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Posted On: Tuesday - December 19th 2023 12:40PM MST
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Whether he's going to end up in the White House or working from jail*, depending on the scale of the D's election cheating scheme, Donald Trump is more likely than any of the GOPers to be President in '25. An important question is did he learn much from his strategic and tactical failures and just plain intensely stupid moves made from '17 through '21?

I talked to some friends about this, yet again, and the conversation led me to an idea so brilliant, the light bulb above my head made a significant carbon footprint (not to mention the burned hair). Some of the intensely stupid moves I had in mind was President Trump's picks for his cabinet members and other appointees. Like so:

Yeah, yeah, it was only UN Ambassador - she can't do TOO much harm, can she? So? First of all, WHY?? You've got to look into these people! For a guy who purported to be, and I believe actually is, against the Potomac Regime Warfare State, do you want a Globalist NeoCon as UN Ambassador representing us?

For a guy who was said to be playing 5D chess... well, wait a minute. Was the idea to get the South Carolina traitorous** Governor Haley AWAY from the State in order to allow a helpful Conservative to take the office? This doesn't help with Congressional voting (surely?) he knows. Still, if we apply a little Federalism now and then, Governors' lives matter)

Conservative*** Henry McMaster, being sworn in as SC Governor in '17:

I don't know if her NeoCon behavior at the UN was noticed, but that may have gotten Mrs. Nimarata the visibility required to become BGGS (Big GOP Globalist Stooge) this campaign season. Oh, and she badmouths the guy who got her this visibility, so now he says, she says ...

Nah, that probably was not 5D Chess, and more like a checkers move that results in an opposition triple-jump and King-crowning. However, here IS some 5D chess. Paying attention, Trump? Donald, PUT! THE! PHONE! DOWN! No, down... all the way! Get your fingers ... drop it!

Here's what ya' do: You start appointing NeoCon, ctrl-left, you-name-it all-manner-of-opposition Governors, US Senators, and US Reps to all these high-level positions. Ambassadors, Ombudsmen and OmBudLightsWomen(?), D.I.E. Commissars, Gender Czars****, etc. Make 'em offers they no canna refuse. Make sure there are real Conservatives in position to replace them - this takes something called PLANNING, "pee" "el" "double-en" ... yeah, you SAY you got it, but do ya' (punk)?! You do some analysis ... no don't try spelling that, that's what the few decent people you hire are for.

OK, but wait, what if they start doing bad stuff, is that the question? That's the brilliant part. All these appointees will be in the Executive branch, of which the President is the Administrator. (Yeah, right there, Article II, Section 1, first line of that thingy you swore about back in '17.) You wait a few weeks, make sure each's successor to his previous office has been sworn in, and then YOU FIRE THEM.

Before you became President the 1st time around, I could have sworn that you were on some TV show, the only thing I knew of it being that you were continually saying "Ya' Fiyad". ("You're fired", in non-NYC English) This should all come back to you once you get started.

Sure, at some point the ctrl-left Establishment might get wise to this whole scheme - yes, it IS a scheme, to be honest. That's why you've got to plan ahead and try to do most of this in parallel. Remember who these people are though. They want power above all. They won't be able to help themselves. For a big change, why don't YOU be Lucy, and let the enemy be Charlie.... Brown, that is?

Here's the best of it. This is advice that can change the whole political environment, making it easier for you to get things done, yet, I'm giving you this advice at NO CHARGE!

* Likely a better environment for him when it comes to distractions.

** I may write another post to explain better.

*** Yeah, there should be more on him too, maybe in the same post about the previous Governor. Every opinion out of wiki is bad, so that's GOOD. Example: "He also said that South Carolina should "secede" over Don't Ask, Don't Tell." I think SC has better things to secede over, but still, I like the way the man thinks...

**** Why are there no Czars in the American Feral Gov't Executive branch anymore? Yes, of course we covered that! It was kind of stupid. Everything stupid, we cover, OK? (See Where have all the Czars gone?)

Friday - December 22nd 2023 11:29AM MST
PS He’s still Donald Trump. The Repubs are still the Repubs. The Dems are still the Dems. The Global elites are still the Global elites. Same inputs, same outputs. As far as Donald Trump having a better chance of becoming prez than DeSantis, NImrata Randhawa, the fat one, or the other .Indian one, that’s an interesting, but probably hopelessly metaphysical, question. Can you imagine Repub turn-out if the nabobs on the RNC manage to defenestrate the BOM and install Vindaloo Vicky as their nominee? In my view, that would spell the end of the Repubs. And good riddance to them. But there’s no way that the regime can allow the BOM to become prez again. After all we’ve been through for the past seven years. They’d have him killed first. Sure, that would cause a ruckus, but less of a ruckus, from their point of view, than him being back in the White House.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - December 20th 2023 4:50AM MST

I thought of that Buckley quip, but phone books have gone the way of buggy whips, plus I could not think of any towns or cities with a suitable demographic mix.

I once won a car in a raffle. I sold it after getting a second life lesson on the unfairness of taxes; the first was when, as a naive 4 y.o., I redeemed trading stamps for an airplane kit and was asked to kick in another 8 cents for sales tax. The clerk took pity on me and kicked in the 8 cents from his own pocket, but first life lesson on taxes learned.
Tuesday - December 19th 2023 8:08PM MST
PS: Totally O/T, other than for a previous post: Thank you, Adam, for a link to that Fastenere web site. Your link went to 1/4" long socket-head cap screws of that thread, but I ordered up 2 boxes of 50 one inch ones. (1 1/8" would have been perfect, but I think there is no such animal*.)

Before I resorted to on-line purchasing for these, I did call the local Ace HW store. Nope, nada, so as soon as I said bye I made the orderl

Ha, I just remembered - it was a woman I got on the phone for the HW store. I swear she kept repeating "x" not "hex" when I said "internal hex, like for Allen drivers", so I lost all trust in her knowledge of hardware. She was not too miffed when I said "is there a guy there?", but she did tell me she wasn't "from around here", explaining why I didn't understand her and that she knew her stuff. OK, no harm, no foul.

* I could clip off 1 1/4" ers and then clean up threads, but it's a matter of time 1" will do the job.
Tuesday - December 19th 2023 5:50PM MST
PS: I like that idea, Alarmist. It's not be me, as I "suck" at winning raffles. The one time I won a couple of things was during the Kung Flu, when they had the usual amount of prizes, but just a few of us at the gathering.

William Buckley said he'd rather select government officials randomly out of the Boston phone book. That was then ... before people like Michelle Wu lived there, haha.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - December 19th 2023 1:22PM MST

I’d prefer Mr. Trump handing out raffle tickets at his rallies and selecting his cabinet at random from his supporters. You know, real people, not lizard-alien Cabal-groomed selectees.
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