"Conservatives" punting on health care? (That's the left's evil plan in action)

Posted On: Monday - April 24th 2017 3:42AM MST
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Though it hasn't been written about much in particular over the last week or so the Obamacare health plan abomination, and the repeal thereof, is still an important subject, as the whole healthcare business is getting stupider and more expensive by the year. One wonders whether anyone really thought this thing was a good plan, except in the sense of the lefty/progressive types just seeing as it as a big step to cause implementation of what their hearts' desires, complete government control of this huge industry, or as they call it "single payer".

Now, there is not enough space on the server to go through the complete ruination of what was long ago a free market, over the many years, but especially since the passing of that "affordable", chuckle, "care act". (Here and here are 2 PeakStupidity posts leading to great Ann Coulter columns on this, anyway.) This post is another in what may be quite a few that urge the conservatives to just listen and take some advice from the libertarians and constitutionalists. I can see an essay coming about this, but also another one urging vice versa, for the libertarians to take advice from the conservatives.

What I'm slowly getting at is that I've read lately lots of editorials and such from the alt-right and conservatives in general saying we shouldn't worry our heads about this health care thing, and even agreeing with government health care! People just have such short memories, or else small imaginations, to not remember when things were more free, or at least, for young people, imagine free markets. It's very annoying to read this stuff from otherwise intelligent people.

I understand the point that the fix to this healthcare mess is not as urgent as other things President Trump was voted in to accomplish, the primary of which is the southern border and US sovereignty. I agree, first things first. Also, there is no doubt that fixing the mess caused by 60-odd years of Feral Governement interference in the health care market cannot occur easily, i.e., with a lot of financial pain and unfairness in the interim. However, to just throw up ones hands, saying, let's give up on this - seems like we'll just be like England and Canada with the government in control is entirely un-American.

Even if they don't care about free markets in principle, what the alt-right especially should think about is this: What's going on in government-controlled health care is more re-distribution of mostly white working people's money to others, just as is done with most government programs. This health care business is BIG money, though. As much as the white male gets screwed in job prospects, education, and welfare scams, do you alt-right conservatives just want to bend over even farther? If we had constitutional government, NONE of this screwing over of the white man in particular could take place. Work with us constitutionalists a little bit, conservatives!

I think the lefties are seeing their best wet dreams come into fruition as the conservatives punt on this important loss of freedom, 15% of the whole economy, I've read, and that percentage will keep growing with our present demographics, or at least until the financial crash that is coming.

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