Which is your favorite Claudine Gay meme?

Posted On: Wednesday - December 27th 2023 9:50PM MST
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You may very well be asking, "Who is this Claudine Gay of whom you speak?" and "Why does she matter?" I don't blame any reader for not knowing and, she doesn't. Who is the president of Harvard University is more of an illustration of the stupidity of AA/Wokeness and the incompetence it produces rather than an important issue.

This type of example is brought up often, such as here by Mr. Steve Sailer, as he cares so much about the goings-on in top Ivy League Universities. Who gets admitted who doesn't deserve to, vice versa, what the SAT scores of the applicants are, if they make you take it, what the nutty professors are spouting, I! DON'T! CARE!

Miss Gay here has been in front of Congress since the sudden interest in free speech, or lack thereof, but certain suddenly interested people. Peak Stupidity has gone over this stupidity in The Stupid comes home to roost. This fight has gone to the mattresses, as some of Miss Gay's previous behavior, such as plagiarism, has been brought up.

Well, again, I don't care - I'm just in this for the memes. The 1st here won't make so much sense unless you've seen that 45 y/o movie Animal House (starring the great John Belushi).

Tim Berline
Friday - December 29th 2023 4:02AM MST

Don't Expect Intelligence
Dieter Kief
Friday - December 29th 2023 1:07AM MST
The selecting fotos with traffic-lights makes us human Buddha-advise has potential Adam. - I risk the prediction: It's the kind of reality based sophisticated double talk that has the potential for a steep career in 2024 and maybe more: Might turn even out as a future classic.
Thursday - December 28th 2023 11:50AM MST
PS: That IS a real challenge, Bill, but that's mostly due to my memory and my lack of attention paid to the general news. Right now, it's almost built-in that most of them would NOT be so qualified, as per the basic tenets of AA and Wokeness.

If one went back 25 years or so, even with AA around, I think he could think of a number of examples (again, just not with my memory). AA was around, but since you just needed your basic small token quota, the atmosphere of Black hyperself-esteem and entitlement was not what it was now.

Mr. Blanc, that is true. I gotta say that even where this 1923 Harvard instead of 2023, I don't think I'd really want that position... just not my thing.

I will check out your additional memes, Adam.

Thursday - December 28th 2023 11:15AM MST
PS Say what you will about her, she’s president of Harvard, and you’re not.
The Alarmist
Thursday - December 28th 2023 11:08AM MST

Claudine Gay: Dreamer


Claudinians 8:32


Bonus non-Gay


Bill H
Thursday - December 28th 2023 11:04AM MST
PS Here's a little challenge. Can anyone name a person who was appointed to a position because she was black and female who has served in that position in a manner which did credit to the appointment?

The nearist I can come is Laphonza Butler, appointed to the US Senate by Gavin Newsom because she is black female and lesbian, who has so far at least not made a mockery of the position.
Thursday - December 28th 2023 7:04AM MST
PS: Mr. Kief, I believe that "one man" corresponding with Mr. Danish (man, time for some breakfast!) is right. What the X-er is probably aghast about is that this first officer's left hand is not on the throttles. However, that's not how the airlines do it - the Captain has his right hand on the throttles for all take-offs, his or the F/O's. He's ready for an abort. That is, until the airplane reaches speed V1, because you are planning on going, come hell or high water, unless the flight controls don't move.

She called gear-up, then at, I assume about 600 ft., she hit the autopilot button herself (theoretically, when you're hand-flying you don't touch the panels, but that's pretty stupid, and people rightly ignore it). She then put her hand on the throttles.

In an emergency, would I want her, vs the gray-haired White guy? Well, you know where I stand.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - December 28th 2023 4:36AM MST
somewhat related - - most read german blogger Hadmut Danisch, an IT-security guy, discusses this vid with huge resonance - not least one from a man who says he'd be pilot and that the vid shows no mistakes at all but: The one who posted it would be - - - - a terrible racist, .h.a.t.i.n.g. black people - - - -.
so - short vid about a training flight as it seems:

Adam Smith
Wednesday - December 27th 2023 11:07PM MST
PS: Good evening, Messrs. J1234 & Moderator,

Lol... She does look like Spike Lee!

"Claudine Gay, Pedigreed Negro" does have a ring to it...

Cheers! ☮️
Wednesday - December 27th 2023 10:30PM MST

LOL! Thanks for the memes, Achmed and Adam.

I like that she also plagiarized Spike Lee's looks.
Wednesday - December 27th 2023 10:18PM MST
PS: Can you say that, "Pedigreed Minority"? Sounds like a term that would be applied to The Enslaved!

Good evening, Adam.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - December 27th 2023 10:13PM MST
PS: Greetings, Achmed,

I don't really have a favorite Claudine Gay meme either, mostly because I just don't care what any of these clowns do.

I do kinda like these though...


Happy evening! ☮️
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