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Posted On: Friday - December 1st 2023 7:42PM MST
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Of the 2 videos embedded here, only the 1st one is really about Peter Brimelow (along with VDare, the castle, etc.) It is an interview OF him, while the second one is a video BY him. I meant to post something about the first one when I first saw it, about some specific point important to me. (... which I'll add when I watch it again and remember what it was!)

What does link these 2 videos is that both of them talk about Communists, using the term liberally, well Classical Liberally, how about?

I can't say I'm responsible for many more VDare writers calling the ctrl-left of today what I call them, but I was ahead of them on this anyway.

A little over 2 weeks back, James Fulford posted Full Video Of Peter Brimelow On Infowars Discussing Letitia James’ Attack On InfoWars' Harrison Smith is the interviewer for this 20 minute segment.

Then, yesterday, Pat Cleburne posted Wondering Why U.S. Immigration Policy Is Run By Communists? LISTEN To Diana West And Peter Brimelow!. Though it's more of a conversation too, Peter Brimelow asks lots of question of Diana West here. I had never heard of her before (or don't remember hearing...), but I sure like her opinions! The two talk about the connection between the Communism of old and that of today. Mrs. West doesn't see much difference at all between the left of today and that of yesteryear. I beg to differ: Hair dye, tattooes, large-sized yoga pants... The Bolsheviks didn't have any of that stuff.

Here's the first video in which the Lawfare by the Commie Letitia James of NYC against VDare is discussed, along with other Anarcho-Tryanny:

Here's the second video in which Diana West and Peter Brimelow converse about her work and then about the history of leftist infiltration into American Gov't and then all the Institutions.

I haven't finished this one - I will later on. It's very enjoyable hearing people you like discuss the truth.

PS: I felt lucky to get either of these, much less both, to embed here. The first is on rumble, and the second is on bitchute.

Monday - December 4th 2023 9:40AM MST
PS: I remember that scene, Alarmist. "Posse Comitatus", ohhhh. I guess this was the commander explaining why he couldn't go chase down Jim Rockford.

I may have to see if I can get "Tank" to watch again.
The Alarmist
Monday - December 4th 2023 7:15AM MST

Speaking of immigration...,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

Speaking of commies ...

(sorry I couldn’t easily find a cleaner video)

Sunday - December 3rd 2023 8:35PM MST
PS: I should have put this in the post, J1234, but this 2nd video was from 3 years ago. You probably know that. The reason I didn't is that I didn't look carefully in Pat Cleburne's post, so I had no idea when I wrote this quick one. (I suppose it doesn't matter that much, but I only figured this out quite a ways into the video when they talked about Trump and others being in office.)
Sunday - December 3rd 2023 8:33PM MST
PS: "I love hearing Peter speak." Yeah, as long as one doesn't lose a couple of words in a sentence and miss pretty much the rest of it. With that accent of his, I have to follow very closely.

Good point about Brennan, Gorb, and Glasnost. I wouldn't have thought anyone in the world outside of the inner circles of the Kremlin would be against this opening up. It takes one dedicated stupid bastard to be against ending a 4 decade-long nuclear stand-off. But, if for the good of a Communist Utopia, why, sure!
Sunday - December 3rd 2023 7:05PM MST

Thanks for more Brimelow content, Mr. Moderator. I love hearing Peter speak. The discussion with Diana West was particularly interesting. So, Comey and Brennan were actual communists at one time (or still are). I didn't know that, but it explains a lot.

Communist Party USA presidential candidate Gus Hall - who Brennan voted for - was just about the only person on the planet who scolded Mikhail Gorbechev for implementing Glasnost, the Soviet reform policy that made Russians feel more free than at any other time in the history of the USSR. That's how "kind and compassionate" American communists were.
Sunday - December 3rd 2023 5:40PM MST
PS: "The difference between a Liberal and a Communist is that the Communist knows what he's doing." I'm surprised I've never heard that one before, Peter. Thanks. I can use that.

I read your post earlier but since I pretty much agree, I don't have much to say. About the only thing is that I think we still DO have a chance, even without the strongman. One thing about the left, even as run by Communists (who, as the man said, DO know what they're doing), is that things don't run worth a crap. We should get OUT of the Institutions as much as possible, all of them, and try our best not to support them either. (Government, of course, is not easy to withdraw support from.) Let them all collapse and start over, after some people get deported, thrown in jail, whatever it takes to prevent it again ... for a long time hopefully.
Sunday - December 3rd 2023 1:19PM MST
One of the great one liners in political history was James Burnham's comment that "The difference between a Liberal and a Communist is that the Communist knows what he's doing." Said in the 1960s I believe.

Similarly today, you could change "Liberal" to "Progressive" and it would be accurate. The vast swaths of Progressives really have no idea what they're doing, while the Communists behind the scenes and top of the pyramid lead them, PAY for them (very important) and generally set the tone (tranny-mania, for example, didn't just "happen").

The problem today is that Progressives have infiltrated essentially every single nexus of the power structure. They both promote bad ideas and block good ones. When you have a few tens of millions of nodes acting in this way, it's exceptionally powerful. And nobody needs a "conspiracy" sitting around in secret rooms. The network itself spreads the news on what the new-new thing of the day is (now go buy your Ukraine flag, or get vaxed, or whatever).

It's insidious, and nearly unbeatable at this point. It can't be reasoned with or slowly infected. It would take the many decades that the Left spent doing it in the first place, and state power is vastly greater now than when the Left started. It can only be crushed by a powerful man willing to use extreme, indeed lethal, force.

Not gonna happen.
Saturday - December 2nd 2023 11:57AM MST
PS: "That's the difference between Bolsheviks embedded in a larger society where some things still work, and Bolsheviks running everything so nothing works."

I hadn't thought of that. Good point, M.
Saturday - December 2nd 2023 8:52AM MST
"Hair dye, tattooes, large-sized yoga pants... The Bolsheviks didn't have any of that stuff."

That's the difference between Bolsheviks embedded in a larger society where some things still work, and Bolsheviks running everything so nothing works.
Adam Smith
Friday - December 1st 2023 10:25PM MST
PS: Good evening to you too, Achmed!

Many a good cheer to Rumble and Bitchute upon their rising!

I hope you have the best evening ever...

PS: Yes!, the three vertical dots tend to be our friend..,
(Much like the right click on the mouse...)

Friday - December 1st 2023 10:05PM MST
PS: Yeah, it's usually easy enough, but the URL for that 2nd one was tricky. I found the 3 dots in vertical pattern "icon" and that worked.

Usually I go to youtube first, as the other 2 didn't used to have anything I searched for.

Good evening, Adam.
Adam Smith
Friday - December 1st 2023 9:10PM MST
PS: Good evening, Achmed...

Good job embedding some other-than-youtube videos!
(I haven't watched them yet, but I look forward to...)

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