Peak Stupidity is FOR the alleged Depopulocalypse - Part 3: Anecdotal Interlude

Posted On: Thursday - November 16th 2023 9:49AM MST
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This is continued from Part 1 and Part 2, but those posts were put up Sept. 8th and Oct. 3rd, respectively, so I don't expect any reader to have been anxiously awaiting this one. ;-}. Hell, I barely remember writing them! I'll try to do these things much closer together, as in, in a row, for the next idea.

File photo here again. I would have had a heck of a time asking search sites to find a face to match the one in question. I wouldn't know how to start. I picked a face at the same level of prettyiosity.

The very long but very interesting substack (Postcards from Barsoom is the substack site title) article by one "John Carter" I refer to in these posts is called The Depopulocalypse. Links to the 3 pages are below.*. My contention is will be when I get around to it, that depopulation is not a bad thing, the big caveat being onlyh were it happening everywhere. Mr. Carter listed a bunch of likely causes for low fertility in all but Africa, pretty much, as pasted into our Part 2.T here are 8 very reasonable causes there. Let me list them again:
1) Obesity

2) Hormone-disrupting chemicals

3) Urbanization

4) Difficulty finding a spouse

5) High expense of housing and children

6) Long duration of education

7) Incompatibility of family and professional lives

8) Child-rearing being seen as low-status
The seem fairly comprehensive to me - if you've got another, please write it in the comments.

Here's the problem, though. My anecdote here doesn't fall under ANY of these 8 reasons. Let me give you the basics:

For a couple of days a while back I worked with a woman colleague, or "girl" is how I should put it, because she is young and hot. We don't work in cabana wear, mind you, so I'm going by her face and mannerisms, then again I could see enough in work clothing to know she was in very good shape. I'd have guessed she was 25 y/o, but she is 32.

This young lady got married very guy who just got started in a very solid career. It can't be outsourced, and the pay is very decent. This colleague herself is in a career that is even better at this stage, with its ups and downs - right now it pays pretty darn well.

"Do you have kids?", I asked.
"No, we have the dogs and cats."
"Are you gonna have some?"
"No, we like things like this. It's great."

Did I mention this woman is very pretty? I didn't mention that she must be a pretty solid person for the job she's doing. I cannot be completely sure of (2) up in the list, as people may not want to mention some problem. However, the next day, when I couldn't help myself and told her, "You really ought to have some kids.", she could have told me "We can't" or something to that effect.

Again, "No, we like it like this." Well, I'm not her Mom or Dad, so all I left her with is my reminding her that once she gets to 38 or so, everything gets more difficult with baby-making. (See our old post Feminism 101 - It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!.) That's 6 years or so in which to change her mind. (Then again, if she looks like 25, maybe she's stronger than most...)

So, let me do this list. What's the fertility problem here?:
1) Hell No.
2) I am pretty sure not.
3) No. They will be able to live anywhere, based on salaries and their careers.
4) No. I'm sure it was NEVER a problem for her, and kudos to the guy.
5) No, they've got it covered for 5 kids, probably more.
6) No. Done and done, with time to spare.
7) No. It might be bit trickier than in some careers, but it's not a problem.
8) This is a more general question. There's no reason to think this, so No.

The lady is an only child. I'm not her Mom, but Mom and Dad are not likely happy inside about this. (She noted her Mom's view only.) The husband has nephews, so they've all got that, at least.

Look, I'm not here to tell people what they've gotta do. I didn't write this to support a Handmaid's Tale arrangement for America... though it might be nice to participate, if it comes down to that. Some of us have personal reasons for this or that. I just think this: Here's this beautiful woman, happily married with great financial resources going into the future. They would be able to raise beautiful/handsome well-taken-care of kids. Shouldn't she be one of the ones having babies, if anyone at all is?!

This doesn't bode so well ...

* Depopulocalypse
Depopulocalypse II – Solutions That Don’t or Won’t Work
Depopulocalypse III – From SINK to FLOAT

Fred the Gator
Sunday - November 19th 2023 8:40AM MST
PS To be honest, my relative was a kind of special case. He really didn't have a good relationship with his parents and his rationale (excuse?) was that he was worried about having that kind of relationship with his kids. He also had a kind of convincing (I wouldn't say domineering; he was soft-spoken and reasonable) personality. I guess you can say he was a good salesman.

If he had thought about it, though, this was pretty denigrating to his wife, who was a very nice person. I mean, he thought his wife might turn out like his mother, and there was no way that was going to happen. And his father was passive, and there was no way he was going to be passive. So I think it's an excuse. They lived very well; nice house, cars, travel etc.

But I do know a number of younger people who, reflecting on their parents' relationships, are leery of marriage or bringing up a family.
Sunday - November 19th 2023 8:31AM MST
PS: From Fred the Gator: "She wanted kids but my relative was pretty adamant."

That's a shame for her, but I don't know if they got this straight upon their engagement or whenever. Lots of couples don't really talk this over, from what I've experienced. Then, too, even if the guy was straightforward and adamant about it from the start, that $$ and stability may have had her thinking that, "well, I can change him."

You know how it is with that. He may have figured that she meant what she said, and that's also a standard problem.

Fred the Gator
Sunday - November 19th 2023 8:29AM MST
PS "Fred, it sounds like what you're telling me it that the Frankfurt School Communist were space aliens?"

Haha... I think they (and many others) were inhabited, or at least strongly influenced, by alien mind parasites, that is, beings that exist outside the normal canons of natural law. These alien mind parasites are corrupted and seek our destruction, not because we get in their way, but because they like creating misery and destruction because they are spiteful and envious.

Some guy wrote about it a few years ago:

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places."

But "alien mind parasites" tends to go over easier when teaching this stuff to middle school kids.

I mean, convincing women that having bringing about and shaping the next generation is less important than getting out some power-point presentation? Definitely something supernatural at work.
Fred the Gator
Sunday - November 19th 2023 8:16AM MST
PS "I am curious if you know whether the wife was OK this that decision by your entrepreneurial relative."

She wanted kids but my relative was pretty adamant. They ended up owning dogs and she apparently takes out her maternal instinct on them.

I've noted that many people will use animals as a substitute for kids. I was worried when my son and his wife got a dog, but fortunately they had a son about a year later.
Saturday - November 18th 2023 12:36PM MST
PS: "If some interstellar invaders wanted to destroy the human race, seems like a good strategy would be: (1) (2)" Fred, it sounds like what you're telling me it that the Frankfurt School Communist were space aliens?

I could believe that more than some of the theories about JFK. I didn't include your (3), because these aliens are not standing back - they are still pushing this stuff. Would aliens have thought of the BLTG++ idea? No alien civilization is THAT clever!

Thanks for the anecdote too. I am curious if you know whether the wife was OK this that decision by your entrepreneurial relative. Yes, that last paragraph is part of the problem too. Even if she eventually got him to change his mind (or conveniently forgot something), by the late 30s, 3 things are harder:

1) Conception
2) Carrying the baby to term
4) Delivery/complications
Fred the Gator
Saturday - November 18th 2023 8:06AM MST
PS If some interstellar invaders wanted to destroy the human race, seems like a good strategy would be:

1. Give the human race the technology to reliably avoid conception after intercourse

2. Convince the most intelligent females (especially) that having children is a waste of their talents, too inconvenient, too expensive, or otherwise not worth doing

3. Stand back and wait until the human race becomes incapable of defending itself

I read something (did I read it here???) that Singapore was an IQ shredder because highly intelligent people are induced to marry but not have children. I think Silicon Valley is also an IQ shredder.

I have a very successful relative who sold several startups and made a big chunk of change in the process. He's married but he refused to have kids. His decision process definitely shredded some IQ.

I've also noted that the tendency to delay marriage and having children has resulted in a number of couples of my acquaintance having trouble getting pregnant and needing IVF or other technological aids to have children.
Thursday - November 16th 2023 5:06PM MST
PS: That would mean, Mr. Blanc, were women basically the same as far as these "habits" before and after the pill in other respects (I don't think so, though), fertility now is the same as what it would have been as far as PLANNED pregnancies (or at least being ready for it). The additional numbers before were all "oops"s? There's a lot to this.
Thursday - November 16th 2023 5:03PM MST
PS: "Is this anecdote yet another reminder that fertility is naturally dysgenic?" Yeah, that's what I was thinking, Adam.

Alarmist, it would have been OK probably but for the immigration invasion. I think there will come an equilibrium, were this stopped, but it'll be not very White. Were this invasion never started, it could have been an equilibrium of the same proportions of Americans the country had in 1965.

Mr. Blanc, the pill has to be a big part of it, BUT, see Mr. Hail's graphs from this post of his:

Check out his century-long graphs of White birth share. Total numbers would be nice, but one can see a gentle decrease even during the Baby Boom, %-wise. Then, from 1969, it heads on down quickly. That's about the time that birth control pill took hold, isn't it?
Thursday - November 16th 2023 4:29PM MST
PS We’ve given women the option of copulating without the chance (or very low chance, and termination if she loses) of conception. Many women are availing themselves of that optionl
The Alarmist
Thursday - November 16th 2023 2:21PM MST

The future world belongs to those who show up.

It's not looking good for those descendent from White Europe.

Adam Smith
Thursday - November 16th 2023 11:27AM MST
PS: Off topic, but Osama Bin Laden becoming Gen Z's Noam Chomsky wasn't something I saw coming...

Adam Smith
Thursday - November 16th 2023 11:18AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Moderator,

Is this anecdote yet another reminder that fertility is naturally dysgenic?


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