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Posted On: Friday - November 10th 2023 9:24AM MST
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The $PLC is the Southern Poverty Law Center, the $ standing for their once-1/2 Billion in assets, as they continue their non-profit operations in a big building in downtown Montgomery, Alabama.

Here's yet another minor coincidence, as I came upon the graphic herein and thought about this post, about 2 days before VDare's James Fulford wrote the amusing post linked to below. What I was doing is typing in the simple "vdare.com" address into the URL text area in a browser on a computer in a hotel lobby. To digress for hopefully not more than two sentences here, this time, I have a curmudgeonly pet peeve about browsers and searching. The search box is to appear ON the browser, and I HATE it when the text automatically goes up top in the area that's for the URL*. That's confusing. (3 sentences - not too bad!)

Well, that's what did it, though. For whatever reason, probably user error, the (likely google) search got me to the $PLC site REVIEW of VDare, not the site itself. This review was interesting:

It is a radical site, I gotta agree. Only those radicals wear their hair like that!

"You're not one of those agitators, are you, Mr Brimelow? Cause I don't want any of those agitators."

- Mr. Roper of the Berkeley Springs Castle Foundation**

Though the $PLC doesn't like to link to give equal voice to the people it hates, Peak Stupidity will link to their review for its amusement value. Other than a few adjectives of which I might have found close synonyms, the 1st 9 paragraphs with the description of the website VDare are pretty accurate. I have nothing wrong with all of it. Why does the $PLC, unless they HATE traditional America ... for some reason ... wait, ...

The Background section was pretty informative, with quite a few things I hadn't known in there, and that for a website that I've read for 2 decades. Again, the erroneous adjectives and this sort of thing are not helpful:
“Unite the Right” organizer Jason Kessler has written semi-regularly for the site, including about the legal challenges facing the white nationalists and neo-Nazis who organized the deadly rally.
"Deadly rally" indeed - got a post coming with just that expression, that I believe I saw in a yahoo headline.

There is a paragraph about the Berkeley Springs, West Virginia castle, which was paid for IN CASH! I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean in green paper US currency, as cool as that would have been, but I believe the $PLC is jealous. Even with over 30X that in their accounts, the worthless diverse grifter crowd running the place probably can't even balance a checkbook. This Hateview ("Hate Review"?) notes that:
In addition to its secure and secluded location, the castle offers VDARE geographical proximity to Washington, D.C., which can be reached from Berkeley Springs in less than two hours.
More importantly, it can be reached in less than 2 minutes with tactical nuclear missiles. I think that's what Washington FS VDare should be worried about. Seriously, the location is not about VDare people being able to reach Washington, but about Washington people being able to reach VDare, especially legally. Then, there are the antifa Commies. They can stay down the hill, in a good position to be shelled, were it to come down to that...

I don't have time to argue against the stupidity that follows later on in this $PLC review. However, it's good reading for those who want to know some history and current info on who have been and are the real heroes of the anti-invasion movement.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. From Alexa Vs. VDARE.com On The Southern Poverty Law Center: It Was NEVER A Reputable Organization
Below, a recording of someone asking Amazon.com's virtual assistant Alexa ”Alexa, has the SPLC been discredited as an organization?”
Alexa answered:
Yes, the SPLC has been discredited as an organization. The SPLC was once a reputable organization but has devolved into a far-left propaganda machine and a direct mail scam that harms the possibility of civil discourse and has been accused of slandering organizations with which it disagrees.
Great. Anyway, I don't know for sure how she works, but I'm never inviting that nosy broad into my house.

* I do get what's happening. This is the case when you make some search site your "home" one or whatever.

** Oh yeah, you gotta go WAY back, to old movies and TV, to get this one!

Sunday - November 12th 2023 6:18AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, thank you for the 2 spoofing tips, whether they be overly paranoid or not. I tend to think of Talking Head David Byrne's "Life During Wartime", when I think of these things.

Yes, if you put this one on your channel, I can embed it here, with that meme that Doug Mackie spread around too. It might be interesting for you to let me know before you embed it (as in, when you will - remember we are in Mountain Standard Time), so we can check view numbers.

BTW, Mr. Mackie said that he didn't make this - he just spread these (different memes) around. That reminds me of a funny bit said by Michael Scott of "The Office".
Adam Smith
Saturday - November 11th 2023 2:46PM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Moderator,

From Saturday - December 18th 2021 12:38PM MST


Which redirects to here...

You could use any busy public wifi. Mrs. Smith's phone connects to Kroger's wifi when we are there so we can use digital coupons. And I know WalMart has free wifi. I really don't think they could easily figure out who sent the HateTip™ from a WalMart, a Kroger or some other similar place. There are just too many people in a large store like that to bother trying to track the software signature of a device for a simple HateTip™. And there are ways to alter your device's signature to make it more difficult to track. For example...


There's also software that lets you change the user-agent strings that report to a network...


But I don't think I'd worry about that, unless that sort of thing is of interest to you. (It might be fun!)


I just downloaded that Doug Mackey interview. (Haven't watched it yet.) If you think you'd like to embed it in a blog post I can upload it to youtube.

Cheers! ☮
Saturday - November 11th 2023 12:59PM MST
PS: That's not the "report hateful site" (my paraphrase) page that you showed me before. I can't find it just now - I could have sworn that Adam Smith put it under this post:


"Help Peak Stupidity reach our goal!"

However, I can find it later in the dBase.

I do like this one though, Adam. I think I'd feel more comfortable filling in the form on a computer in some lobby somewhere... with a ball cap on, just to be sure ... the way this modern FBI is. Can we report people spitting in our food at the KFC? I can think of a lot of fun stuff. I wonder how automated it is, as in, some bulletin pops up on one of the $PLC with your Hate Alert right away. LOLS!

It really sounds like a lot of fun. How about outside Starbucks? You don't log in, but then your device will have some software signature, if it really came down to that. Not likely, but being overly paranoid might be the way to go these days.

Anyone here watched the 26 minute Tucker Carlson interview with Doug Mackie, the guy facing 10 years jail time for a joke election tweet from '16? Yeah, I guess I'll link to Twitter, since it's a simple page with just the interview:

Adam Smith
Saturday - November 11th 2023 11:36AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,


Happy Saturday! ☮
Friday - November 10th 2023 4:24PM MST
PS: Yeah, I would have never gotten to that page on purpose, J1234, as I've known of their anti-free-speech efforts for many years.

Yes, good point. The page doesn't make any arguments as to WHY VDare deserves those descriptions. Also, as you put it nicely,

"It would be like writing an article about crime and saying "CRIMINAL Al Capone was talking to CRIMINAL Bugsy Siegal about CRIMINAL Abe Reles...." Haha, and linking instead to Al Capone's and Bugsy Siegal's websites, only linking to the $PLC Al Capone and Bugsy Siegal pages.
Friday - November 10th 2023 3:50PM MST

Thanks for the link to the SPLC. If I didn't come across good articles like this now and then with links, I'd never go the SPLC site. And going there just now, I'm reminded why I almost never go there. Beyond the obviously different world view that it promotes (and intolerance for deviating from that world view) it abides by a precept based thought process rather than a concept based process, i.e. it's about people's reputations and associations rather than their ideas. "White nationalist" and associated phrases ("supremacist" etc.) are repeated dozens of times...just in case the reader should...forget or something (???) It would be like writing an article about crime and saying "CRIMINAL Al Capone was talking to CRIMINAL Bugsy Siegal about CRIMINAL Abe Reles...."

If there was a, "Here's why Peter Brimelow's ideas are bad and won't work" type statement in there, I didn't see it, but I admit that I didn't look very hard. My expectations of those people are pretty low...and they usually meets my expectations. It's almost as if having a lot of money, influence and power makes you mentally lazy.
Friday - November 10th 2023 11:12AM MST
PS: Yeah, I don't know how that works, Alarmist. I've had The Unz Review blocked completely in some locations, while in others, weirdly, it was just some of the pages. (I mean, one iSteve post would load, but another would give me the page claiming "Hatred" or whatever.)

If you see any patterns, like one AA lounge blocks something, while another doesn't, I'd like to know. I want to figure out at what level these things get done.

I guess you are OK on Peak Stupidity then? (At least right now.) Way back Adam Smith linked me to an $PLC page where one could bitch about a HATE site to get it listed. I considered it - couldn't it only help?
The Alarmist
Friday - November 10th 2023 10:07AM MST

I had VDARE blocked in the AA Admirals Lounge, so someone seems to still think the $PLC is a credible organization.
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