Trump's choice for EPA secretary

Posted On: Thursday - December 8th 2016 8:16AM MST
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This is good news!

I was starting to lose trust in this guy's (Trump's) knowledge of the big picture and his judgement from his Nicky Haley pick and a few others.

However, Trump has wisely ignored the advice of climate sage and Farmer's Almanac salesman Al Gore (aka ManBearPig) in picking Scott Pruitt from Oklahoma as incoming EPA secretary. Climate Depot says:

"Climate sanity has been restored to the U.S. EPA. No longer do we have to hear otherwise intelligent people in charge in DC blather on about how EPA regulations are necessary to control the Earth’s temperature or storminess. See: Huh?! Obama advisor John Podesta claims EPA CO2 regs (which don’t impact global CO2 levels) are needed to combat extreme weather: ‘The risk on the downside you’re seeing every day in the weather."

Yeah, Podesta, we're seeing this s__t every day. It's been cloudy for a week, with lows higher than average by 4 degrees. Then it became sunny for a coupla days with lows below average during the clear nights. We had some precip. a few days back. It got windy for 3 days in a row back last spring. I mean WTF is going on? Can't the whole country have weather like San Diego all year long again like when I was a kid before the gas-guzzling monstrous Edsel came along?* Scary, scary stuff, people!

Anthony Watt's WattsUpWithThat site has more.

If you, the reader, have read the "What is Peek Stupidity?" (basically, "about this site") page, you will get a small inkling of sarcasm about the whole "Global Climate DisruptionTM thing. I am offended by the whole thing as an engineer and will write more about why in more posts to come.

BTW, can one trademark "Global Climate Disruption"? Any lawyers out there? No, good. It's mine then, as I did think of this first.

* Mind you, as I recollect, we lived in San Diego and didn't much get past Orange County, so possibly that biases my thinking. Nah. (Course at the point that we lived there I was too young to even know where we lived, so I may be wrong.)

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