Uptight (Everything AIN'T alright)

Posted On: Tuesday - November 21st 2023 7:04PM MST
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"Uptight." I hadn't thought of the word in a long time. I know that commenter Hail may go check out the ngram's or whatever, but it seems like the word faded out before this century began. With "square" no longer in use, except by Huey Lewis (yes, and The News), "uptight" was used to describe those not relaxed, ready to go straight to the rule book over anything. [No, tampon jokes will not be permitted - Ed.]

That's not to say those derided as uptight back in the day weren't in the right. The nation was still kind of Conservative, which is not a bad thing.

Well, I think we need to bring back this word. I've been experiencing the wrath of PC lately, closer to Wokeness, and the people pushing this stuff are, well, yeah, uptight! In the corporate world, which I try to stay out of as much as possible, I can't imagine how it would be to work there everyday among lurking uptight HR department minions and others whose uptightedness is unknown.

It'd be utter misery. I mean, you can't say anything! I refer now to that more-than-humorous but also very anti-PC clip from The Office ('05-'13 TV show) that was included in this Peak Stupidity post. It's kind of a defect with the English language I suppose. Michael Scott is upset about the corporate "suits" not liking his un-PC antics*, and rants "The problem is, apparently I can't say anything." Then, Jan Levinson, corporate muckety-muck, later Michael's lover in a dysfunctional relationship and fired... says "Well, that's true, in a way, you can't say anything."

Note how the different emphasis changes the meaning totally. Jan is right, but unfortunately, the situation for those White men (especially) worried about their careers is closer to Michaels meaning. You're better off not saying a freaking word. Everyone is too damned uptight.

Going back almost 58 years, the word had a different meaning in this Stevie Wonder song:

She says "baby everything is alright, uptight, out of sight.
Baby, everything is alright, uptight, clean out of sight."

I'm gonna start calling some of these PC/Woke people uptight - we'll see if it sticks.

PS: Calling someone "uptight" predated "lighten up, Francis" even. We had that one for about 1/4 century, until nobody got it anymore, even this guy.

For the record:

* Freaking hilarious, all of the times he got in trouble for PIC - this time it was for forwarding emails. The one time when he imitated Chris Rock - truly LOL funny!

[UPDATED 11/23:]
Added PS on "Lighten up, Francis."

The Alarmist
Thursday - November 23rd 2023 3:33AM MST

Sorry, that pic is an E-3 based on a 707 airframe. The P-8 is based on 737.

Wednesday - November 22nd 2023 3:46PM MST
PS: Maybe this picture is not of the P-8 that I read (just a blurb) about today. The plane in your picture is an AWACS. It's got 4 engines.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - November 22nd 2023 12:59PM MST

737, I believe.
Wednesday - November 22nd 2023 11:37AM MST
PS: Haha, great meme. Yeah, I just read about that this morning. Is that P-8 based on the 707 airframe?
The Alarmist
Wednesday - November 22nd 2023 8:57AM MST

Speaking the of uptight ...

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