Bai Dien Regime involved in evil Child Trafficking

Posted On: Tuesday - November 7th 2023 7:22PM MST
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See, this is the way you do it! We American patriots can try to sway our countryman with logic. We can try all manner of arguments to show how much extreme damage to the Nation this immigration invasion is, and HAS BEEN, doing. It seems like the best way may be to show some of the outright evil involved, even if it's speculative to some degree and not THE most important damage being done, is by pulling at heartstrings.

I don't say that VDare's Patrick Cleburne* has this mindset particularly, but what he posted today at VDare goes along this idea. Peak Stupidity has written of Bai Dien using the term Human Trafficking before - see Joe Biden is a criminal Human Trafficker!, - - This Human Trafficking is HUGE. We're gonna need a bigger boat aircraft., and Who's doin' the Human Trafficking round here?. Now, the recently prolific Pat Cleburne asks COULD The Biden Regime POSSIBLY Have Ramped Up The Unaccompanied Child (UAC) Program… To Supply Pedophile Rings?

Mr. Cleburne discusses first the Øb☭ma era use of the illegal immigrant children to do this heart string pulling, a la Angela Merkel's stupidity**. If you recall, the "anguish" was that these children were being held separate from their parents, you know, kind of like when a murderer's children is separated after his conviction. "We must keep families together!" I agree - they all must be sent back to the same home of origination, wherever that may be.

However, at this point the borders are wide open, so that scam is not necessary. Mr. Cleburne speculates:
But after Biden cheated his way into power, a curious thing happened.

Border Enforcement was shut down, of course. This September saw a record influx, ending FY 2023 at over 2 million illegals.

But, although the Great Replacement agenda no longer needed the Kidinvasion loophole, nevertheless the UAC
[Un-Acompanied Children] influx was massively expanded—131,500 in 2023. Trump’s last year saw only 33,239.

Why? Especially as it appears most of the kids are now going to sponsors who are unrelated and unknown to them.

Many of these kids are made to work for unscrupulous employers, their sponsors acting as gangmasters. But I doubt the anticipated profitability of this could have been such as to induce the Biden Mob to make the sweeping regulatory changes that they did.

What would be profitable enough: sex.

My theory: Perverts in the Biden Administration and their friends in the prostitution Industry pushed through these changes, for their profit and pleasure. In this depraved Age, of course, little boys are as vulnerable as little girls.
So, we've got not just your H-1B style indentured servitude, of adults, but the same with child labor too. Then, there's the sex trafficking.

Remember the movie Sound of Freedom from this past summer, at least as reviewed by Peak Stupidity's guest reviewer Mike Tre here? That brave Motherland Security agent left his big White American family to risk his life saving a Honduran kid. Uhhh, dude, in the meantime,
According to data from US Customs and Border Protection, approximately 345,000 minors have crossed into the United States unaccompanied since President Joe Biden took office…
85,000 have been "lost".***

This article by Pat Cleburne is a long one, with lots of excerpts of testimony by Feral Gov't whistleblowers, a number of videos on this story, and (nicely) links to certain spots in different videos. The writer gives us some outrageous details, such as how those who "host" illegal alien children, with "hosting" having a host of different meanings here, being exempt from deportation. This means, yes, those who exploit, financially and even sexually, illegal alien children, a majority of whom are illegal aliens themselves, are kept safe from the threat of deportation. Isn't that special?! It's freaking sick, is what it is.

No we don't know the full story, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't believe the worst out of the modern Potomac Regime - more on this at the end of our post.

Should we be playing the game of the left, using feminine compassion, often only with thoughts of the short-term, to fight this issue? There are, after all, much larger problems that stem from this invasion: the complete changing out of this nation's people and culture, the continual lowering of wages and family affordability, the economic disaster due to the "socialization of the losses", such as, economic ruination of healthcare businesses, and even the change in the political prospects of a country full of people who understand nothing of the principles this country was founded on. These problems are much larger in magnitude and numbers of people involved and affected.

This human trafficking of children, though evil, is not the BIG STORY of the invasion. However, it can be something that sickens enough people to get them to get up off their asses.

We don't know the whole story, as Mr. Cleburne admits.
Quantifying the sex industry aspect of this influx is difficult because of the general withdrawal of police monitoring of the sector and its general secretiveness. Anecdotes abound. But. frankly, what would one expect to happen to children set loose with no means of support, no English, and no one who cares about them?

Many are profiting from this atrocity. But who had the ability to actually cause it?

Given the number of freaks and perverts the Biden Regime delights in employing, the grim fact is that increasing the supply to child prostitution operations probably has supporters in the White House.
Must we first wait for subpoenas to be issued, judgements from the Circuit Courts, and statistics from Amnesty International (uhhhh...)? No, we must play hardball. These evil goings-on, whether well-quantified or not, whether proven in a court of law yet, or not, are happening. Is this the "it's true because we'd like it to be" business of the ctrl-left? No. I hope the stories of the Bai Dien Human Trafficking, most especially of children, get spread far and wide.

Let's not mince words about it either, as Patrick Cleburne has not. Our enemy is truly composed of a bunch of sick fucks.

* A pseudonym, of course, as it's the name of a famous Southern General of the War Between the States, Western Theater.

** I'm being generous to her in chalking it up to stupidity only because I don't know as much about her as I do with the American high (treason) officials.

*** This sub-excerpt is a Cleburne excerpt from the ZeroHedge article ’Modern-Day Slave Traders’: Hawley Demands Probe Into 85,000 ’Lost’ Migrant Children.

The Alarmist
Wednesday - November 8th 2023 11:52AM MST

“Ebola at the Job Center" ... lulz. As if migrants in Germany even bother to work....


Report about money for asylum families: TV station deletes entire program from the network

This RTL report has it all: A camera team visited a family of four Afghans at their home in Germany. They net €3,200 net per month — financed by the taxpayer. This sparked heated debates on social media. Too fierce? In any case, the TV station deleted the article from the media library.

The Afghan family of four welcomes the TV team in a four-room apartment of 120 square meters (1300 sq.ft.) in Schwäbisch Gmünd. The head of the family, the father, was a German translator in Afghanistan. He reports that his family is “very happy” with the situation. No wonder, since the authorities are giving him and his wife every opportunity to learn, live and look after their children. The monthly income of the Afghans is €3,200 — net, of course.

€80,000 in two years

In the past two years, German taxpayers have supported the migrant family with a total of €80,000. There are also kindergarten places for the little ones. Money for local public transport, various health costs and German courses are also paid for. German courses for a man who worked as a translator for five years? This question remains unanswered. Does the family plan to look for work soon? “No, because I’m still trying to learn German better,” said the Afghan.

Work? “We don’t feel like it”

After that, perhaps a degree course followed by a master’s degree, because he attended a university in his home country and he and his wife wanted to become diplomats. Of course, the need for Afghan diplomats in Germany is negligible, as many subscribers on the Internet note. The reactions to the report are violent, and the fuss about benefits for families unwilling to work is enormous. The video is still available on platforms like X, but it has already been deleted from RTL itself.

Herrmann Gaugeler, head of the “Welcome Center” in Schwäbisch Gmünd, was also interviewed by the TV station. He notes that the Afghan interpreter may have to take on another job if his diplomatic career doesn’t work out soon.

The disappointed Afghan: “No, I’m not willing!” The wife sees it similarly, and explains that they didn’t work as craftsmen back home. “We have no experience and no desire! We also have a lot to do at home. We still need time to spend with our children.”

The RTL Extra report — from October 24, 2023, broadcast at 10:00 p.m. — is no longer available in the media library.


The guy’s German as passable enough to land a job in a country that cries that it cannot find enough workers, but he wants to be a diplomat, and only a diplomat. Germans are unfortunately some of the biggest suckers on Earth.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - November 8th 2023 11:38AM MST

85,000 missing? I’d wager more than a few child sacrifices as Cabal’s tribute to their lord Satan, and more than a few drained of young blood to keep old effers like George Soros alive. Coïncidence that Kissinger reached 100?

Wednesday - November 8th 2023 11:36AM MST
PS The received dogma is “Sex work is work”.
Wednesday - November 8th 2023 11:10AM MST

-- Rep. Tlaib censored due to mass Jewish defection from Dems --

In other news, an ethnic bloc of two-dozen Jewish Democrats joined the Republicans to deliver the political-humiliation of "censure" to Rep. Tlaib. She gained fame as the loud Muslima from Michigan, who has recently expressed support for the Palestinian cause against the Jews of Israel.

Most Democrats voted to support Tlaib. But almost all the Jewish Democrats formed a bloc and joined up with Republicans to "censure" her for being anti-Israel, which gave it enough votes to pass.

In the era of CNN and Fox, it's not clear that the gentlemanly "censure" move works as it once did, when it would be such a mark-of-shame as to undermine a career.

What's more interesting than the "censure" is that the Jews put ethnic-loyalty above party-loyalty or loyalty to Wokeness.
Wednesday - November 8th 2023 11:05AM MST

RE: Adam Smith

-- on Amalek --

It's hard to believe that the thug Netanyahu actually slammed the Palestinians a s "Amalekites" in a public-speech. The Amalekites were a group that the Biblical Jews exterminated.

Let me relate a story here, which relates to the above paragraph, if you "bear with me":

There was a certain German right-wing musician who was jailed for hate-speech in the 2000s following ten years worth of writing, recording, and selling music deemed to include "hateful content" (ethnonationalistic and political). The courts ordered his band broken up after somebody high up in that government said these men were dangerous musical-terrorists. One of their final recordings, before reporting to prison, was an ironic protest-song in which they called themselves "Terrorists with Electric-Guitars."

Once released from prison, the head-man, who remained popular and still in his prime, wanted to start back up making music. The German government couldn't legally impose some blanket ban him from playing and recording music per se. But the German Office for the Protection of the Constitution could and would censor individual song-recordings or albums for offensive lyrics. That would make the records (or music-files in digital form) illegal and prosecutable. (About two weeks ago, police arrested an AfD member of the state parliament of Bavaria for possession of such material.)

Being subject to censorship and being banned from meeting his band-mates put this man on a solo-career, after release from prison in the mid-2000s. All lyrics were much more carefully worded than before. But here is the interesting part as viewed from 2023: I understand that this man recorded a return-album titled... "AMALEK."

Choosing a come-back album-title with the obscure word "Amalek" is highly symbolic choice. It slipped by the censors at the time because it was too obscure and indirect a reference. It seems the idea was that he viewed himself, and the German nation as a whole, and European-Man as a whole, as "Amalekites" of the 21st century, and had the same kind of enemy as the Amalekites of the Bible had.

The man was still active in the 2010s, still with considerable prestige among some circles in Europe. During the Merkel Migrant Crisis, he released another album, which was promptly banned by the Office of the Protection of the Constitution for anti-Migrant racism. (It was titled: "Ebola at the Job Center").
Wednesday - November 8th 2023 10:39AM MST

To answer your question directly, I can't say for sure because I only see any of this stuff occasionally, at which time it's often shocking enough to make me realize something is very, very wrong. The passive daily consumer won't get it ("a fish in a fishtank won't see water" problem). In the little I have seen, Ukraine is downplayed to something like the level it should occupy, a short segment or two in a given hour, all else equal. There's just so little time for really ANY-thing else with the Israel Panic.

This problem seems worse in the USA of the later-2010s and 2020s than elsewhere. There are plenty of "24-hour news broadcasters" (or at least "live for most of the day"-style news channels) out there, all around the world (I cannot claim any familiarity with the large majority, if for no other reason than language gaps; to say nothing of the time it would take to "keep up" with even a few). Mostly, the non-U.S. broadcasters that work on these 24-hour-news model do NOT do what CNN/Fox/MSNBC do.

The non-U.S. broadcasters seem to mostly operate (or aim for) a neutral news-presentation mode. But if you see really even one minute of CNN or Fox, it seems like a parallel world. If you watch an hour or two of CNN or Fox, you learn very little about anything but you are liable to get angry over something that ultimately doesn't matter. (And really the rest of the U.S. media is much the same now; also add the news side of "social media", with doses of psychoticism, bots, and evil-algorithms dumped onto things.)

People like to say CNN has low ratings, but that only counts live viewers via normal U.S. TV; the actual reach of CNN over the world seems many, many times higher than the various low-ratings numbers you see quoted here and there (to say nothing of views of Internet upload clips). Often the global reach is through local-versions of CNN, or the generic CNN International, which is more anodyne but also often pipes in the main U.S. feed to fill the air, so you get the Jewish leftist Jake Tapper ranting about Trump being a neo-nazi and Republicans plotting a brutal fascist takeover.

When somebody sees any of THAT kind of CNN, they must think there's some big joke they're missing out on, it's so surreal. OTOH, CNN has thirty years, I guess near forty years, of name-prestige. A lot of people will still just assume it is a serious news-organization, no matter what. A version of that also still works in the USA itself, with low-info voters and older people, especially born in the 1950s or earlier.

I wonder how much you have ever seen China's English-language 24-news channel, once called CCTV and now called CGTN, I think. I feel certain that this channel is provided free to every TV in China that has a "cable" hookup, since it's government-propaganda. The CGTN channel is a little amateurish most of the time, but at least they try to report news. I'd say that CGTN, from what I've seen of it, has a number of Godfree Roberts-like characters attached behind the scenes. The people they get as news-readers and hosts are of the "not sending their best" variety.

Imagine a world in which China's 24-hour English-news broadcaster, CGTN, gave as much attention (saturation coverage) to Child-Trafficking in the USA, mentioning it heavily in every broadcast and doing special-reports and human-interest stories. It would be a weird niche subject to obsess about. But it's just as CNN and Fox etc. give to cheerleading for Jews and for Israel (or Ukraine, in those days of yore when Ukraine was King).
Wednesday - November 8th 2023 10:00AM MST
PS: I wrote right while you were writing. Adam. I just want US out of this - meaning the U.S. or us.
Wednesday - November 8th 2023 9:57AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I don't watch any of it, but, from the internet it does seem like the ME is the new PanicFest - has the Ukraine/Russia war been left behind, or do they go back and forth? I'm asking about FOX, but also any other networks you have had the displeasure to be infotained by.

I wonder if FOX really, really cares so much about the invasion or is it that they just want to keep their supposed right-wing audience. It'd be great if this story became the newest infotainment, but I don't see it happening. I was think more in terms of grass routes anti-invasion efforts pushing the child trafficking thing up front. That is,even though, as I wrote, it's not by any means the biggest worry to most of us. It's sick, but then most of the people involved, maybe 95% of them aren't Americans anyway!

Back to the media panics, they just couldn't do this stuff before 24 hour cable news. (Or not cable, but that kind of went together.) You've got 30 minutes each evening. If you spend 15 even on the Middle East, and let's say that day is not Yom Kippur 1973, then you've got no time for the myriad of other national news stories. It was such a different time ...

Do you have some good links for that Brownstone Conference stuff, maybe some transcriptions of speeches?

Have a good morning, Mr. Hail.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - November 8th 2023 9:54AM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Hail,

From the little bit of "news" I've watched it seems they really believe that jews (israel) have a god given right to practice Ritual Child Murder and that anyone who complains is just a dirty old Anti-Semite! who deserves to be doxxed and forever canceled. It's really pretty amazing to witness how much power the chosenites wield. (And it's sad to see how many people have apparently bought their propaganda.)

Nous sommes tous Amalek...

Cheers! ☮
Wednesday - November 8th 2023 9:13AM MST

I would make this observation here:

If the U.S. news-media (for lack of a better term; hardly related to that which was understood to be News in earlier eras), if they wanted to make a big scare-issue ("Covid rolling death-counts"-style) of child-trafficking and relates things, they could easily do so.

But they don't. basically that whole child-trafficking or sex-trafficking issue is absent from the U.S. news.

I understand that Fox News is now into its second-month of a full-bore Anti-Semitism Panic, which is just sickening to me (the drum-beating on it, that is. Cover it a minute or so of an hour at very most, not for half the hour. What the news-media does is largely artificial, and mostly it's been years since they even pretend to do news. Why watch this thing in which a bunch of people squawk and finger-wag about how Anti-Semitism is the worst moral crime imaginable? Why watch them blow up isolated incidents or minutiae or minor personalities, talking them to death, day after day.

But if it is our curse to be subject to this, it's an observation that the news-politics squawking could just as well go in some other direction, including towards a Child Trafficking Panic. It probably wouldn't be too much more detached from a ground-reality than what they do now.

Relatedly --- I recently watched some of the video-feed from the Brownstone Institute 2023 conference. (Brownstone was formed by hardcore Anti-Lockdowners in 2020, I believe growing directly out of the Great Barrington Declaration by Covid-denying scientists. It became a platform for all of us Covid Deniers out there. It is still going strong in 20243.)

The Brownstone Conference panel on journalism was quite interesting. They make many of these points--not about Child-Trafficking, but about the media and how it works. Which is of course a key to understanding now only the Panic of 2020 but much of our world.
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