War on Halloween: Who are the real sluts?

Posted On: Tuesday - October 31st 2023 8:43PM MST
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Nothing wrong with a Toga Party though.

Peak Stupidity featured a short post on or about Halloween 4 years ago called A Holiday for Sluts. That was about the adult (I hope) women's costumes these days. Since there was no gratuitous girly picture above that post, we will put one here in the morning.

James Fulford of VDare posted an article today that describes a War on Halloween, seeing as the Commies who want to overturn ALL tradition have these informal wars on most American holidays. His article is The War On Halloween Is About How White People Aren't Allowed To Dress, but he says it's being fought on 5 different fronts:
War On Blackface
Evangelical Christians’ War On Paganism And Satanism
Mexicans’ War On Halloween: It’s Now The Day Of The Dead, Gringos!
Feminists’ War On Slutty Halloween
[The one we're interested in, depending on the venue.]
War On White People Dressed As Non-Whites
The article is fun, and that's all I've got going this time around, as we had no time for any of it, not even giving out or receiving any candy.

I did just hear a Peak Stupidity-worth short anecdote from a colleague that relates, though. She is staying at a hotel in a not-so-nice area in the big city. The place itself, inside, that is, is OK, but it's in the ghetto. I warned her. She went to the Mexican restaurant right off the parking lot. "I don't know", she told me, "There were a lot of women that might have been prostitutes, but I couldn't tell if they are just dressed like prostitutes because it's Halloween."

In some neighborhoods, every day is Halloween. "Trick or treat?" Wait. Or is that "trick or tweet" now?

Thursday - November 2nd 2023 10:38AM MST
PS: "Also that picture is less slutty than what I see every day at the gym." Yeah, I agree. I got that one the next day - looked for more slutty shots, but they were all pretty vertically oriented - women in heels and all, so they don't fit the way I like the pictures to here.
Thursday - November 2nd 2023 10:17AM MST
Also that picture is less slutty than what I see every day at the gym. Not that I mind that much…
Thursday - November 2nd 2023 10:15AM MST

I was a big kid- 5’ 10” in eighth grade- and as I was trick or treating as a 13 year old I’d often hear “Aren’t you a little old for trick or treating?”Now we get lots of HS kids.
Wednesday - November 1st 2023 5:06PM MST
PS: "Why not three-fifths?" Why, of course! Here I am a strict Constitutionalist too. What was I thinking with that 1/2? That was racist.
Wednesday - November 1st 2023 5:04PM MST
PS: Alarmist, the one time I remember when Halloween was on a Saturday, man, I bet we had a half full paper grocery bag full each, and we didn't run into any of those health-food assholes with the apples either! All candy. (As I recall there were these black or orange - some of each - wrapped candies that we didn't relish so much.)

"Otherwise, the Peter Pan Boomers probably made it a thing in the ‘90s and beyond." Yep, they can't let go. More of them should dress like Peter Pan, and the 70 y/o girls like that elf or whoever... or maybe not...
Adam Smith
Wednesday - November 1st 2023 2:21PM MST
PS: Happy Halloween, everyone!

“I got down to giving them 1/2 as much candy as the white kids who were not being driven around.”

Why not three-fifths?

The Alarmist
Wednesday - November 1st 2023 11:39AM MST

Suburban America in the ‘60s and ‘70s was the place to be for Halloween. You might hit 200 houses in an easy walk in a two hour begging window.

I seem to recall Halloween starting to be an adult thing in the Village (NYC) among the gay scene, and later among more adults. Otherwise, the Peter Pan Boomers probably made it a thing in the ‘90s and beyond.

Wednesday - November 1st 2023 9:42AM MST
PS: That was the case in my childhood too, Mr. Blanc. I don't remember my parents going to any Halloween party. Granted, they weren't big party-goers, but I sure don't remember any at all.

One thing I've been resentful about - not this year, because we weren't there to give out candy - is the black families driving the kids into our neighborhood to trick-or-treat here. What's wrong with their own neighborhoods... well, I can sorta guess. I got down to giving them 1/2 as much candy as the white kids who were not being driven around.
Wednesday - November 1st 2023 8:53AM MST
PS When I was a kid, Halloween was for kids. Adults screwing it up is almost as bad as Leftist wackos screwing it up.
Wednesday - November 1st 2023 5:50AM MST
PS: Haha, pretty good meme. Thanks, Alarmist.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - November 1st 2023 1:44AM MST

Nothing slutty about this, but appropo to VD’s theme ....

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