Traitorous Globalist vies for US Presidency

Posted On: Monday - November 20th 2023 7:22PM MST
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I got that meme from a friend. Thanks, Andrew!

We'll ramp back up stupidity production here starting tomorrow.

Just a quick update here: Fox News reports that Nikki Haley walks back 'verify everybody' social media proposal, wants free speech for 'anonymous Americans'. However, "What I don’t like is anonymous Russians and Chinese and Iranians having it", Haley told CNBC. Sure, yeah, we need to keep up with all of these people when they go on-line. Russians and Chinese, and Persians, oh my!

She's not just a traitor to South Carolinians and a Globalist NeoCon, but Nimarata is a ditz to boot.

[UPDATED 11/21:]
Added that Nimarata walked back her suggestion, per Fox News.

Tuesday - November 21st 2023 7:14AM MST
PS: When you go back to the American Revolution (the 1st one), and think of the lack of cameras and any kind of tracking, even then some of the rebels tried to remain anonymous. Now, when they can come find your house and employer - also in this age of mostly Big Biz employment, it's a different situation.

Thanks for the WRS meme.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - November 21st 2023 7:05AM MST

Yeah, and why not publish addresses as well. Why should AntiFa stalkers have to work to find their prey?

Saw that meme the day after the debate: Priceless.

Large American Turkey....
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