Eat mor shark!

Posted On: Saturday - April 22nd 2017 5:44PM MST
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This is probably not related to any post written since the beginning of Peak Stupidity, but, what the hey?

After talking and thinking about eating good fish for dinner, the subject of shark meat came up. Fish steaks, just meat cut transversely, just seem tasty than fillets, which are pieces of the meat cut longitudinally. Maybe it's just because the fish steaks I've had had been grilled on the barbecue - very tasty stuff.

Shark meat is supposed to be good too, and most fish meat is good FOR YOU, much the better. The thing about sharks is, at least the big ones, is that they like to eat us too, every bloody chance they get. You young 'uns, having not seen the movie "Jaws", maybe don't think this is any big deal. Have, you ever heard the expression "We're gonna' need a bigger [whatever]"? Well, that's from "Jaws", people, and those big sharks are scary bastards, at least according to Constable Brody and the scientist Richard Dreyfuss.

I think that the more sharks we eat the less chance we have of getting partially or wholly eaten by them. It only stands to reason. Now, your environmentalists will go off about interfering with the food chain and all that. I personally want to be completely out of the food chain. We should just have the whole food chain on our menus. I want out, and let these animals worry about the damn food chain. The same goes for mosquitoes. Yeah, yeah, the birds eat 'em, so if we get rid of them what will they eat. I'm sure they can find something more tasty, as they obviously are not really enamored with the taste of mosquitoes, or there wouldn't be so damn many around.

We need to find a good way to eat mosquitoes, in fact. Most people have had entirely enough of their nonsense, and it's time to find a good cooking method, probably involving deep-frying, as anything deep fried tastes good. Shark steaks with a side of fried skeeters! Now that's what I'm talking about!

Pat Kittle
Monday - November 15th 2021 5:20PM MST
PS This attempt at humor is hopefully peak stupidity at Peak Stupidity, an otherwise commendably intelligent site (from what I've seen so far).
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