corvinus was a quite-intended (on his part) waste of ADDITIONAL hours of my time, and that Jonathan Mason, a perfect example of the classical lefty, is not capable of learning a thing, and don't get the panickers started, I could relate to almost all of the commenters.
Adam Smith
Thursday - January 11th 2024 9:35AM MST
PS: Good morning, everyone,

Happy sunny day in my neighborhood!

(It's good to see the sun after all the rain the other day.)
(Damn near six inches in less than 24 hours in my rain-o-meter!)

I too have been commenting less on unz for quite some time. (Not that I was ever as prolific a commenter as Achmed or most of you guys.) Same reason though. Too much time wasted.

I do still read regularly, and I'll often drop some of my five Agrees, Thanks or Lols on some comments I like. But serious engagement takes too much time. I do agree that there is an interesting group of commenters under Sailer's articles.

I think Steve should do what he does best. He should focus on 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤! dysfunction, world war hair, FBI crime stats and golf course architecture. Not much of a noticer when it comes to anything else. His opinions on things like the Kung Flu PanicFest, NATO's war on Russia or the ongoing Jewish genocide of the Palestinians are utterly mainstream. Might as well watch Lester Holt.

Seriously though. I'd like to congratulate Achmed for quitting. (I'd imagine it's not easy.) (26,095 Comments totaling 2,609,600 Words is pretty impressive.) Time is too short to spend it on the interwebs. Just imagine what you can accomplish with an extra 15 to 20 hours a week.

Congradulations Achmed!
And Cheers to a sunny day! ☮️
The Alarmist
Wednesday - January 10th 2024 8:10PM MST

Steve started to wear on me with his Scamdemic pieces written while cowering in the closet under his stairs. For Heaven’s sake, man, grow a pair and live like a man.

Cold Turkey was a dreadful piece from a dark period in Lennon’s music catalogue. I wonder, if he was still living and performing, if he’d dare perform some of his edgier work frome “Some Time in New York City,” like “Woman is the N****r of the World.” George Harrison wanted Lennon to join him for the Bangladesh benefit conerts, but was sensible enough to not want Yoko in the mix, so opportunity missed.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - January 10th 2024 6:00PM MST
It happened one more time Mod. - system ate a comment of mine while posting - - I had copied it though - - -
I guess the comment below had too many brackets or some such?! Some more PS did the trick.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - January 10th 2024 5:58PM MST
Same here - by and large.

Steve is playing it safer now - I don't blame him, but that means that his columns are now a) more indirect/ironic/double-talky and b) more (much more, unfortunately) obvious. -

- It was sure fun and very instructive while it lasted!

I also miss the columns of James Thompson who has switched to Aporia Magazine and X. Stewart Ritchie whom I loved to read blocked me on Twitter for exposing a bit of his not so logical argumentation regarding Covid. It seemed to have hurt him. - He has a baby child and a very nice young doggy and wife and a fresh marriage so - - I'm not angry: I did get on his nerves (this might not happen too often to him - he is bright and all - but - - - - anyway . . ).

So - here we are, hehe!

Thx. Adam btw. for taking care of our Peak-Stupidity Book-Club! - I don't mind delays and stuff. I like what you do - a lot!
Wednesday - January 10th 2024 1:05PM MST
PS thought you’d post “Miss You” by Mick and the lads.
Wednesday - January 10th 2024 12:14PM MST
PS I gave up on iSteve for pretty much the same reason: It was simply taking up too much of my time. There were (maybe still are) some commenters there that I really liked: Another Dad and Intelligent Dasein, among others. I did get directed to PS from there, so there’s that. But it was just eating up too much of my time. Same with Gab.
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