Spies Like Us, starring Manuel Rocha

Posted On: Wednesday - December 6th 2023 7:50PM MST
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I don't know if anyone cares anymore, people under 40 knowing pretty much nothing of the Cold War, or any history not on twitter, but the infiltration of Communists into the US Feral Gov't was a Big Thing. I'd heard of the House Un-American Affairs Committee (HUAC) of the House of Reps from its heyday in the 1950's. (This resulted bitching Hollywood stars who were on blacklists, because ... they were Communists.) I'd heard of the Venona Transcripts, important evidence of espionage in telegraph form, a small percentage of which was released in the early '90s.

It wasn't until I read M. Stanton Evans' Blacklisted by History a year and a half ago that I got a bigger picture. Much of the espionage and Communist influence was happening within the US State Department, a natural thing to have done if you want to have changed the policy of the most powerful nation in the world.

Well, it STILL IS! It's not one of their normal reporting subjects, but since the guy, one Manuel Rocha, was an immigrant, VDare's A.W. Morgan posted yesterday: Immigrant Former U.S. Ambassador Spied For Cuba Since 1981. That's 42 years of a naturalized citizen working against his adoptive nation!. Surely he was vetted ...

Spy Manuel Rocha started in the State Dept. He ended as head of the military Southern Command, one of 11 unified Combatant Commands (COCOMs) in the Department of Defense. He headed up the portions of the military operating in Central and South America and the islands of the Caribbean. No conflict of interest there, I assure you.... A.W. Morgan included a long biography within the US Gov't that anyone "serving" his country may consider a distinguished career. That's not the case, though. It's been learned finally that this was a career that only Mr. Rocha's Mother, the old Commies Senator McCarthy was after, and Fidel Castro would have been proud of.

Again, doing the jobs that (most) Americans just won't do ...

PS: Rocha stared his career just a year or two after Castro's Cast-outs, the Mareil boatlift. One may wonder if he was one of those 125,000 mostly criminal Cubans who came to Florida to help America, or something. OTOH, most of them would have hated Castro.

PPS: Peak Stupidity has posted info on Chinese spies, here, here, and here, also using information reported on VDare. From my personal knowledge and other reading, they don't seem to concentrate on the State Dept. It'd be more like industrial spying from both private industry and university and National high-tech labs and such.

* Ha, history.com says here that this was going on "... during the anticommunist hysteria of the 1950s." Oh, Communism was real enough, Ministry-of-Truth Channel.com!

Thursday - December 7th 2023 2:25PM MST
PS: Messrs. Smith and Alarmist, I appreciate the discussion and settlement of this matter. I am not the type to get into the law books, unfortunately.

Fred, that sounds like it'd be interesting to read. The book "Blacklisted by History" is a long one, but worth reading. My review is that link in this post. If you can believe M. Stanton Evans, Joe McCarthy was not only right about everything but a detail here and there, he was also not the imprudent "witch hunter" the ctlr-left has made him out to be over the last 70 years. Even the other side in Congress thought he was a very civil and polite man.

I'd thought for sure I'd excerpted the book on this part, but I couldn't find it in my posts: When Senator McCarthy listened to testimony from hostile witnesses (i.e. Commies in American gov't) he was pretty lenient. They could go on long rants or they could plead the 5th on every single thing, and he'd still let them continue. It was only when they went on long rants AND wouldn't answer any questions that he got mad and cut them off.
Fred the Gator
Thursday - December 7th 2023 12:05PM MST
PS Some years ago I read the book WITNESS by Whittaker Chambers. It was fascinating to me because it was like a true-life spy story. The book outlines Chambers' journey from communist spy-master through disillusionment to playing a major role in unmasking the infiltration of the US government by communist agents. It ends with the trial of Alger Hiss including massive documentation of the trial (I actually didn't read that part of the book but it may be of interest to some).

As most of us probably know, Hiss maintained his claim to innocence but later information showed that he was, indeed, a spy. Also, most of the accusations of Senator McCarthy were shown to be probably valid (though I'm not particularly well-informed on this).
Adam Smith
Thursday - December 7th 2023 10:20AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Alarmist!

Thank you for pointing out my errors regarding natural born citizen law. After doing a little homework I'm happy to report that, as you correctly stated, Juan McAmnesty was 𝐧𝐨𝐭 a natural born citizen. My erroneous belief came from my mistaken belief that U.S. military bases are considered U.S. soil when they clearly are not.

(For a little more info on the subject see my comment under post 2796.)

Many thanks!
I hope you have a great day! ☮️
The Alarmist
Thursday - December 7th 2023 8:52AM MST

Color me surprised.

Don’t be surprised when they nationalize all the police forces and start filling them and the military with the recent arrivals who won’t hesitate to tirn their guns on heritage Americans.

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