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This is not part of Peak Stupidity's China road trip coverage. It's a book review that we need to get out of our system now, just because this book has been due in to the library for months. If you follow this blog, you know that our China trip was over 2 months back, and, yeah, I read this book on the airliner and the fast train. (No other passengers brought anything up about it - woulda' been interesting though ...)

The full name of this book by Peter Schweizer is Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win. Mr Schweier is the president of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), senior editor-at-large of Breitbart News*, and a former fellow at the conservative Hoover Institution.

Is he a NeoCon? I'm not that interested, but I do know the current mantra that NeoCons of "the right" hate China while NeoCons of the left hate Russia. Peak Stupidity will reiterate here that we do not subscribe to any ideology that says we should be at war with China militarily. As for an economic war, well, we're in it. We've been in one since the Globalist elites of this country started giving away our manufacturing economy to the Chinese from the mid-1990s on.

This book covers this economic war and said treason and capitulation from the beginning, but there is plenty in this book about the military technology/IP given away to the Chinese along with the business side of things. (Does that make the author necessarily a NeoCon?)

Readability-wise, I wasn't too enthralled with the book. (I'll explain at the end.) After one introductory chapter titled The Rope, there are 7 chapters on the various culprits that have been giving away economic might to China due to lust for fame, greed, corruption, stupidity, evil and combinations thereof. They are:

2: The Bidens [sic]
3: Capitol Hill
4: Silicon Valley
5: Wall Street
6: Diplomats
7: The Bush and Trudeau Dynasties
8: Higher Education

Until Chapter 6, I slogged through the chapters without enjoying the book. There are lots of fact there about a lot of people, many interconnected, as the Globalists, Politicians, Captains of Industry, and the ctrl-left often are. However, with name after name after name, and institute after institute after institute, I wouldn't have remembered all the goings on in each chapter an hour later. Don't get me wrong - this stuff needs to be told to somebody, just not me. This information would be great at a Nuremberg style trial though.

I was interested and amazed though at the way these elites handle their money with the foundations and such. One of the influencers (not the TicTok type) had foundations with ALMOST the same names but with different articles, plurality and that sort of thing. It'd suck being a lawyer working on that shit.

The first note I took was within Chapter 6 on the Diplomats. I'll quote this, because I've met Gary Locke, one of the traitors (just made a snide remark there at the airport as he went out the door), and it's funny:
"In 1998, Locke also took nearly $14,000 in donations from monks and nuns who were members of a Buddhist temple in Redmond, Washington. That was a surprise given that they had taken vows of poverty, spoke little English, and when asked, did not recall donating to Locke's campaign."
Perhaps they'd taken a vow of silence. (There's a good vow of silence joke I got ... another time...)

One thing I don't like in this book is the author's bringing up of Chinese human rights violations. I know there's semi-genocidal (you don't get hurt if you become Chinese) and Orwellian things going on. However, I hate (not really) to say it, but that's simply not our business! The best I can do is to ride around with "Free Tibet..." bumper sticker.** There's a statement by Gary Locke in that same chapter saying basically "who are we to criticize?", but yeah, that was part of his rationalization - he was another traitor nonetheless.

There is amazing stuff though, regarding the elites and Chinese involvement in war and destruction that would have been the talk of the world were it America. LeBron James, a name I didn't particularly care about seeing in this or any book, is mentioned in a later chapter:
Morey's tweet [I don't know] was not the first time the normally outspoken James has remained silent about Chinese abusive actions. In 2007, black Sudanese Christians were being slaughtered in Darfu by a regime backed by the Chinese government. IN all, and estimated 200,000 to 400,000 were killed. Beijing [sic] provided the regime with political support and was the Sudanese government's chief trading partner.
But, Sportsball! Gotta sell shoes!

In the next chapter, on traitors we know very well, Neil Bush - brother of G.W. - was quoted thusly:
The former member of the First Family lashed out at the "America first" rhetoric of the Trump administration and generally argued that Washington needed to stop seeing China as an existential threat. "China is not an economic enemy or existential national security threat to the United States."
Yes it is, and it could be if we let them own our country. Then there's the continuation of this quote:
The demonization of China is being fueled by a rising nationalism in the U.S. that is manifested in anti-immigration, anti-Chinese, pro-America-first rhetoric", he proclaimed.
Yeah, that's why we voted for Trump. He really gets us!

Now, regarding our northern neighbor and the other part of this Chapter, Canada has also run by Globalist scum. Pierre Trudeau was a serious Communist supporter from what I learned here. After one visit to the country in 1949, at the very beginning of the Mao era, he and one Jacques Hebert, upon invitation by the CCP took a trip there, of which Mr. Trudeau wrote a book Two Innocents in Red China. He was very sympathetic to and supportive of the Regime, even as the trip was taken at the height of the "Great Leap Forward" violence and repression that killed dozens of million Chinamen.

There's lots more on Trudeau's Communist tendencies (nothing about Cuba here, because, see the title.) Interesting, with shades of the Clintons:
Before the story [of Trudeau and his China exploits] is told, it is important to note that it is impossible to know the full extent of the Trudeau family's commercial and other ties with Beijing [sic] because in 2019 it was revealed that Canada's top spy agency had destroyed its files on Pierre Trudeau thirty years earlier. Trudeau died in 2000, and the documents had been expected to be released in 2020. The move was audacious and denounced by historians a both "outrageous" and "a crime against Canadian history".
Wait, not egregious? How convenient, though!

When it comes to the Higher Education chapter, I expected a lot more wider knowledge, but for Peter Schweizer, it's all the big shots and Yale, Yale, Yale! Geeze, he didn't even write about the Confucius Centers - there's a mention in an excerpt in the back - that basically work for the CCP, though I've known about this for years.***

Now, in this chapter we see the other side of that "leave China alone about the human rights abuses." How about they STFU themselves about the racial situation in America? After all, it's not like they've got these same people in their land. From this chapter:
In August 2020, Joe Tsai [don't ask] donated $50 million through the Joe and Clara Tsai Foundation to various activist groups in the United States to "advance social justice and economic mobility for Blacks, Indigenous people, and people of color."
Yet, None dare call them Commies.

Foreign funds to American Universites are supposed to be disclosed, but Schweizer wryly observes:
The general counsel further noted that universities are very good at tracking any expenses owed to them by students. How is it that they cannot track large foreign gifts from China?"
How, indeed?

The final Chapter of Red Handed is pretty short, entitled Fighting Back. Donald Trump is mentioned and put in a good light. Mr. Schweizer ends with that Upton Sinclair quote: It id difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it." There are so many such men (and women), that our nation has been nearly sold out from under us.

About Red Handed in general, this book could be worthwhile for some readers. Basically, it has lots of facts, but they blur after a while, and I found only a few parts of it entertaining. We don't all need entertaining, though, so for the story of who is behind this sell-out of America, I recommend the book.

* Haha, I didn't quote wiki directly, as they inform us it's "far-right media organization Breitbart News" - you ain't seen far-right, wiki editors. Oh, and this different spell-check version STILL doesn't know "Breitbart".

** Actually, I've improved on that joke since February of '17, so here you go: The sticker is so long, I separated it into two parts, The 1st part's on the driver's side and the 2nd part's on the passenger's side. Free Tibet... - - - - - - ...en Coffee, with the purchase of a $10 bran muffin!

*** Recent statement by the Institute's namesake in regard to Communism: Confucius say "man who follow Renin, I imagine soon have no possession."

Peak Stupidity Book Club
Thursday - October 19th 2023 7:27PM MST
PS: Hey, y'all,

Two of the links timed out. Try these instead...

Two Innocents in Red China
by Pierre Trudeau & Jacques Hébert
Translated by I. M. Owen

(.pdf 8.6 mb)

The Israel Lobby (.pdf 8.8 mb)

Thursday - October 19th 2023 11:09AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I suppose I used "NeoCon" to describe warmongers of all supposed ideologies. That is probably a mistake. I tend to think of them as former Cold War lefties (against US defense against Communism) who converted to being pro-war due to their shock and awe from that "shock and awe" of the Gulf War I and subsequent American overwhelming firepower.

I read your blog post and will leave some comments over there soon.

Mr. Blanc, I know that the author used that expression as the title of his first chapter - I THINK - tried to open one of Adam Smith's 3 links to check this, but no-go on this windows computer. Why, I don't know, but I'll try them on a table.

I just returned the book finally.
Thursday - October 19th 2023 9:31AM MST
PS Lenin said it more than a century ago: The capitalists would sell him the rope with which to hang them.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - October 19th 2023 3:07AM MST
Apropos John Mearsheimer's ideological place

see his book

The Israel Lobby - - -

in which he takes on Neo-cons and Neo-libs by the dozen.

Great book - I at times hide it when lefty visitors come to our house - just to avoid lengthy explanations out of a defensive position, heheh. .This tactic safes you time and - MOODS! - Apropos moods: Bought a '65 Blue Note record yesterday with Freddie Hubbard and the young sxophone genius Wayne Shorter: Ready for Freddy! - In the mood!
Thursday - October 19th 2023 2:16AM MST

-- On David P. Goldman and The China Question --

One more thought on the "Neocon" theme and intellectuals, thought-leaders, think-tankers, or book-writers and their positions on The China Question.

David P. Goldman, a one-time leading neocon and longtime columnist, has been something of a tacit pro-China cheerleader for years now (at least I'd argue as much). (I believe Steve Sailer has praised Goldman at times, not because of his recent pro-China line but for other work and commentary when writing under the guise "Spengler").

Realignments like this (David P. Goldman going from "Neocon" to "pro-China") can and do happen. They are easier for people like Goldman in many cases. It is necessarily harder for people like Peter Schweizer, who, as of 2022, is an open anti-China hardliner.

(A similar case is the now-jailed Trump advisor Peter Navarro, raided by the FBI for some b.s. some time ago and then refusing to cooperate and "flip" on Trump, they found a way to jail him. Navarro wrote an anti-China book in 2016 you may be familiar with.)

I view David P. Goldman like a highbrow, public-intellectual-commentator, Jewish, Western version of the kind of Southeast Asian leader I mentioned in an earlier comment here, the kind who "flips" to becoming pro-China in an uncritical way, regardless of personal ideology. This kind of personality may perhaps begin appearing on the stage in force later in the 2020s, 2030s, and, if the Sino-Triumphalists are right, will be a mundane reality by, say, the 2050s.

Steve Sailer comparing himself to David P. Goldman: "I'm not as smart, but my judgment is a little more trustworthy."
Thursday - October 19th 2023 2:05AM MST

Peter Schweizer's surname means "of Switzerland." By all appearances he is a Christian.

There is another Peter Schweitzer who is a writer. This other one is born 1957, is an Austrian, and is a cultural-anthropologist.

This other Peter Schweitzer wrote a tome called "An Ethnohistory of Northeastern Siberia" in 1990. He recently wrote papers with names like "An Analysis of Climate Change Discourses in Northwestern Alaska" and a large number of papers in a field called "Eskimology." He really likes Alaska and Northeast Siberia.

This other Peter Schweizer would not earn the Peak Stupidity endorsement because he publishes uncritically on climate change, but one has to admire the output of a man willing to spend years in Eskimology, Siberian-Native Studies, and the like. It's a field less-controversial than wading into the dangerous cesspool of China commentary.
Thursday - October 19th 2023 12:19AM MST

"the current mantra that NeoCons of "the right" hate China while NeoCons of the left hate Russia"

I don't think this is a useful way to think of things (much less a "mantra"!).

Or, to put it another way, a statement like this is really "begging the question." That question is: "What is a 'Neocon' in the mid-2020s?" Does it have objective meaning?

In International Relations scholarship, the group of influential anti-Russia people we now see would be grouped as "Liberal Internationalists" (or Liberal Interventionists), who are a separate group from the classic Neoconservatives, the latter being a group associated most with the 1980s-2000s and primarily based in a Jewish intellectual movement and predominantly manned by Jews really all the way through, far more than even their baseline influence in the U.S. government and over the U.S. quasi-"satellite "states" in NATO, etc.

The Liberal Internationalists have been influential in the State Department and are associated with people like Hillary Clinton (who intervened with humanitarian-bombing to topple the Libyan government 2011, in one of the more "kinetic" applications of the ideology, and who then oversaw the humanitarian rape and impalement of Gaddafi by drug-addled thugs she unleashed, and then laughed it off on many occasions with a cute couplet in which she compared herself to Julius Caesar).

John Mearsheimer, of whom Mr. Kief is a big fan, has been called a Neocon but the label doesn't quite fit for many reasons -- a key one being that Mearsheimer is against an Israel First policy. In academia terms, Mearsheimer is of the "Realist" school.

The Realists will tend to be against China for the reasons Realists always are in favor of Realpolitik -- China is displaying aggressive behavior against all its neighbors, seeking a vast network of quasi-tributary states (consisting of most or even all of its neighbors if possible), and would tip the scales against White-European economic interests wherever their influence goes.

To me, one key thing to understand what China is about is watching what they do in the so-called South China Sea, which is a record of shocking and chutzpah-like aggressiveness and insult-upon-insult against every sea-border neighbor, eventually hoping to get pliable local leaders who they pay off and re-form the ancient tributary-network of dependent states.

The Realists would generally say Russia is not "nice" either (whatever that means), but that they lack the power or ambition or boldness that China is displaying. The Liberal-Internationalists would say Russia is uniquely bad for x, y, z moral reasons (often involving an important layer of "Remember the Pogroms," as Steve Sailer has suggested).
Peak Stupidity Book Club
Wednesday - October 18th 2023 9:00PM MST
PS: My pleasure, Mr. Moderator,

So... I hadn't read your post when I submitted my first comment. But now that I have...

Two Innocents in Red China
by Pierre Trudeau & Jacques Hébert
Translated by I. M. Owen

(.pdf 8.6 mb)

(.pdf 5.9 mb)

(.epub 1.7 mb)

I'm posting these here partly in case anyone is interested in them, but also to see if the first two links (the .pdf files) work as intended. I've never tried shortening and posting direct links to books on Anna's Archive before. I think they'll work, but there is really only one way to find out.

Cheers! ☮
Wednesday - October 18th 2023 8:36PM MST
PS: Thank for coming through as usual, Mr. Smith.

Have a good evening too!
Peak Stupidity Book Club
Wednesday - October 18th 2023 8:26PM MST
PS: Good evening, Achmed,

Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win
by Peter Schweizer

(.pdf 9 mb)(I prefer this version. It's higher quality.)

(.epub 1.9 mb)(For those who prefer .epub format.)

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