When Irish Eyes are no longer smiling

Posted On: Friday - November 24th 2023 8:54PM MST
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I'm trying to be somewhat timely for a change, so please accept my apologies for not writing back to the nice comments under the last post, for now. This is about the rioting going on in Ireland right now, amazingly being perpetrated by THE IRISH. I understand there's soccer (football) hooliganism and that, but it seems most rioting in White countries is done by blacks and/or foreigners these days.* Rioting by White people about anything is a big no-no. (See again.*)

The story started with an act of multiple stabbings, including of children by a man who is said to be a 20-year "National", meaning an immigrant. A "national" is not illegally in a country, though he may have started that way, but is not a citizen either. No matter the details, the guy is said to be some Algerian.

Though not as far gone as Sweden and France as far as the Moslem immigration invasion goes (or any other ethnicity), Ireland has seen its share of this cultural destruction. Peak Stupidity has seen some and blogged about it in Summer '22, including in the post A man's home is his castle. Our concluding paragraph of that post reads:
If the Irish allow large groups of foreigners to immigrate, these newcomers may eventually sound Irish, which is pretty weird when encountered, BTW, but they will not become Irish, even culturally. 10's of thousands of them in big cities will build their cultural fortresses, as those actual fortresses such as the Kilkenny Castle will be let to crumble and fade from history.
The "Fighting Irish" is the name of the (American) football team, and stereotypes come from some truth. Perhaps the Irish are a little bit quick to anger. However, as in all of the Western White world, you get in a lot of trouble for showing the least big of anger against these immigration invasions. Everyone's been keeping a lid on it Well, the anger of the Irish may have just simmered over yesterday.

The Daily Mail article I read on this** has as its URL "Get-Furious-Dubliners-drive-police-City-Centre-five-people-including-three-children-stabbed-unverified-rumours-swirl-suspect-foreign-national.html" Talk about your bias here, that "unverified rumours" [sic] business is there to tell the reader that this anger and the rioting is probably bigoted and completely unjustified! First of all, in my best Irish brogue, which is better read than heard, "Unverified, bloody hell! Just look at the foooking mook, mate! That aside, who else DOES that?"

The Irish have a reason to riot against the Globalist authorities there even if these children (and whomever else) HADN'T been stabbed the other day. The fact is, the average Irishman never wanted these extreme foreigners (something like 15,000 Nigerians and a total # that's 12% of the fooking population) in their country.

One Micheal Martin, Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland, says of these riots, "This is not who we are. Quite to the contrary, this is EXACTLY who the Fighting Irish are, and this happening is very heartening!

Getting to a critical mass of people who can't be all be carted off and charged with "hate crimes" is not something very easy to plan and not very predictable. It can take the right spark, whether that particular spark is a justifiable reason or not. However, how many Irishmen go around stabbing children? I think this is justifiable, for the record only. I am hopeful this kind of thing spreads throughout the White Western world, until the Globalists stand down.

PS: Steve Sailer has a post up about this with a pretty solid opinion: A Riot Is the Voice of the Unheard, Unless It's Irish Hooligans. The comments there should be very good. It'd be great to see some here too.

That title of his reminds me of a quote from the guy who was assassinated 60 years ago the other day: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." The Globalists would be wise to back off before JFK's adage comes to pass.

* ... with an exception being the very justifiable riot/protest of 1/6/21 over a fraudulent Presidential election. Yes, the term "rioting" is correct (for, what, 1% of the crowd or less?), but "insurrection" is most certainly not.

** I'm not linking to it simply because it's a huge file, taking forever to simmer down. has the following as its URL, the modern practice being that they are very descriptive to remain distinct, I guess...

Tuesday - November 28th 2023 11:28PM MST

You're right, Mark.

The Left of our time criticizes Western culture for being primarily interested in Western culture ("Eurocentrism"); but the Left also jumps on little stories like a small riot and blows them into some kind of world-scale importance, which reveals that that they believe it, too.

But it goes beyond that, I think: the specific people pushing this story come from networks of media-connected elites (or minor aspirant-elites, such as people holding minor media positions) many of whom have experiences of, say, having gone "clubbing" and bar-hopping while on visits to Dublin. .Being therefore familiar with the general-area where the small incident occurred, they got excited and inflated its importance as if writing about a hometown-story.

I think this is the more important part of the Ireland story, the very act of blowing-up and over-inflating of some stories' importance, the very ability to do so, and so easily now, which would not really have been possible (and probably not even conceivable outside "dystopian fiction") in the 1980s, or 1990s, even into the 2000s. There are many examples of this, which Steve Sailer refers to as "police blotter items," a term he sued to refer to the string of incidents like the Ferguson incident in Missouri in 2014. Ferguson-2014, as media-phenomenon, would really not have been possible in 1994, or even 2004.

I also see that Tucker Carlson, who (warning: unpopular position incoming in following six words) has many characteristics of a demagogue, has centered an entire episode of his online show on the small incident, released today, titled: "Dublin in Flames, is your city next?"
Mark C
Tuesday - November 28th 2023 11:59AM MST

"Why such a story "goes big" (and NOT the same sort of little riot in Bengaluru or Bogota)".

Because Ireland is an English-speaking White Western country. Also, there are millions in the US, Canada, Australia, etc who have Irish ancestry.
Sunday - November 26th 2023 11:00AM MST
PS: Yep, Alarmist, that name must have come up millions of times. Unfortunately, innocents were caught in the violence all the time, and well, nowadays, your Dylann Roofs, your whomever, always seem to pick on innocents rather than people who may actually deserve some punishment along those lines.

That's why people are wary about false flags. If some to the Prime Ministers responsible for the Population Replacement program in Ireland were dealt with directly by Michael Collins 2.0 and his minions, well, no complaints from over here... Probably, some nut job on 15 medications would end up shooting up kids in a nice quiet multi-culti schoolyard.... from motivations all his own?? Then, they'd shut down the whole internet, except for .gov and .orw, of course.
Sunday - November 26th 2023 10:54AM MST
PS: "The suspect was "a man in his fifties." Just as I thought! Never trust a man in his fifties!" Haha! That's pretty funny, and yeah, says nothing. As Ann Coulter and VDare folks notice, if they don't say, then he ain't no White man, Irish or not.

As for you 2nd part, that's a very good point about the Brazilian that bashed the guy with his motorcycle helmet. (And hho else would have a weapon handy in the UK, besides, the cops and, well, the non-law-abiding, some of the Moslems, ... oops?) Yes, that's exactly it. His being a good guy, it was important to note that he was not an Irishman, but an immigrant.

"So the takeaway is where would Ireland be without immigrants to stop knife attacks from people of irrelevant national origin? " Great way to put it! Thanks.
The Alarmist
Sunday - November 26th 2023 3:24AM MST

More than a few Irish are asking, "What would Michael Collins do?"
Saturday - November 25th 2023 10:36PM MST
PS -
"One Micheal Martin, Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland, says of these riots, 'This is not who we are.' Quite to the contrary, this is EXACTLY who the Fighting Irish are, and this happening is very heartening!"

This is most certainly true!

The first article I read about the knifing confirmed my deepest fears: The suspect was "a man in his fifties." Just as I thought! Never trust a man in his fifties! After several other articles I finally discovered that the man in his fifties was also Algerian. That apparently didn't matter much, but nation of origin REALLY mattered to the media when describing one of the people who helped fend off the attacker: He was BRAZILIAN! Every article proudly proclaimed it.

So the takeaway is where would Ireland be without immigrants to stop knife attacks from people of irrelevant national origin? For this reason alone immigration is obviously a net benefit. Of course, other people helped stop the attack, too, but what difference does that make?
Saturday - November 25th 2023 9:09PM MST
PS: Regarding Derek Chauvin, as discussed by Mr. Smith, I'm sure you all know iSteve wrote a post on his stabbing in Federal prison. Well, the discussion went to the original happening, of course. I am amazed that even people who know the legal ins-and-outs about levels of murder/manslaughter, pleas, fed vs State, sentencing guidelines etc. DID NOT LEARN WHAT HAPPENED.

There were videos out there at the time. The cop was dealing with this guy for maybe 15 minutes or 1/2 hour, trying to get him into the cop car, etc. before the famous videos. There were videos of Saint Floyd throwing a bag of some drug(s) away from the scene. I find it plausible that youtube, twitter and the rest have squashed all this info for a while, I don't know. That's be in going along with the theme in this thread started by Mr. Hail, mass media deciding what they want the public to see.

How can these guys not remember the some of what we knew 3 years ago?

Anyway, no matter if this was flat-out murder-1 (it's wasn't), the sentencing was harsh, and the using of Federal power to create more lawfare and more worries causing Chauvin to plea bargain, based on, what civil rites charges, was oppressive.

Yeah, were this not the big Black Dead Victim story, those other cops standing around, helping, whatever, would have not even been suspended. That's very much how, no matter how badly the 2 guys in the truck have been railroaded, the large sentence handed down for the one guy down in Glynn County who was just taking video is plain ridiculous. Even the USSR wouldn't have given out that (were there cameras all over then).
The Alarmist
Saturday - November 25th 2023 1:51PM MST

Mr. Smith nailed it: It’s a thing because it showed heritage Europeans/Britons/Irish daring to call out the forces of darkness who masquerade as their “leadership” for their treachery. The funniest aspect is the head of the police saying the crowd were acting on misinformation about the ethnicity of the assailant while themselves remaining silent about that detail. We are simply not allowed to notice, as many Irish did, that if we need help, we need to help ourselves, because the police in much of the Western World have, for reasons unknown to us plebes, the backs of our assailants, not ours. The plebes who rioted were quickly condemned as “right-wing hooligans.” That’s become a running narrative to shame us into submission and silence, much like the See-Eye-Eh trope of Conspiracy Theorists.

Then look to the Netherlands, where the PVV (Party for Freedom) is branded ultra-right thing for their anti-immigration and nationalist planks in their platform, but keep on reading, because at heart they are social-wefare softies who want the bennies to go to actual Netherlanders rather than to buitenlander.

These things are big news because they need to shame the plebes into silence and submission. Paying the Jizaya in the form of exhorbitant taxes doesn’t get the Criminal Elite off our backs: They want to impoverish us, starve us, and eventually kill a few billion of us by importing our eventual executioners.
Adam Smith
Saturday - November 25th 2023 9:30AM MST
PS: One moar thing...

I don't know if I mentioned this before, and I really didn't mean to keep it a secret, but these are the websites I use to generate 𝑖𝑡𝑎𝑙𝑖𝑐 or 𝐛𝐨𝐥𝐝 character words for my comments.


I'm sure there are many other such webpages that allow you to do the same thing. There is a little trial and error to see which fonts look best but if you'd like to include some 𝐛𝐨𝐥𝐝 or 𝑖𝑡𝑎𝑙𝑖𝑐 words to your PS comments you can give 'em a try.


Adam Smith
Saturday - November 25th 2023 9:15AM MST
PS: Good morning, gentlemen,

* Quick edit. I checked for new comments before I submitted my comment and I agree with Mr. Blanc too. Even the slightest resistance by the unmelanated is news worthy. It may be instructive to witness how The Regime deals with this (checks notes) “lunatic, hooligan faction driven by a far-right ideology”...


(original comment below)

I agree with Mr. Hail. Why has what should be a small local news blotter style item been megaphoned to the world at large? Because White folks in a center of regime power have finally started to fight back against their replacement?

Are these Irishmen not fighting for 𝑆𝑜𝑐𝑖𝑎𝑙 𝐽𝑢𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑐𝑒?

(((Who))) is turning the spotlight on the story and keeping it aimed there.

About Chauvin...

You guys know I'm generally as anti-cop, anti-state as they come, but the Chauvin conviction is a grave miscarriage of justice. This guy was railroaded by The Regime and its media stenographers/propagandists. Much like the Satilla Three, the guys who were nearby when Saint Floyd the Breathless (PBUH)(May 𝐻𝑒 Rest in Power!) overdosed on fentanyl did not receive a fair trial nor were they guilty of what they were charged with. I still hope they all win on appeal one day.

I would be most surprised if the guards didn't place Chauvin in a situation where he could be killed in prison before he has a chance to be exonerated. (The narrative must be protected!)

Interesting times, my friends. Interesting times.

Anyway... The leaves in the yard do not burn themselves.

I hope you guys have a great weekend. Happy Saturday!

Saturday - November 25th 2023 8:34AM MST
PS I’ve not paid much attention to this, but it seems to me that any resistance on the part of white people, even on very small scale, is noteworthy.
Saturday - November 25th 2023 6:05AM MST
PS: Interesting comment, Mr. Hail. I gotta admit that I didn't know the riot was as small as you indicate here. Why was the story spread, to justify more Totalitarianism and do an Irish J6 Political Prisoner round-up? Maybe? For the right though, I think the story gives people hope that not everyone will take this population replacement program lying down.

Commenters under iSteve - usually pretty astute people - noted that the Lyin' Press version of this story was quite different than that one would get from X. As much as I don't want to deal with X (ex-twitter), I am glad that is so.

Now Derek Chauvin has been stabbed in the Fed prison in Tucson. I can't post about everything, so I'll go onto iSteve.
Friday - November 24th 2023 11:50PM MST

-- in which I ask "Why is the Dublin riot a world-news story?" --

Let me contribute this contrarian view for general consideration:

I am not convinced that this Dublin Riot story is anything. Not a "big deal." Or, more precisely, not worth the attention it has gotten. I find myself puzzled about why it penetrated into world news to the extent that it did, though I do have ideas why, which I'll provide here to all those good Peak-Stupidity fans willing to follow along.

Here is my "problem" with the Dublin Riot story. Take it as you will:

With 8,000,000,000 people on the planet and comparable acts of violence happening no doubt thousands of times a day, why focus on one incident involving one Migrant stabbing, a few dozen core rioters, and a few hundred onlookers, in one small place? In the imbroglio now lasting several days, I bet you could scour, say, Latin America and South Asia alone (to say nothing of Africa), to come up with dozens of similar incidents.

The answer to my question, as I think about it, is this:

Dublin is not only "in a Western country," but is a place of some prestige and status in late years, i.e., where Important People spend time.

This is the exact same effect we see from relatively-small stories out of Washington D.C., or New York City, or a few other places, which then get blown up to USA-wide national coverage, or even World coverage!, but which are actually something like minor "news blotter"-items. The stories grow because Important People care about them. Actually, this process is part of what we mean when we speak of "the Regime." There is great power in being able to turn the spotlight on places, or not. (Still no coverage of Opioid Deaths.)

Maybe it's too much for me to "dismiss" the riot in Ireland entirely, but I think a meta-story here is more interesting: 1.) Why such a story "goes big" (and NOT the same sort of little riot in Bengaluru or Bogota), and 2.) how such a story goes big (the Internet social-media outrage-machine), and 3.) Who (what type of person) is turning the spotlight on the story and keeping it aimed there.
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