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Posted On: Thursday - January 4th 2024 10:32PM MST
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Memes are easy. If the Peak Stupidity staff would pay me for these things, I'd have it made!

Bill H
Saturday - January 6th 2024 8:54AM MST
PS The Surgeon General becomes a Vice Admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service when appointed to the office. The reason for the Navy uniform is that the service was originally created to provide medical service to the US Merchant Marine.
Saturday - January 6th 2024 6:41AM MST
PS: Admiral of some "Human Health" portion of the government, I think, Adam, but they called the position 4-Star Admiral nonetheless.

I don't blame you, Bill. This kind of thing gives lots of confidence to any enemies of this country that we may end up in an actual war in defense of (what's left of) our country with. OTOH, do we think there will be crack SS style teams out of this regime to put down patriots with these kinds of "leaders"?

Mr. Blanc, I don't know if Normie hqs "accepted" all this. He sees it as laughable and stupid, but he still doesn't want to make waves. (Maybe our Admiral here can lead the WAVES.)
Friday - January 5th 2024 12:19PM MST
PS I’m pretty cynical, but I never thought they’d be able to pull this off. No, I thought. This is a bridge too far for Normie. But, no, Normie has accepted it, as he’s accepted everything else. Sure, in private, he might roll his eyes, but they’ve shoved it down his throat and he’s swallowed.
Bill H
Friday - January 5th 2024 9:10AM MST
PS Sorry, I don't think it's funny. I think it's sick and disgusting, and that it degrades the nation whose uniform I once wore.
Adam Smith
Friday - January 5th 2024 8:34AM MST
PS: Good morning, Achmed,

Four Star Admiral???

I had no idea Liz Cheney was in the navy.

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