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Barring a Due to a miracle, or some quick work by commenter Adam Smith (no hint intended... surely...), the picture here will NOT have to motivate the Peak Stupidity reader to click away from the site - heaven forbid! - for the 2nd of these 2 videos. I made an effort, but it must be important to Tucker to try to control his content * material.

Since it's been quite a while, almost 4 years since its beginning, but really because I spent 2 1/2 hours of my time, it's time to revisit the Kung Flu PanicFest today. These 2 videos are very nice summaries of:

1) The general situation in the healthcare business during the PanicFest, as told from a very intelligent woman of integrity (homeschooled, don'tcha' know) who was on the inside. That is, she was until she was fired... for not taking the vaccine errr, gene therapy. That brings us straight to...

2) The story on how those "vaccines" for COVID-19 were/are actually gene therapy (I'm no physiologist, but he's got me convinced) and how they've been misused, the dangers from them, and some YUGE numbers on the harm caused.

Here's the first one, an interview of one Gail MacRae by well-known substack blogger/podcaster Steve Kirsch.

The video is long, but it'll be well worth it for you to listen to the whole 1 1/2 hours of it. California nurse (RN) Gail MacRae is well spoken, has a great memory, and gives what I see as well-thought-out estimates of the numbers she gives to Mr. Kirsch. These numbers involve actual hospital occupancy** rates during the midst of the PanicFest, then after the jab came into use, number of code blue Anaphylaxis events occurring on the floor in which patients were jabbed, and other very interesting observations like this.

Early on in the video, while discussing early on in the PanicFest, nurse MacRae describes the motivation of many healthcare workers, the knowing wrong treatments given by people to keep their jobs, and the incentives for the whole operation.

As someone with an RN nurse in the family, I have heard enough to corroborate some of this, say, the general situation on the hospital floor, but not much on the numbers. Our nurse started off down with the PanicFest, so I'd have only gotten arguments back then. Maybe, I'll see what she thinks now.

As for the Tucker Carlson interview, episode 60 of The Tucker Carlson Encounter is about the gene therapy that was developed just in time (Hallelujah!) for this Black Death 2.0. I've heard plenty before OF Bret Weinstein, but not really so much FROM Bret Weinstein - haha, remember that thing? I know that some of our readers, at least those that comment, have mentioned the name of this Biology Professor, then podcaster before throughout the PanicFest. His take in this video on what the jabs are and the effects on the body is worrisome, to say the least. You may be surprised that Mr. Weinstein's general view is mRNA therapy of this sort is an amazing GOOD invention.

Finally, at the end of each video, both Steve Kirsch and Tucker Carlson, respectively, let their interviewees explain why they took a stand against the prevailing narrative and were courageous truth tellers.

Professor Weinstein had already picked a hill to take a stand on back in '17 against the early states of Wokeness, at Evergreen State College. He ended up out of academia for a few years, but with half a million $$ (between he and his wife) of no-longer-nearly F.U. money (thanks, FED!), but more like "told-you-so" money. During the PanicFest, he may have become a black sheep of his biological science crowd, but he was already an outcast, so no big deal there.

RN Gail MacRae impressed me more. She was almost positive they'd fire here - they did, but additionally, at that time (Summer of '21) it looked like "she'd never work in dis bidness again". From the background of herself she gave, she's a resilient one anyway.

If half or even 20% of the American population had said "ENOUGH!" early on in the PanicFest or early on during the mandatory-jab planning, we wouldn't have needed courageous stand-outs like these two to help. Enjoy the videos nonetheless!

* I hate that use of the word.

* Both of the speakers misuse the term "capacity" for "occupancy" - minor point.

[UPDATED: ~ 1 hour later:]
TAMO (Then A Miracle Occurs - Grateful Dead fans could really use a guy like you, Adam, especially those interested in going to shows after Summer '95!). Mr. Smith found this. I have to say that my search Fu is at the level of Chuck Norris...
...'s Mexican landscaper. Thanks, Adam!

The Alarmist
Tuesday - January 9th 2024 4:02PM MST

in my last post:

... quaternary....

... heavily vaxxed ... (rather than populated)
The Alarmist
Tuesday - January 9th 2024 4:00PM MST

Myocarditis is not a fast killer, but is a one-way street, as the heart does not heal or get better. Death shows up over time, as life takes its toll over what remains of the functioning heart, and myocarditis might only be a secondary, tertiary, or qurternary cause of death, if it is noted on the certificate at all.

The Death Stabs are still killing and crippling people, and will for some time, which is why All Cause Mortality is running >20% over baseline in heavily populated countries.

Very few medical professionals dare to connect the dots between death and the jabs. For most there is only professional and livelihood downside for correctly diagnosing the link.

Ron Unz is a midwit. That doesn’t mean he’s dumb, just dumber than he thinks.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - January 9th 2024 2:37PM MST

Mod. - thx. for keepin' on keepin' on - thus I have to sharpen my senses, hehehe - - - 

The arguments-triangle that holds the truth right now is as follows: 

No. I

1) Myocarditis-deaths in all of Scandinavia in connection with vaccinations - rank in the region of a dozen (!) or so -  even though maybe half of Scandinavia did not follow Niels Hoib's I'd say VERY reasonable advice to aspirate the syrinx. (For details see Niceland's and my comments especially under the last of Eugene Kusmiaks Unz-articles**** I'll attack my comment No. 283 below - here is Eugene Kusmiak's quite good article saying: Definitely no big damages by vaccinations
How Safe are the Covid Vaccines?, by Eugene Kusmiak - The Unz Review -

 - see also Ron Unz' article about Vaccine-Safety stating that vaccines might well not have caused but a trivial number of deaths:
Vaxxing Risks for the Elderly, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review

No. II

Add to that eugippius' and Matt M. Briggs debunking of the Kirsch-NZ-hysteria.
2) To fantasize about death and injuries does kill people in considerable numbers - see the Swedish study linked by me over and over again - forgive me for making this short: The study shows that we are speaking here of a considerable number of deaths in the doom-fearer camp - simply from practising Covid- and Vaccine etc. angsts/fears.
- the danger that is caused by these fantasies is making a real world difference - - - no correct Covid-equation can ignore this factor.
It's reasonable to assume that vaccine-panickers are affected in the same way as Covid-panickers are.


3) As basically all experts agree upon, lockdowns are very deadly for a long list of reasons (see Scott Atlas' list foremost - of5ten linked by me....). It's important to keep in mind, that lockdwons did scare people too!

No. IV

4) Don't overlook the fact how well Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland were doing during Covid. Switzerland I encountered from up close: No emergencies in hospitals at all. Hardly any economic damages- even though tourism did suffer considerably - but the Swiss economy is resilient, as is the tourist branch. Hardly any problems at schools. No ambulance delays - while in GB ambulances were adding up to 8 hours/day in London for example: Just imagine the consequences of this simple difference! -
But there are more: In GM millions of surgeries were delayed for months - in Switzerland/Denmark/Sweden hardly any and if - not more than a week or two. - I could go on.      

****My Eugene Kusmiak comment No. 283 


"bashfully hides the crucial error in a dune of minor errors and – sinks into it – "
Hans Magnus Enzensberger, poem "Mistakes" in "Lighter Then Air", Moral Poems, Tarset, Northumberland: Bloodaxe

More things that matter:What commenter Blissex put thusly under this great article by Ron Unz:

I quote from Blissex’ comment No. 159:For England and Wales One of the most needle-raped countries on Earth) the numbers from: 

2018: 50 of 540,265

2019: 47 of 529,553

2020: 47 of 607,099

2021: 40 of 585,484

It looks like in 2021 when most people were vaccinated the number of myocarditis deaths dropped by 15-20%

Ron Unz very insightful article

Vaxxing Risks for the Elderly

was commented on by niceland, who wrote about myocarditis and the like – –

Niceland referred to the same study as I did above in his comment No. 171:Check my post I am replying to for reference.

Let’s say this research team failed in its effort to separate the cause for myocarditis and perhaps much or all of such cases are indeed caused by the mRNA vaxx. What is the worst case scenario? According to table in the research paper: In 2018-2019 -two year period(?) – these nations had new onset myocarditis figure of 3820 This is before covid and vaxx.

In 2020-2022 the total figure is 530 vaxx, 109 covid, 2833 conventional -total 3472

This looks like 3 year period, casually reading it’s not clear, even if it’s just two year period it doesn’t look bad.

This looks like decrease in myocarditis in the 2020-2022 covid/vaxxing period to me.

Did covid and vaxx cause all ‘conventional’ myocarditis to disappear in the 2021-22 period?

Feel free to take poetic license and shift all the alleged Covid myocarditis onto the vaxx and we still have tiny figures amounting to statistical noise in total death figures with perhaps max 1 death from myocarditis per million.

I don’t see any way to slice these numbers to get any significant contribution to excess deaths – one way or the other. On the contrary.

This is me now continuing my arguemnt::

I have the impression, that we are really getting somewhere here, Eugene – – – and Blissex & Niceland & Ron Unz, of course – – – – – I wrote in comment 236 – answering MarkU:
I’ve corresponded with Prof. Hoiby (and Danish vaccine-researcher Prof. Christine Stabell-Benn too) about this subject: Niels Hoiby shrugged his shoulders about the worldwide ignorance with regard to the Danish findings listed above. – Let others find their ways too! –– People seem to prefer to rather bathe in catastrophic fantasies/dangers than to make necessary steps towards real world improvements.
I’ve posted this stuff and linked it on the UR lots of times – and your reaction is the exception, MarkU.There is more interesting stuff about Hoiby’s idea in my above quoted comment No. 236.Christine Stabell-Benn tweeted these days, that she is looking for a data-chruncher for her vaccine-consequences research project,which looks like a good move – – -. Btw. – she found out that adeno-vector vaccines did .s.a.f.e. lives,

and that there’d even be a chance that mRNA vaccines might have .s.a.v.e.d. some lifes too, but that her data was not good enough to prove – or disprove this idea of her.
Tuesday - January 9th 2024 1:07PM MST
PS: To Mr. Kief again, re: "Brett Weinstein has lost his academic career and subsidies and is now trying to compete on the market of ideas. This turns out to be much harder way to make money than to be a tenured professor-couple. The Weinsteins found out, that to sell scare-hypotheses is a niche-market: And that's true!"

Yes, that's true. I hope they have been careful with the 1/2 million, but with normal house/car payments, insurance... yeah it's a different kind of living he's making. Better to make a splash, even if wrong, than not, vs, the old way of peer review and careful research. I do get that. However, which part of his explanation of the gene therapy is wrong? His number of 16 million or whatever, I don't know, but the idea that wrong inoculation techniques putting millions of people in current or future bodily jeopardy is pretty scary.

You mentioned that too, that the healthcare "professionals" (who knows?) were to have checked for lack of blood upon a quick pull of the syringe plunger, making sure they were NOT in a blood vessel. Screw ups could indeed account for later deaths. Some countries have people who are more professional than others, and a decade of woke hiring gives me a real lack of confidence over here.

When it comes to the inoculations, the Kirsch interview of the RN did not really get into long-term deaths from them by numbers, but just some immediate Code Blue situations, up by a factor of a very rough 10, due to instances of Anaphylaxis. How many of these people died then and there? Hopefully not too many. The long-term effects remain to be seen.

When it comes to the jab saving people from dying of the Covid, I guess that's the question we have a disagreement on. That gets into the "excess deaths" business, as otherwise one really doesn't know what deaths are actually FROM Covid, both in the vaxed and un-vaxed. There were a lot of other factors, since society was royally screwed with for a couple of years. Excess deaths doesn't really sort all this out either ...

I'll take a look at your link though.

Tuesday - January 9th 2024 12:38PM MST
PS: From Mr. Kief: "Steve Kirsch, wrong so many times before, profoundly wrong, is a scaremonger - now he is talking to a nurse. - Ok - this is what is called anecdotal evidence. - - - "

First of all, this is an interview by Mr. Kirsch. I don't doubt that he has been on the full anti-panic side - just going by memory - and that he has a bias in this interview. I, like Mr. Blanc, I assume, didn't like his way of interviewing on occasions here (unlike with Tucker). He wanted for a (the) certain story to be told. However, it was the RN giving the information here.

Is it anecdotal? Well, it's just one hospital, albeit a reasonably large operation in the well-populated Bay Area in at-the-time highly-panicked California. I tend to extrapolate.

Sure maybe nurse MacRae's hospital got lots of the really bad batches of the gene therapy, the "bad batch" theory being one we haven't heard enough about, IMO. (That's an area of study ripe for some good statistics.

That talk about the wrong treatments having been given and then the reasons the staff would stick to what they knew was not only not working but harmful, well, one can extrapolate that too. I don't think that this one hospital somehow got wrong protocols and monetary incentives directed at their facility only.

When it comes to Sweden and Switzerland, you are in an area that Mr. Hail has written lots about - that is, the pre-vaccine portion of the PanicFest, I mean. Yes, Sweden did very well, and I can take your word on Switzerland. However, do you know, Mr. Kief, if the hospital staffs applied those same wrong treatments and withheld the right ones as this nurse claimed happened in the Bay Area? The early part of this thing involved lots of speculation and advice, much of it wrong. That would have been OK by me had healhcare personnel been let to make their own decisions, with the patients' input too, of course.

As usual, governments got involved, way too involved this time. Different governments got involved differently. I'm still talking pre-vaccine here too.
Tuesday - January 9th 2024 7:29AM MST
PS: I just saw your comment, Dieter. I will get back to you - just have to go for a few hours or more here. Thanks for the contraindicating P.O.V.!
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - January 9th 2024 12:59AM MST
Steve Kirsch, wrong so many times before, profoundly wrong, is a scaremonger - now he is talking to a nurse. - Ok - this is what is called anecdotal evidence. - - - 

Brett Weinstein is a scaremonger too, but more knowledgeable and more scrupulous. I'd say let those talk, but don't be fooled into any kind of scaremongering by guys like him.

Let's remember Matt Briggs - The Statistician to the Stars latest dive into the New Zealand data. 

- - - Matt Briggs is no scare monger and - other than the ones mentioned above, he knows his - proper! - way with big numbers.

After a competent and long, and scrupulous dive into the NZ data, he came up with the following: There are weak danger-signals in the NZ vaccination-data in the age group of young men - and that is about it.. - I debated that with him and he agreed that this weak danger signal might mean maybe .f.i.v.e. untimely deaths in all of New Zealand during the Covid-time according to this - weak - danger signal in the data. We have some five untimely deaths and a weak hypothesis that they .m.ig.h.t. result from the vaccination. - But what else could have caused those during one of the hardest lockdowns worldwide? - Hint:We know with absolute certainty that lockdowns kill people! 

Remember that it was a) the idea that the NZ data had been hidden from the public because it contained such devastating  news. - Not true, as we know now. And b) that NZ was supposed to be the "final breakthrough" in all of this debate. - No it wasn't. It was a crash landing of the pessimists, the scaremongers, the super-panickers.

As I said often - look a t the super-solid social-medical data of all of Scandinavia and Switzerland - these are the social-medically documentation-wise best run countries in the world, for God's sake. And they all are highly vaccinated. - And they had by far the best Covid-results of all of Europe.

This is what Brett Weisntein should be willing to run his - hypotheses against!

Since he does not do this, I'd rather not want to spend more time with his musings. Side-remark: Brett Weinstein has lost his academic career and subsidies and is now trying to compete on the market of ideas. This turns out to be much harder way to make money than to be a tenured professor-couple. The Weinsteins found out, that to sell scare-hypotheses is a niche-market: And that's true!
Here is Paul C. (=Paul Collier) of the data-analyzing maverick group Orwell 2024/ Robert Pezer1/Paul C. (these three data-crunchers work together an respect one another) - - and his look back at the pandemic in Europe.

His results: Best country: Sweden, second Denmark, no. three Switzerland - all of them highly vaccinated. Number of shots in Seden per person: 3,4... - and 73 % all swedish citizens are vaccinated.
Switzerland I know from up close: Most people were free to decide whether or not they wanted to take the shot. Lots of high and low ranking and well known and unknown people did not take it. - No problems. Same is true for Sweden. - That's hwo that needs to be done.

PS - as Paul Collier shows: We are talking of hundreds of thousands of lost life years when we compare the Swedish data with the rest of Europe - especially from places five or so on.

For those curious for social-medical scientific problems:

Denmark and Norway are sociologically the same. But Denmark did way better than Norway. - Nobody has yet come up with a an idea why this is so. I have added a hypothesis to this riddle by comparing the way in which Norway and Denmark did indeed vaccinate: Denmark did aspire the syrinx, Norway did not.

Behind the Danish decision not to vaccinate stood the 80+ years old micro-biologist Prof. Niels Hoiby, with whom I exchanged emails.

- He did find huge differences in the Norwegian and the Danish data - and he is very pleased to see this differences, because he expected something like this to happen as a result of the wrong vaccination-technique applied in Norway, and feels confirmed now and - rather leans back weith this knowledge.

I understand him very well, but I htink this case should be further investigated.- Oh I tweeted to Danish vaccine-researcher and Ron DeSantis adviser Prof. Christine Stabell-Benn and she did agree that the Norwegian-Danish difference in Covid-outcomes is: A good question!
Adam Smith
Monday - January 8th 2024 8:39PM MST
PS: Me again...

I agree with Mr. Blanc about the Tucker Carlson interview of Bret Weinstein. (I haven't watched the other video yet.) It's really pretty good. Many thanks for the recommendation.

Adam Smith
Monday - January 8th 2024 6:48PM MST
PS: Always happy to help, Mr. Moderator...

Monday - January 8th 2024 6:37PM MST
PS: Thanks, Adam. I just realized from reading your comment again that this must be on your channel. I'm glad your hosting it. I really figured there was some copyright thing, especially with Tucker having gone out on his own.
Adam Smith
Monday - January 8th 2024 6:17PM MST
PS: Greetings, everyone,

Mr. Moderator,

The Tucker Carlson Encounter: Bret Weinstein

YouTube didn't even notice that this is copyrighted material.
(That's pretty cool, I don't want another warning or strike or whatever.)

I haven't watched it yet, so I guess I'll do that.

Hope you're all having a great evening!

Cheers! ☮️
Monday - January 8th 2024 6:02PM MST
PS: "Even though they might accept that Big Pharma is indeed run by Evil, most medical pros probably can’t accept that the dudes and dudettes at the top of places like CDC or FDA are captured by the forces of evil."

Agreed, Alarmist. I've got doctor friends. 2 brothers I know are pretty darned Conservative in general. They never bothered me about the jab, but they seemed to believe the Kung Flu narrative a bit too much for my taste. Neither is and infectious disease Doc, though one told me way back, late Spring of '20, "my ID Doc friend told me everyone's gonna get this thing, so whaddya gonna do?" Right, but then why the big fuss, and why believe all of that. They've been in the healthcare world environment a long time.

"My wife needed emergency treatment, and was almost refused because she was unjabbed, but the doctor relented if she could produce a negative test that day; that was no easy feat, but he lived up to his commitment, so, bullet dodged."

Well, maybe we are just a bit more wiley in my household. See, I had an appointment the next day made a month in a half earlier. The Doc required a test (just before he, or his office, quit giving a damn about it, by a month or so), and I was not about to have to reschedule. That was not my wife's main concern though. Still on Panic level 3 or so (out of 10), she was thinking that the swab would infect ME. Wait, what? OK, I know... keep the peace, but we were on the same page anyway.

This was a drive-through deal - never used the drive-through at the pharmacy before or since - seems like you'd want to get off your ass sometimes* - buying medicine should remind one of this. I digress... well, the guy wasn't even looking when I swabbed my nose. It could have been another of numerous other orifices of anyone else in the car (the cat refused to go, even though he would have been cool and never said a mumbling word). My wife had me put some kind of ointment in one nostril to protect me, and I just swabbed that stuff. Yea! Negative! Whaddya know?!

* I've written about this somewhere, and I do know that Dads/Moms with small kids sometimes really benefit from drive-through food places, banks, etc.

The Alarmist
Monday - January 8th 2024 4:08PM MST

Kirsch is a bit of a flake, but like a stopped clock, he’s occasionally right. I don’t think there was a top to bottom grand conspiracy to snuff and sterilise masses of people, but there were too many medical professionals whose guts didn’t trust the official protocols for treatment, but still went along with the party line. They probably couldn’t accept that the higher-ups specifically steered people into the most profitable path at the risk of patient harm, despite many, including Mr. Kirsch, screaming that this was a pharma profit bonanza, patients be damned. Even though they might accept that Big Pharma is indeed run by Evil, most medical pros probably can’t accept that the dudes and dudettes at the top of places like CDC or FDA are captured by the forces of evil.

My Doctor is a lovely lady who is knowledgeable, but throughout the scamdemic she plugged the official treatments because 1) That was what she was paid to do, and 2) Doctors who went outside the official protocols were fired, imprisoned, and in a couple cases died in mysterious circumstances. When I declined to take the Death Stabs, she didn’t comment one way or another about my choice, but told me she could give me another treatment if I actually got the Coof. When I asked if that was HCQ or Ivermectin, she told me she wasn’t authorised to prescribe those, and the pharmacies would not dispense them anyway, but she could give me the officially approved Paxlovid. Pretty much all over the world, conscientious medical professionals had their hands tied.

My wife needed emergency treatment, and was almost refused becuase she was unjabbed, but the doctor relented if she could produce a negative test that day; that was no easy feat, but he lived up to his commitment, so, bullet dodged.

But there was no shortage of medical professionals who dogmatically pushed the offocial protocols, many because they truly are incapable of independent critical though, but no doubt more than a few who were in it for the money, and therefore willing participants in evil.

The best illustration of the Scamdemic was that we were in the centre of a Venn digram at the intersection of the Milgram Experiment, the Ash Conformity Experiment, and the Stanford Prison Experiment. We still are.
Monday - January 8th 2024 3:10PM MST
PS: I may or may not have heard Mr. Kirsch talk before, Mr. Blanc - I definitely have read some of his stuff before. However, the young lady more than makes up for him. I do prefer reading, it being easily 6-7 times faster than listening.

A lot of these videos are on web sites/pages that do have a transcript "button", but usually that only gives the transcript in real time, almost totally useless for people I can otherwise understand. They also give time-stamp links that get one to some portion of the interview in question.
Monday - January 8th 2024 2:55PM MST
PS I found the first interviewer so annoying that I simply couldn’t finish it. However the Tucker Carlson interview of Bret Weinstein on the plague panic, the vaxx, and the pandemic-based tyranny that is in store for us is dynamite. Everyone should listen to it and encourage everyone that he knows to listen to it.
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