A child of the Senate...

Posted On: Tuesday - October 24th 2023 7:46AM MST
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OK, if not socks, at least he remembered his shoes.

I came upon a child of the Senate, he was walking along the road...
if I'd asked him where he was going, he couldn'ta told me....

I was driving 60 mph on a country road nearby, and I saw the back of this guy walking in bare feet on the pavement down the road. At least he was walking on the left, i.e. correct side of the road, apparently not something everyone is taught anymore. I'd guess there were too many stickers or pieces of glass on the grass for comfort, so he took a couple of feet of roadway.

Whatever... but from the back he reminded me of someone. Is that... is that, you know, that Senator, what is is, John Fetterman?! Well, I don't live in Pennsylvania or Washington, FS, so, I wouldn't think so... hard to get a good look backwards at 60 mph, as this was in an older car with the smaller side mirrors.

I'd like to be able to write honestly that, nah, it wasn't him, we're better than that here in the State of REDACTED. I can't say that. I mean, no it wasn't him. Our 2 Senators are better dressed. They are likely more aware of the world and not mentally incompetent. Unfortunately, all that doesn't make them any better these days.

They are stardust, they are golden.
But they've got to get themselves back to the garden... or at least off the side of the road with their sweatshirts and bare feet.


Full discloser: It is fun going barefoot everywhere. By the middle of one summer, I could walk barefoot across a Wal-Mart parking lot at high noon and barely feel it.

Adam Smith
Wednesday - October 25th 2023 11:05AM MST
PS: Best Speaker Ever, Mr. Alarmist.

Thanks! ☮
The Alarmist
Wednesday - October 25th 2023 10:37AM MST

Your daily dose of Congressional Zen...


Wednesday - October 25th 2023 6:23AM MST
PS: Now as to MY examples, I know I wrote about this in another post to be found later, but I mentioned a young woman with a stroller on the RH side, where there were lots of trees, hence, shade. So, I came from the sunny bigger street with eyes not adjusted yet. Luckily I didn't have to gun it through the LH turn across traffic (yes, you should look into the turn, but again, you couldn't see into it because of the difference in light levels), so I had time to move over, or I could have just stopped.

She took up half the road on the RH side with her stroller with a baby. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I just don't think she could have gotten herself and baby off the road if a driver didn't see her, even if she had seen the car, which is not going to happen facing that way until she heard the noise. We don't all driver Harleys, either...

Then, older women in the neighborhood take up one side or the other of the road doing their walking in the mornings, 3 abreast. At least some of them stay on the LH side, BUT, there ARE sidewalks. This is not training for the 10K, in which you don't trust the sidewalks not to trip you up. They just don't use them.

Anyway, yes there are plenty of common sense rule exceptions. The key is that common sense, and as you wrote, Mr. Hail, the black and brown folks don't always have it - at least they act like they got none.

That was me as a 10 y/o though. I rode a bike home from a friend's house at night - about 1/2 mile or so - and his Dad insisted I tie a white T-shirt at least to my "sissy bar" because I had no lights, reflectors, or anything. I just figured, that I could see the cars, so they could see me. Yeahhh, right! It takes a few years on one to get that common sense, but having a Dad to explain that concept would suffice too.
Wednesday - October 25th 2023 6:12AM MST
PS: Now, about the examples, yes, there's one place, Adam, very much as you describe, but this is about me on a bicycle. First of all, it's steep uphill, and traffic is very slow by necessity. However, the road curves right there going up, and I'm only on there going up, as in curving right. (For safety and reasons of fun, the way down going the other way is different slightly.)

So, I have to stay on the left side. There's the slope of a yard to jump onto, worst case (not going fast at all, remember), but the right side has no view more than 15 ft both for me and any driver, of which there hardly ever is one, but it IS a road nonetheless. It's a no-brainer, and rather than think this through as I've written, it's just instinctive. Cars are the enemy.

For Mr. Hail, of course, if there are sidewalks, that changes everything, for walking or riding a bike. Sometimes only one side has one. Sometimes one has driveways out the ying-yang to businesses, and that's not safe at all for riding on the left, because drivers coming out are looking to the left, where you AREN'T. For riding on the sidewalks on the right, the drivers pulling out still don't seem to see bicyclists (On foot, one can stop easily from 3 mph, not on bike.)

If you've got shoes on, well, yeah, some terrain forces one to walk on the safer side. There's one windy road that goes down from a place near the CVG (Cincinnati, but in Kentucky) airport down to the Ohio River, where there is the (I think) oldest ferry in the country operating - 206 years now.* The road that goes down to the river is called a "pike", but it is NO pike, with very barely room for 2 cars to pass. One has to change sides of the road a few times or be ready to jump a guardrail and hang on for a bit (not in thin air, but at least hang on as to not step back and off the embankment).

* It can take about 12 cars at a time, but if you are walking it's 50 cents to Ohio and 50 cents back for the 5 minute or so ride. Fun!!

Wednesday - October 25th 2023 5:54AM MST
PS: Messrs Hail and Smith, I understand that there are plenty of exceptions for following the standard pedestrians to their left, and along with that, bicyclists on their right.

This particular guy, well, I don't really see him as necessarily stupid - he just looked like someone who is. Walking barefoot means you're going to have to stay on the pavement - for Mr. Hail, the blacktop, as there are no sidewalks on these country highways, of course. Unless you've got your soles toughened up, there'd be too many things to poke on in the grass.

Because he was on the blacktop, he'd better have stayed on his left. It was clear and daytime, all that, but all it would take would be someone on the phone too long, or even 2 cars passing with nobody making a big effort to give the guy room (there wouldn't be much - no shoulder more than 1 ft outside the white lines), and he'd be killed possibly.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - October 24th 2023 10:38PM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Hail,

I agree. Common sense as applied to immediate local conditions.

Just the other day I was on my way to work and there was a woman walking her dog toward me on the left side of the road. (Technically wrong, as per Achmed and conventional rules.) But in this case it was the right (and much, much) safer thing to do. (I easily saw her and her dog and slowed up quite a bit as her dog seemed like he might potentially dart out in front of my car.)(This is a 45 mph road.)

Where she and I passed each other there is a tight right hand curve (going my direction) with tall shrubbery on this narrow rural road, you see, (no sidewalks for miles, and no room between the road and the shrubbery)(Seriously. The shrubbery is inches off the pavement in this spot.)(very little traffic on this road, too) and if she were on the right side of the road walking towards me it would be much less safe for her and her dog.

If she were on the right side of the road I might not have seen her and her dog at all until I came around the curve. (She would have to walk her dog in the road in this particular place. Truly no other option.)

I'm glad she was walking on the wrong side of the road.

Happy Wednesday! ☮
Tuesday - October 24th 2023 10:08PM MST

-- Strategies to not get killed while walking --

"I saw the back of this guy walking in bare feet ... he was walking on the left, i.e. correct side of the road"

I'd disagree that there is a mandatory "walk on the left if the country drives on the right" rule that should be observed ad a rule of thumb, as one thing supersedes it: common sense as applied to immediate local conditions.

I have done some walking or even hiking / backpacking taking me across rural or hilly terrain on foot to a degree. In many conditions, it is a coin-flip as to which side is safest, and in others the right side is definitely safer. The determinants are: space available, angle and direction of turns, obstructions, and other navigational needs of the moment.

There are many areas of the rural USA with non-continuous sidewalks, and I found it tends to pay to stay on the side where sidewalk is expected, even if there is a large gap section for some indeterminate amount of time, rather than cross back and forth or stay on a sidewalk-less left. This becomes more true with a safety-in-numbers or game or social-expectation game, in which others are also walking, or known to be walking, in the area and drivers aware there could be such people associated with the sidewalk side, which would be "your right" about half the time.

As for a choice made by somebody to disfavor available grass and walk on pavement (the American sense of the word; I believe the British call "pavement" what the USA more-naturally calls "sidewalk"), it's probably a worse idea than than the original left-vs-right-side-walking question.

An one more thing on the left-vs-right-side-walking question: There are x pedestrians killed per year by automobiles, and I'd think a large % are due to alcohol, many of the remainder are due to poor decisions related to darting across roads, especially in low-light. I believe that Hispanic pedestrians may well be killed above the per-mile-walked rate even of Blacks in the USA due to Third World street-crossing habits.
Tuesday - October 24th 2023 6:08PM MST
PS: "In Clown World, it’s only appropriate that the principal institutions be personned by clowns." #SadClownWorld, indeed.

Adam, I guess the house being boarded up made it a tempting target, but still. Then the lady who's home got demolished had apparently never pronounced "demolish" before either. I guess that's small potatoes..

Thanks for the clip of Fetterman too. I suppose that should go with this post.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - October 24th 2023 12:23PM MST

Senator Shemp, elected by the vote-manufacturing folks of Philadelphia, PA.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - October 24th 2023 10:32AM MST
PS: Good afternoon,


Off topic (kinda?)...
Yet another symptom of Harold Robertson's Competence Crisis?

Tuesday - October 24th 2023 9:27AM MST
PS In Clown World, it’s only appropriate that the principal institutions be personned by clowns.
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