Do you have a buddy?

Posted On: Thursday - December 14th 2023 9:04AM MST
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Look, I spent 20 minutes on this. I could not find any picture close to what I wanted for this post! Just pretend this professor is Chinese. I cropped out his face to help.

This post may or may not be humorous for the reader, as some stories go over much better orally. It IS for me though, and I thank my good friend for letting me borrow this one for the blog. Anything for the blog...

About the image: Early in the lifetime of Peak Stupidity, a commenter suggested there be images with the posts, and I agree this is important.* It's nice to have some help envisioning the story.

This story is from an engineering classroom in the 1980s. B&W pictures were already just for artsy folks and those with low budgets in the mid-1980s, but that's all I got. Any pictures I pulled up of "Chinese professor American university classroom", or with "engineering" thrown in there showed diverse classes with lots of women and weird new furniture.

In those days, there would have been 85% to 95% guys in the class - occasionally 100%, almost all White, and old-fashioned metal/wood individual adult classroom desks/chairs. Oh, and at that point I'd venture that there'd be no more than 10-15% foreign professors, perhaps 5-10% of professors being Oriental. The kids, and I can vouch for this, may have seen NO, or just a handful of, Chinese people in their lives before** and had a hell of a time with the accents.

Finally, for this set-up. No straight man wants to be assumed to be gay. If not insulting, something is not right if people think that. Even today, that's the case, though things are different. If it's a hiring manager that makes that assumption, than, well, let it slide - that's nothing but a good thing, so long as he's not trying to pick you up!

SEE?! This is why it's hard to do this. Really, the biggest problem is that you can't envision my friend's facial expressions, but I can. I'm laughing already ...

Alright, so my friend came into the engineering class 5-10 minutes late. You get behind in there, and catching up is not easy, so the Chinese professor was concerned about this. After a while he came up to my friend's desk, wondering how he'd get the notes he'd missed taking.

"Do you have a buddy?" [Sounded like "body".]

"Errr, what?"

[Very slowly now.. ] "Do you have a bud-dy?"

[Getting pissed now, but this guy's the Professor!] "What?" [Looks around the room at the other students.]

"Do.. .you ... have ... a ... bud-dy?

"Whadda' mean?!!"

The whole class was cracking up, as I am now.

* Unless I have no opportunity to grab some image or present one of my own, I do this for each post. That is, unless there's video in the post.

** I knew a brother and sister only, but then there may have been 4 or 5 more at whatever Chinese restaurant there was around. (They would have been from Taiwan or Hong Kong. Almost no mainland Chinese people came to America in those years.)

Friday - December 15th 2023 9:59AM MST
PS We are heading for our century of humiliation.
Adam Smith
Thursday - December 14th 2023 6:28PM MST
PS: Last one, 'cause I kinda like this one...

Adam Smith
Thursday - December 14th 2023 6:22PM MST
PS: Thanks, Achmed,

It was fun tinkering with the bots today. And, I didn't force that Black FatMerican eating a cheeseburger. Stable Diffusion did that all on its own. I do suppose I could "force" it to make some "Obese Black American eating cheeseburgers" images* or something like that, but I was really just curious what it would make with minimal prompting.

I've noticed that they've added a new feature to them where there is a place you can tell it what not to draw as well as what to draw. Hotpot also has some sort of new edit function that I haven't tried.

Maybe I should look into a proper ai art generator to run on a local machine as an alternative to these online web-based art generators.(?) (or maybe not?)

Here's a few moar from the collection...

* And so I went ahead and made some 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤! ones too...

Cheers! ☮️
Thursday - December 14th 2023 4:21PM MST
PS: What a collection, Mr. Smith! I seriously think that if you put those 5 "FatMericans eating cheeseburgers" in a museum, you would get some great reviews in the art magazines. (Don't tell 'em it's AI.) Beats the hell out of rows of Campbell soup cans. BTW, that black cheeseburger eater (once you forced it) is a waif compared to the rest of them. I guess the AI program is worried about its career progression.

The steampunk and charcoal drawings were great, but yeah, where's the Chinese professor. I guess to fit in, he may have to have a rice paddy straw hat on, maybe not something this AI is comfortable with ...

Thanks for that fun effort.
Thursday - December 14th 2023 4:12PM MST
PS: "Not sure what to make of all that, except that I have too much time on my hands..." Haha, well, I'll have to take look at some of these. You write that none of them really fit, which is a shame, as maybe using AI would be the way to go for me when I have trouble like this. (Next time, I mean.)

The times that I left out "engineering" in the search phrasing I'd see an even ratio men/women or even more women than men. Of course, that IS the case in universities on average, though probably not in engineering still. But then the rest of the scene from modern classrooms just doesn't fit.

FatMerican, huh? Don't black people like cheeseburgers? I think they do, and many have some serious weight problems too. Speaking of that, I may put up a post about overweight people in China soon.
Adam Smith
Thursday - December 14th 2023 3:51PM MST
PS: Greetings, Achmed,

So, I thought I would use AI to generate a photo of a Chinese professor teaching in an American University in front of an all White class of male students. Turned out to be more difficult than I thought. Here are a few examples...

So, when that didn't work I tired putting "all White class" and "all White students" in quotes...

I had a little better luck when trying to do it as artwork instead of a photo...

And I do kinda like this one for some reason...

But as you can see, none of these are what I would call "Chinese professor teaching an all White engineering class in an American university" or whatever. (I ran it with several different but similar prompts.)

By accident, I did get these two...

But they're really not what I was looking for. I don't know why the ai art generators that I tried refuse to draw a classroom full of White male American students.

I know it can draw white people. When I asked the ai to draw "FatMerican eating cheeseburgers" I got lots of images of White people...

Seriously... I had the ai make me 95 different "FatMerican eating cheeseburgers" images and all but one feature a White person. (Well, there are a few with just cheeseburgers and no people.) This is the only one with a black character...

These are the two different ai art generators i used...

Not sure what to make of all that, except that I have too much time on my hands...

Cheers! ☮️
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