Help us Ron De, yeah, get him outta our hearts

Posted On: Saturday - October 28th 2023 8:39PM MST
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I don't think he can lose the vote for GOP candidate for '24. If Trump is held in jail under the Anarcho-Tyranny, of The Regime, I'll be voting for him just on principle. Still, though I've read and heard that he's not a very good campaigner, I'm hoping Ron DeSantis gets some momentum.

As re-written by Ann Coulter:

I was gonna be his pundit,
and he was gonna build our wall.
But now I don't care
if he's still sittin' in jail next Fall.

Now, Ron De, you caught my eye (caught my eye),
and I can give you lots of issues why
you gotta help me, Ron De.
Help me get him out of my heart.

Help me, Ron De, help, help me, Ron De.
Help me, Ron De, help, help me, Ron De.
(Oh Ron De, yeah)
Help me, Ron De, help, help me Ron De.
Help me Ron DeSantis, get him outta my heart.

This one says it's in stereo. Does anyone care anymore about that or even know what that means?

Brian Wilson, with some help on the lyrics by Mike Love, wrote this, and The Beach Boys included this song on 2 of their albums in 1965, 58 years ago! We could use some decent music again, and perhaps, girls named Rhonda. (Who was that great '70s singer, Rhonda Ronstadt?)

It's a very uncommon name for young people right now. I'd like to see some enterprising new parents retro Rhonda back into usage.

Thanks for reading and writing in this week, Peakers. Will we get back to China posts? I don't know, but there's plenty other stuff that's been left hanging, and more new stupidity every single day. Happy Sunday!

Monday - October 30th 2023 4:33AM MST

"often the campaignee (?) himself is in on the grift..."

Paging Vivek Ramaswamapetalon...

What would the 2020s-version of the old expression "Paging (name of person to indicate relevance to a matter at and)"?

Sunday - October 29th 2023 10:44AM MST
PS: Anti-Gnostic, to add to your 2nd point, often the campaignee (?) himself is in on the grift. Many of these campaigns accumulate lots of well-meaning working people's money and don't spend it all. "Yeah, had to drop out due to family issues..." whatever. Then they've got that big slush fund to play with. Have you ever seen a small donor get his money back, if the guy quits early? The big donors don't get it back directly...

As for DeSantis, I'll take a guy who gets things done over a visionary who doesn't.
Sunday - October 29th 2023 10:40AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, Ann Coulter has a little bit of that Charlie Brown as Place Kicker in her. She got off of that pro-Romney stance as soon as she saw that he backtracked completely on his former anti-immigration-invasion stance. I can't remember if that was after the '12 election or not though. In the event (as they say), who else was there to vote for - Ron Paul was out, so I voted L as usual.

However, I'll give her that she does understand what the most urgently important issue is. She just believes these people too much. With Trump,I can understand that and don't see it as being a sucker. as I've written many times, Trump really did want to fix this. He got a lot done under the radar, but that made it temporary. He didn't do the more permanent and some even easy (revoking the DACA Obama E.O.) things that he'd promised.

"Hi Fidelity" - that was a good movie, anyway? Anyone seen that? John Cusack, Jack Black, and that nerdy guy.
Sunday - October 29th 2023 10:22AM MST
PS I think Ron suffers from two things. First he's not really a visionary. He's a competent public sector manager and I think he wants to be President because it's the next job after "Governor." Second he's kind of an awkward, non-spontaneous guy in public so he figures he'll follow his campaign managers' advice, much of it awful.

I recall an article from several years back that said campaign consulting industry is essentially just a bunch of shallow grifters looking to burn through the donor money. Pure rent-seeking.
Sunday - October 29th 2023 9:05AM MST
PS Oh well, Mx Coulter falls in love with every Repub presidential candidate. Recall that she was head-over-heels with Mitt Romney. Let that sink in. Mitt Romney. Although she’s getting a bit long in the tooth for schoolgirl crushes, she’ll be swooning over the 2028 candidate. And the 2032 candidate. If there’s still a national Repub party in 2028 and 2032. You young whippersnappers have no idea what an advance stereophonic recording over monaural recording was. Or high-fidelity: A high-fi versus a victrola. Or electronic versus acoustical recording. Okay, I don’t actually remember acoustical recording.
Sunday - October 29th 2023 7:14AM MST
PS: Yeah, real stereo made a big difference to me, as I'd put the speakers as far apart in the living room as possible, blasting out REM or whomever. I miss loud music, I gotta say. The old $400 stereo cabinet unit I got when I had my first good-paying job (had to take one of my few allotted sick days for the purchase and assembly of it) finally bit the dust over 10 years back.

I have these 2 speakers, one of which has the amps and all, that can pick up music from the phone or wherever. I don't think there's enough bass there, and we haven't used it much at all.
Sunday - October 29th 2023 7:11AM MST
PS: Haha, great CPR story, Alarmist, and not O/T at all, cause Rhonda. That sounds like a good time.

I linked at the bottom of the last post to my posts in basic disparagement of "First Responders" as heroes, and the one with "The Office" has one of my favorite scenes from that show, the CPR class. (youtube had nixed the previous longer one, but I inserted a new one.) It's probably funny even if you've never seen the show.

My story - it's ongoing actually - regarding CPR, is about dealing with the new Smart Dummies:

"Crash of the CPR smart dummy"

(Oh, I see I have the office clip in there too - big fan!)
The Alarmist
Sunday - October 29th 2023 5:05AM MST

The Air Force required us to learn CPR, as if I would ever use it, so in class I found myself partnered with a young lieutenant named Rhonda. The schtick was that you would come across Resusci-Annie (the CPR dummy, unfortunately not Rhonda) lying lifeless, and you’d commence solo CPR until your partner “came on the scene,” at which point you’d ask for help. I think you can see where this is going....

But it got better. I did the mouth to mouth while Rhonda did compressions, and she continued to sing the refrain to Help me Rhonda, complete with “bah bah bah bah” because the beat kind of matched a good CPR rhythm. But at one point she compressed too hard and the little fake teeth on the dummy poked into my lip, so I pulled back saying, “Ouch! She bit me!”

Without missing a beat, Rhonda said, “You’re not supposed to slip her the tongue.” Help me Rhonda indeed.

I remember Capitol records putting out “stereo” albums with mono recordings with a lot of treble in one channel and a lot of base in the other. I was actually surprised to hear how much better actual stereo recordings better when I bought my first EMI import.
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