Vaxphobic NY City Cops fight back and win!

Posted On: Saturday - October 28th 2023 8:37AM MST
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"Vaxophobic", what do you think? That's a better term than "anti-vax", as first of all, not all, not even many, of those against the mRNA gene experimental therapy are opposed to the idea of vaccinations period, for anything. Secondly, whether one is or isn't against this general medical preventative treatment (uhh, supposed to prevent one from getting sick from said disease, if I recall correctly), that still doesn't make one opposed to their availability. Survey "anti-vaxxers", and it would probably be a minority that are against anything that's not a mandatory program or one that involves any coercion, say involving employment.

We'll get to that subject, but just to finish this, the suffix "phobic' has been added ERRONEOUSLY, to lots of terms, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. That is done to make the term a pejorative, implying people are unreasonably AFRAID of something rather than being against the idea, or simply wanting nothing the hell to do with it.

In this case, it kind of works, as many people after what they've seen personally and what they've read, are rightly afraid of taking the Kung Flu vaccines. I am vaxaphobic, but more on that. Let's get to the subject, regrading that coercion of big employers, often out of PotomacRegimaphobia, but often out of the usual stupidity. The Kung Flu PanicFest was rife with both.

Per the FOX News website, Anders Hagstrom presiding , errr, writing, New York Supreme Court reinstates all employees fired for being unvaccinated, orders backpay. The Peak Stupidity staff are not particularly fans of the "men in blue", there to protect and serve... supposedly - that used to be written on the squad cars - it's probably some woke stuff now... We don't worship the "First Responders"* in general as heroes, whether the Black Death 2,0 Kung Flu is raging or not. However, I have great respect for those cops and firemen who refused to take the Kung Flu vaccines at the cost of their jobs.

To compare this to my own situation, let me say that there were 3 basic things to consider, back in that time period - very-late-'20 (beginning of vax availability) to early/mid-'22 (the giving up on vax coercion by Gov/Corp America):

1) Is it worth even getting this shot? That is, am I seriously worried about getting the Covid-19?

2) Will I let them give me the jab based on it being mandatory?

3) Will bad health effects (oh, such as death) possibly happen to me if I take the jab?

I think the timetable of the vax political effort and my answers on 1-3 was somewhat fortuitous, as, say, compared to those NYC cops.

Answering (1) in the negative was a given since mid-March of '21, well before any of the vaccine business. I knew this was an overblown ginned-up PanicFest by then. Answering NO to (2) is in my nature. Would I not take it because of question (2), even if my answer to (1) was YES? Of course I'd take it, but I can guarantee you I wouldn't be pushing for the mandatory vax - after all, if it worked for me, why should I care what everyone else does? We should all be against coercion. The answer to (3) only became YES late in the game, as I saw some bad outcomes in people I know and read more about this gene therapy. By that late in the game (2) had been taken out of the picture.

Still, back in mid/late '21, I had plans for (2) involving my having to leave my employment, but making a big scene was part of that. Unlike in the case of these cops and other city employees, for which the numbers suggest they were a small minority, we had lots of pushback by late mid/late '21, when question (2) was still MY main issue. For most of those doing the pushback, unfortunately, I think (3) was their worry, more than the principle (2). Is that the same with the NYC cops? I'm guessing so.

It helped out our cause that our employment became in much higher demand by that same time '21/'22. Did the corporate folks really, really, want to keep pushing this shit? Someone got a little sanity, and then, within just a few months, everyone laid off this stupidity.

Back to the NYC cops, why do I guess they were not worried about principles, so much as their own personal worries? Cops aren't generally known as men of principle, or we wouldn't have the Police State we have. Then too, well, read this one excerpt from the Fox News article, although this is from NYC Uniformed Firefighters Association President Andrew Ansbro, not a cop, but this is their tactic:
"If you're going to remove the vaccine mandate for certain people in the city, you need to remove it for everybody in the city," Ansbro said. "If you're going to follow the science, science is going to tell you there isn't any danger right now, and putting hundreds of firefighters, police officers and other emergency workers out of work is not in the best interest of the city. It's not safe."
There was no mention of principles here. "No danger right now" and whataboutism are the arguments. Perhaps this talk was in support of the court case, per advice of the lawyers based on practicality. However, practicality doesn't beat this stuff. Standing on principle does... if there are enough of you doing it. The FOX writer was writing out of chronological order here, so I'll take care of it:
NYC fired roughly 1,700 employees for being unvaccinated earlier this year after the city adopted a vaccine mandate under former Mayor Bill de Blasio.
A New York state Supreme Court ordered all New York City employees who were fired for not being vaccinated to be reinstated with back pay.

The court found Monday that "being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting COVID-19." New York City Mayor Eric Adams claimed earlier this year that his administration would not rehire employees who had been fired over their vaccination status.
Yeah, and NY City was a virtuous Sanctuary City, open to all the downtrodden of the world!... also, earlier... What do the black pols like Eric Adams say about some poultry or something coming home to roost?

Again, the NY Supreme court did not rule on principle. What if this vaccine DID prevent "an individual from contracting or transmitting COVID-19"? This is how you get your back pay and get back at the Totalitarian employers and Government. It's not how you win in the long run though...

Good on the NY cops and firemen just the same. This was some rare good news, seen on Peak Stupidity no less.

* In fact, we've had a WHOLE LOT to say to the contrary. Check out the old posts of the series: First Responders and Heroes (written 22 months before the PanicFest) - - "First Responders!" - The Firemen and Fire Departments - - "First Responders!" - Ambulance drivers, excuse me, EMTs - - "First Responders!" - The Cops - - "First Responders!" at "The Office" and, later 1st Slow Pokes Responders.

Saturday - October 28th 2023 8:47PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, so would these guys have been out of work for between 1 and 2 years? I ask about the cops and firemen, along with the guys you saw.

"It reminded me again of the scenes in the "Falling Down" of people pushed over the edge." I always wonder why, when this actually happens, why they don't seem to take it out on those whom they must know are responsible.

Yeah, and "Falling Down" was a really good movie. They made some back then.
Saturday - October 28th 2023 8:40PM MST

-- Scene from the late-phase Covid-Panic, 2022, New York --

I sometimes have occasion to pass through New York City; often alone. When doing so, I usually try to spend a few hours walking around with only vague destinations in mind in Manhattan if I can think of nothing specific to do. By the 2010s this became quite a safe pastime (so Steve Sailer's interest in the downward crash in NYC crime-rates), though prudence is still the better part of valor.

I wish I could remember which pass-through it was when I saw lone-angry-man protestors on the street, and also graffiti, saying (paraphrased):

"I was terminated, after x years of loyal service for declining the illegal and immoral Covid vaccine mandate."

One sign was (paraphrased) "Fired for declining the vaccine; city employees STILL NOT RE-HIRED or compensated." I believe that ne dates to Q23 2022. That means well after the Panic had wrapped up as a major-and-strangulating social behemoth which crushed little-guys all over the place, as it had been from early spring 2020 to ca. early spring 2022.

To drive home the point, these lone-angry-man protestor(s) were sitting on the street like homeless people, with homemade banners. It reminded me again of the scenes in the "Falling Down" of people pushed over the edge.
Adam Smith
Saturday - October 28th 2023 5:14PM MST
PS: Greetings, M,

In two years from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022 there were 1557 cases of “circulating vaccine-derived polio” and 28 cases of wild polio (WPV1) globally.

A little background info...

“Polio was eliminated from the United States in 1979; however, on a few occasions, cases have been identified in this country. During the fall of 2022, an unvaccinated man in Rockland County, New York, was paralyzed as a result of a polio infection. The NY man was infected with a type of poliovirus that came from the oral polio vaccine, called vaccine-derived paralytic polio.”

“On July 21, 2022, the USA witnessed the first case of poliomyelitis after 3 decades of its eradication.” “The New York State Department of Health confirmed that a case of paralytic poliomyelitis was reported from a 20-year-old Hungarian traveler residing in Rockland County. The detected viral sequence has been found to have vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2...”

“A total of 859 cVDPV (circulating vaccine-derived polioviruses) cases occurred during 2022, an increase of 23% from 698 cases in 2021.”

As far as I can tell there were 6 reported cases of wild polio (WPV1) in 2021. (4 in Afghanistan, 1 in Pakistan and 1 in I don't know where.) In 2022, the two remaining countries with endemic WPV1 transmission, Afghanistan and Pakistan, reported 2 and 20 WPV1 cases, respectively.

If anyone catches polio “in the wild” it is most likely vaccine derived polio. (From the oral polio vaccine)

A little more info about polio...

I agree with The Alarmist. Better hygiene and nutrition coupled with other improvements like heating and air conditioning and hot showers did more to eradicate polio that the poison needle and the poison sugar cube.

Cheers! ☮
Saturday - October 28th 2023 4:19PM MST
"In fact, most cases of polio these days are caused by the polio vaxx."

This is a function of statistics. For instance, you wouldn't get a smallpox vaccination nowadays, because there is a nonzero probability that you end up with problems, and there is no wild smallpox to catch.

Polio's not quite like that. Apparently the problems with polio in the 20th century were because the virus was no longer endemic, so people weren't exposed as infants. Some of those infants died of it of course, but we couldn't tell what the problem was. Then we cleaned things up, and suddenly you don't get exposed until later.

We almost did eradicate polio, but then we started importing enormous numbers of people from the places that still have it. So the chance of getting it from the wild is not zero, even if you're in the First World.
The Alarmist
Saturday - October 28th 2023 12:58PM MST

The USAF almost killed me with a mandatory vaxx. In fact, every vaxx is an attack on your system and all carry a risk that public officials willy-nilly dismiss as being outweighed by the overall benefit to society. IOW, Forward, comrades! Duty now: for the future!

I started looking into the history various vaxxes and came to realize they are all highly overrated. In many cases, even of so-called “successful” vaxxes like polio, at least 95% of the “eradication” was attributable to improvements in public health measures and nutrition. In fact, most cases of polio these days are caused by the polio vaxx.

I’m not a needle- or vaxx-phobe. I am a confirmed anti-vaxxer, and made it no secret to my family, friends, colleagues, and employer throughout the scamdemic.

As for Corona vaxxes, all prior trial attempts ended up killing too many test animals, so why should we expect it to be any different with the latest attempts. It’s already showing up in the increases in sudden deaths and longer term excess mortality starting to play out around the world.

For me, the COVID vaxxes were nothing more than a Darwinian IQ test.
Saturday - October 28th 2023 11:21AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, that's a combination of factors that I hadn't considered. I.e. you were worried about the Covid (at some point, to some degree, anyway), but you didn't want to be one of the guinea pigs for this vaccine. That's pretty good reasoning.

Anyway, I'm glad you didn't take it, because, who knows??
Saturday - October 28th 2023 9:21AM MST
PS 1) There had never been a successful corona virus vaccine. They’d tried to make one for the SARS-1 virus, but gave up because it was doing more harm than good. 2) The things that were being rolled out in the first part of 2021 hadn’t gone through the years of double-blind testing that new pharmaceuticals usually get. They had less than a year of testing. 3) At least two of the pharmaceuticals being pushed weren’t traditional vaccines at all, but were a new technique using genetic material, rather than live, dead, or attenuated virus. (It turns out that the bit used was the spike protein, the nastiest piece of the SARS-2 virus, and probably the part that was engineered for “gain of function”, but we didn’t know that at the time.) 4) Plenty of people were falling all over themselves to take the shot, so I figured that if the thing actually worked, almost everyone would be immunized, and I could free-ride on their immunity. 5) If the thing didn’t work, not getting the shot didn’t matter. Therefore, 6) prudence, not fear, indicated taking a pass on the shot.
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