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Posted On: Thursday - April 27th 2017 5:49PM MST
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I saw this first in a Takimag article last week by Steve Sailer, entitled Hogwash 101 with additional comments (takimag has many hundreds already) here on

We'll make it quick. Sailer seems to have invented the term "cntrl-left" to match the existing "alt-right" term. I just think it's damn brilliant. There's the computer keyboard metaphor, of course, with the "cntrl" (control) key being an important key, moreso than the "alt" one even, unless you are a serious windows guy (the good ones I've seen barely touch the mouse - it's too damn slow for them).

The word "control" is what makes this term great, as that is really what the left is all about and always has been. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, all of them, nothing but horrible examples of the cntrl-left in action.

That was a really nice one, Steve Sailer, and Peak Stupidiy wishes we had thought of it first - that's what makes him a real pundit and overall smart guy, though we DO NOT WORSHIP HIM. We'll spread this term around as much as possible for a lowly blog like ourselves.

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