Wish we were back in 1984?

Posted On: Monday - April 24th 2017 11:30AM MST
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Following is the introductory paragraph of a great article on VDare.com written by a recent law school graduate named John Reid, Supreme Court Precedent Says Berkeley Must Let Ann Speak–And Protect Her From Antifa, Too!:
In the mid-1960s, left-wing University of California Berkeley students refused to abide by the administration’s restrictions against campus political activism, launching the so-called Free Speech Movement, which is widely credited for sparking campus radicalism across the country. Alameda Deputy County District Attorney Ed Meese prosecuted the students, and Ronald Reagan made their lawlessness a top campaign issue in his successful 1966 California gubernatorial election. Subsequently Reagan became President and Meese became his Attorney General—and the campus radicals took over universities from the top down. With their cultural power consolidated, free speech no longer serves the Left, and the birthplace of the “Free Speech Movement” is doing its best to keep Ann Coulter from speaking.
It's just interesting to compare the goings-on at the very same place to within 100 YARDS, during the time Ronald Reagan was governor of California to right at 50 years later, as the antifa (what the fuck kind of term is that - very gay sounding) vs. free speech advocates are battling it out now. Back in the 1960's the free speech advocates were the "good guys" as being a commie/socialist lefty against the establishment was seen as good. As seen in the picture at the top of the VDare article, Governor Reagan had tear gas sprayed on the crowd from a chopper (looks like one of those old "Jolly Green Giants"). Now, the free speech advocates are the "bad guys", as they are conservative right-leaning people who are against the establishment. See, that is bad nowadays, as the establishment are the "good guys" because they are the commie/socialists, see? No? Yeah, quite confusing, that.

About the specific rules being made by the University of California - Berserkely administration, Mr. Reid writes:
For the sake of argument, let’s take Berkeley’s claim that they are primarily concerned about student safety at face value. No one honestly believes Coulter will prompt her supporters to violence. Rather, everyone correctly assumes that Antifa activists will try to shut down her speech violently like they did to Milo and others. No one besides Antifa are violently attacking political speeches in Berkeley (or in the rest of the country) and they only do it to the Right.

Thus, any regulations based on public safety effectively become censorship aimed solely at the Right, by granting the Antifa a “heckler’s veto.”
He then, as a lawyer would, brings up court rulings and such to explain why the UC Admins. behavior is completely wrong. First of all, these people are out for their cause of shutting down anyone who speaks truth about immigration and any conservative issue for that matter. They don't want this truth to be heard, and they will not listen to any logical arguments against their behavior. They can't win that way, so they don't play that game. Forget arguing with these people!

Secondly, one really does not need the lawyerly arguments to see how positively Orwellian these antifa a-holes are.

Let's digress one paragraph. Where does the "Orwellian" come in, and what about "1984", you ask? The Englishman George Orwell wrote the novel "1984" back in the late 1940's as a warning against an overpowering oppressive tyrannical state, something American is close to now. The globalists want this whole deal globalized, to match the book, I guess. I didn't know when I read it in 1978 that it was supposed to be an instruction manual, but that's how the left and a big part of the modern "conservatives" apparently saw it.

Where the Berserkely "antifa" people get completely Orwellian is not just the completely obvious lies that they are not against free speech. They are, or Miss Coulter, and that Milo guy and other conservatives would have been able to give talks to the people that want to hear it, and these commies could have stayed at the coffee shops drinking frapachinos instead of hopefully getting their heads bashed in. This is the Orwellian part you will hear on the college campuses: "The university is concerned with the safety of the students. Because, possibly if this Coulter lady gives a talk, some of our students, who are in no way obligated to show up and listen, may come and try to beat the crap out of the speaker and the audience. That is unsafe, so we can't allow Miss Coulter to put the safety of our students in jeopardy.".

Yes, and talking about things we don't think people should hear is not free speech. People we beat up on are the ones that cause violence. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. You've read it before in the book. Now you can see it in person.

One thing is different from the story in Mr. Orwell's "1984" however. The good guys in Oceana did not have AR-15's with Nikon 12x scopes. Big Brother, you magnificent bastard, we've read your book!

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