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Posted On: Wednesday - December 6th 2023 1:51PM MST
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Unz Review commenter ThreeCranes, a technical guy, as I recall, wrote a long gloomy comment about Wokeness and the future that was pretty interesting to me and worth sharing.

Here it is in its entirety:

The current establishment throws stones at “the Far Right” secure in the knowledge that their police and military will protect them from reprisal. They truly ARE privileged in that they exist in a feedback free world.

But one day, the soldier or policeman wakes up, sees clearly and decides not to open fire upon others like himself who are not privileged with immunity and instead turns around and confronts those behind him who had been goosing him on.

The entire propaganda effort of all the establishment news sources is dedicated to putting off that momentous turnabout. Will they succeed? Can reality be denied forever? Can the grain of the Universe be perpetually plowed against?

Taoism tells us, “No.” But is Taoism correct?

The Communists thought, “Yes. If we control all sources of information available in a society, we can dictate the thoughts in the HiveMind so thoroughly that none can wander off the plantation.”

This is the reason Wokeness must be constantly upheld, the battle joined against the unwoke every moment of every day, the incessant pressure inside the minds of the Woke that drives them half nuts to the point that they need to medicate themselves with anti-depressants washed down with a twenty eight dollar bottle of red.

Their need for conformity is so great that they will gladly kill us just to relieve the tension throbbing in their brains that is caused by their religious yearning for Absolute Peace and Silence for God’s sake “What is wrong with you people?” as they listen to NPR telling them that if you get the shot you will not, repeat NOT, catch Covid.

And then the whole stinkin’ lot of them, the Royal Families, the Biden Crime Family etc. come down with the disease so there’s no one left to blame but they push the shot anyway as though no one could grasp, understand that the damn thing was a hoax and useless and, amazingly enough, the same gullible Fools lined up for yet another booster even after the curtain had been pulled aside.

What is wrong with the people who ask “What is wrong with these people?” is that they are asking the wrong people about the wrong people. They side with their jailer. They are Kapos who act as though their privileges were dependent upon the degree to which they keep their charges, the irredeemable basket of Deplorables, in line.

But the day will come when a liberating army appears on the horizon and the Officers and camp guards will flee, the Kapos will be left to take the blame and they will be strung up by their heels in the public square and for just one moment the Sun will stand still in the sky at high noon and the world will enjoy a moment’s respite from the free for all catch as catch can that is our daily run of affairs and all will take one deep breath.

Well, one can dream.

I believe our current system is the perpetuation of the prison camp system which came into widespread usage before, during and after WW2. Virtually all combatants took part in this phenomenon, became adept at it and carried it forward into what we live in today, the present era.

We live in a work camp, where labor is herded around by the needs of the Machine as it is administered by lab-coated technicians, their efficiency now augmented with computerization of practically everything, supplemented by vast data collection capabilities which can see into every nook and cranny of an individual’s life. “Individual” is the wrong word here since there are none. The system relentlessly hammers down the oddball nail that sticks up.

There are still pockets of freedom where one can live free from the prying eye of the all powerful great Eye in the Sky, but they must be sought out. Most inmates have no interest in doing so, voluntarily wearing their prisoner ID bracelet i.e. carrying their cell phones, with them at all times, voluntarily beaming information up to their Father God, please forgive us for we have sinned, just our mere existence is sin, we were born into it through no fault of our own yet we are still responsible for it and not You, oh Great One who has made us in your image but not quite because thou art perfect and we stand in need of Your benevolent redemption so watch over us and the group of Shylocks who invented this steaming bucket of crap laugh as they defraud these poor lost souls, deprive them of their dignity and feed them media swill and insect slops and whip the poor buggers to death as in Dostoevsky’s novel the poor horse till it drops to its knees and the enraged Master whips it all the harder to get it to stand back up in the traces.

The last paragraph, starting at "up to their Father God..." is not something that I particularly agree with. It may have a different meaning, depending on whether the writer meant to put a comma, where I have one [in bold] here:
"... and we stand in need of Your benevolent redemption so watch over us [,] and the group of Shylocks who invented this steaming bucket of crap laugh as they defraud these poor lost souls, deprive them of their dignity and feed them media swill and insect slops and whip the poor buggers to death...
I like the part about Communism, of course. As for this last part, I don't see our getting out of this mess easily without some strong beliefs in forces greater than ours.

Adam Smith
Thursday - December 7th 2023 10:30AM MST
PS: Thanks for the link, Dieter!

I too am watching it now.

Cheers! ☮️
Thursday - December 7th 2023 1:33AM MST
PS: Your link here works fine, Dieter. I'm watching it now. Thanks.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - December 7th 2023 1:10AM MST
Zeitgeisty censorship reaches far 'n' deep - hear what Matt Taibbi has to say about Elon Musk (not good, btw.)

(This si my second try here- if the link does not work - - you myght want to try the one at my X-file)
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