Why is it always "Fentanyl, Fentanyl, Fentanyl!!"?

Posted On: Thursday - October 5th 2023 1:05PM MST
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The great Ann Coulter has scooped Peak Stupidity yet again. Since I watched VDare's immigration-invasion highlights of the recent Red-Squad candidate debate, I have meant to write a post that Ann Coulter just covered very well + she's got lots more than just this point.

It seems that it's still NOT OK to mention the reasons we don't want America to be swamped by multiple millions of non-White, strange, sometimes disease-ridden and violent foreigners YEARLY. The GOP candidates - other than 2016 Donald Trump - apparently feel this way. If they were not going to put forth our minor qualms about population replacement (death to the White Middle Class) due to being-called-names, could they have at least mentioned the dozens of other problems, without even taking race into account? How about discusssing the simple economic problems such as the burden on the Welfare State and healthcare "system" or the biggest economic result, the depression of wages?

Coincidently, as I took a break to read Unz Review - iSteve comments, I came across this comment from an anonymous guy in reply to "AnotherDad" (The latter's ideas about this are the inner quote)::
Tie it [to] jobs. Tie it to inflation. Tie it to unaffordable housing. Tie it to “affordable family formation” and collapsing marriage.
Tie it to environmental destruction, to carbon emissions, to global warming. Tie it to harm to our water supply, our fisheries, our open spaces. Tie it to displacement of Americans from the best paying and higher status jobs. Tie it to getting dragged into other people’s blood feuds and territorial ambitions, tie it to foreign wars.
That latter stuff, notice, is also off the main point. I do get that "whatever works", I guess, but being totally honest in stating that you don't want the American people replaced ought to work too shouldn't it? Oh, except for the name-calling - can't have that ...

Hey, these are not your Grandfather's malted milk balls!

No, no, gotta come up with something that doesn't make us one of those bad names. Let's see, let's make this whole border invasion a question of Fentanyl. That seems to be the ticket they've chosen, from my viewing of the VDare generated Immigration Invasion highlight reel of that debate. I don't like this. Well, all we hear all day long at debate class is how bad Fentanyl is at this or how nasty Fentanyl did that. Fentanyl, Fentanyl, Fentanyl!!*

Seriously, Fentanyl is some bad stuff. I'm glad I don't know any more than that. However, the increased drug smuggling across the southern border is just a bonus for those with the goal of destroying America. It's not the idea at all. Secondly, all those other terrible effects of the invasion listed incompletely above deserve to be heard about, not just freaking Fentanyl!

As usual, Ann Coulter really kicks ass with her opinion columns. I came across this yesterday - It’s Not About Fentanyl, GOP! It’s The Immigration, Stupid, and I was all, "there goes my post." This will be a combo post then, from 2 great minds. (Haha!)

Miss Coulter comes out strong (not the beginning, but I can't paste in the whole thing) with a jab at the moderator, who, now that I recall too, was from ¡Coalooombiah! Can't they find a native English speaker out of the remaining 200 million of us for this job? She's obviously pro-immigration, so not so unbiased on this most existential of issues. Ann had a lot to say about this narrator's handling of this issue: She brought up a really good point - as a good lawyer (the famous "one percenters") would - showing how the Asylum claims are bogus. Check that out, but I like the way she closed this part:
Luckily for the inadvertent whistleblower, only 15% of Americans could understand what she was saying on account of her accent. But thank you, Miss Calderon, for giving up the game on phony “asylum-seekers.”

Rather than go over the factors that bring major Sociological and Economic damage that massive immigration brings, Miss Coulter went a different route and linked 3 other bad factors to the Q&A of the debate. While she excerpts parts of the Q&A transcripts, she provides her own answers:
FIRST, as soon as they get here, immigrants start demanding that we admit an endless supply of their fellow countrymen. This raises the question: If they wanted to be around a lot of Latin Americans, why’d they leave?

SECOND, Immigrants bring their Third World voting habits with them. This is where Miss Coulter finds the contradiction from Senora Calderon.
Calderon states the these immigrants vote for gun control due to American gun violence. Yet, these people are all coming from places with higher levels of gun and all other kinds of violence. Again, why not stay TF home?
THIRD, immigrants really get off on insulting Americans—as is evident from Calderon’s exposing the “asylum” scam, just so she could call our country violent.
Oh, and regarding this third problem with immigration, here you go:
Naturally, she lectured Americans about slavery—because Latin America’s record on that front is unblemished! (Only 6% of trans-Atlantic slaves went to North America; the rest went to Latin America and the Caribbean.) Plus, we haven’t heard a thing about slavery recently, so I’m glad she brought it up.
[That was OUR link.] Again, while trying not to feature Ann Coulter's whole column here, I'll add only this final bit on the smuggling of the Fentanyl across the border. The Coalooombia native-narrator makes a point to say that 57% - then how exactly would you know?! - of the smugglers are US Citizens. Miss Coulter helps clear this up for us by providing a complete list of names from a DEA report. Here are the names of those arrested in the last few weeks:
Felix Herrera Garcia
Grei Mendez
Carliston Acevedo Brito
Renny Parra Paredes, aka “El Gallo”
Jose Cruz Ivan Aispuro
Adrian Montalvo
Jose Lora
Ray Urena
Ruben Davila Cardenas
Ann Coulter notes: “U.S. citizens” all!"

OK, then, one little erroneous paragraph of opinion in another otherwise good column 2 weeks back can be forgiven. Ann Coulter still rocks, and we both agree here - stop the babbling about the freaking Fentanyl, guys.** People don't have to take it. They will have to deal with all the rest of this though.

PS: Oh, yeah, about the winner of this immigration invasion portion of the debate: Ron DeSantis, of course. It's all just talk right there, but then I've seen action from that man, but not from the others.

* I tried to remain true to the original Marcia Brady meme this time as much as possible.

** I don't even listen to Nikki (Traitor-SC), so, yeah, "guys".

Adam Smith
Friday - October 6th 2023 7:13PM MST
PS: Good evening, everyone,

If anyone is interested, here's a link to more of Lionel Schriver's spectator articles...


Mr. Ganderson, I would think the uptick in hard drug use could simply be attributed to availability. Drugs, for various reasons, are more easily available in America than ever. Also, the stigma around drug use has largely evaporated, especially in some circles.


Mr. Moderator... David moved away a few years back. He was a good guy, but I do not mourn the loss of our friendship. Like many hard core addicts, he had volatile mood swings coupled with a very quick temper. All would be well, and then out of nowhere... Bam!

Not only was he hooked on fentanyl, he drank 𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒚 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒗𝒊𝒍𝒚. (I mean 𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒚 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒗𝒊𝒍𝒚!) And he was a hardcore diabetic who would drink the cheapest dollar store corn syrup based pancake syrup from the bottle and eat whole store bought pies knowing it would fuck with his diabetes. The kind of guy that would have the ambulance out to his house about 6 or 8 times a year. All his medical care was paid for by the generous American tax cattle. (He once told me that his fentanyl and insulin alone cost the tax payer ~$6000 every month!) It was truly amazing to see. But...

We don't need that kind of drama in our lives. I wish him well, but I'm glad he's not in the neighborhood anymore.

A few more photos... I chose these because I grow pink peony and Tazmanian poppies. The last photo is of the largest poppy plantation on earth. (Used to be owned by Johnson and Johnson, but they sold it to SK Capital Partners in 2016.)


Happy Friday evening, everyone!

Friday - October 6th 2023 7:01PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, actually getting back to the post topic, says Miss Coulter just cares about GOP wins. Yes, she really believes that the right one can reverse our course. Trump, during his time, had a good chance but blew it for the most part. That's why she is so very pissed at him.

OTOH, no voting alone will not get us out of our troubles, unfortunately. (May give us more time to get to Uruguay or Portugal though ...)

SafeNow, as also related to the post, yes, you've written this before. I don't think it's just California where people are becoming less polite, but maybe there it's just due to that massive demographic change as you (and Mr. Hail in his "Who Lost California" essay) describe. In place such as where I live, I think people are much more stressed out than they were 20 maybe even 10 years ago. It's hard to see slow changes though, and, maybe it's me, as in the Jimmy Buffett song.
Friday - October 6th 2023 6:56PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, that "State of Fear" link did not involve Lionel Shriver's writing. Sorry about that. I've got the correct one in my latest post - it refers to the old post "Most Frightened Nation Status".

From The Alarmist:

"Speaking of burquas, I see more women wearing them on the streets of Londonistan nowadays than I saw in Beirut in 1983. I also felt safer in Beirut, but I was packing 😉." Heh! Funny cause it's true, and sad cause it's true.

"he Portugese are wonderful, but largely dirt poor. I don't know if Portugal is going the way of Italy." That's the story with being an American ex-pat, soon-to-be-called Refugee, living on the American $. When it goes down the toilet, be ready. I'm sure you would be, Alarmist. It's good to have a plan, with it not being "Hey, my SS checks will keep me in fab fish, and can me rent an apartment and a steady girlfriend with cash to spare! Whoo-hoo!"

Friday - October 6th 2023 1:35PM MST
Tie it to politeness. In a recent ranking of the 50 states for the characteristic of politeness, California finished dead last, by far. This comports with my observation that California has become a brusque and charmless place. Further, this sensibility can be contagious and has been “mirrored” as the shrinks call the process by many traditional Americans. And politeness is by no means a standalone trait; it is part of a constellation
of traits and philosophies of life. Signing-off from California, a preview for you. Sorry, but that’s what this demographic change means. It means. the affronts, frustrations, compromises, and humiliation of daily life. Coming to you soon. Sorry.
Friday - October 6th 2023 12:08PM MST
PS Miss Coulter’s principal problem is that, to her, the answer to all our problems is to elect some Repub president.
Friday - October 6th 2023 10:17AM MST
PS: I knew it! Mr. Smith comes through. I appreciate the text too, but the website seems pretty stable (regarding pop-ups and moving around like a Mexican jumping bean - I know, I need to get that Bravo browser), so I will read it right now. I always enjoy Lionel Shriver's writing.
Friday - October 6th 2023 10:16AM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, thanks for writing in after a long hiatus. If you have anything to add to / subtract from my posts on China based on your son's observations, I'd be glad to hear something from you on that.

Regrading 1965 and the intoxicants. You were there. I guess adults gave up on trying to teach that particular generation to be careful, but then, some of the adults were those Beatniks. How did the drug taking grow so fast? Many people point to university or government labs that were doing experiments, then that MKUltra, etc.

"A few years ago IIRC, there was a town in NB that told one of the meat giants that, no, they didn’t want a new packing house built so they could fill the town up with foreigners. This story was covered in the national press, mostly the reporters were stunned that anyone would turn down economic development." That took a lot of awareness and guts from the town Fathers. They were stunned, huh, having never themselves spent the time to observe the fate of these places beside "GDP up!"
The Alarmist
Friday - October 6th 2023 8:55AM MST

Anyone who thinks importation of Somalis is economic development should be required to live among them for a year.

The Portugese are wonderful, but largely dirt poor. I don't know if Portugal is going the way of Italy. I jokingly said we should buy one of those €1 houses on offer in Italy, and my wife, who is one of those annoying Europeans whose heart bleeds for "refugees," remarked, "I don't want to sound racist, but those villages have a lot of women who wear burqas."

Speaking of burquas, I see more women wearing them on the streets of Londonistan nowadays than I saw in Beirut in 1983. I also felt safer in Beirut, but I was packing 😉.

Peak Stupidity Book Club
Friday - October 6th 2023 8:53AM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Hail!

Here's a link to the Shriver article...

(Text reproduced below for convenience...)


I’m leaving Britain – and I feel guilty

Written by Lionel Shriver

I’m torn between headlining this column ‘Why I’m moving to Portugal’ and ‘Why I’m leaving the UK’. Exhausted, shadowed by tippling towers of cardboard, once more unable to put my hands on a black marker when I bought a whole box or to locate a tape gun when we have bloody four of them, in all having perversely disassembled a working household into a shambled heap, I am hard-pressed to answer either question. Why have I done this to myself? Remind me.

On the positive side, I have knocked together a thumbnail for friends. Shifting to a new country is ‘a last big adventure’, and my husband and I are at an age that we probably have only one big daring leap left in us. The more obvious alternative, returning to our native United States, would have felt like retreat. Stretching to another European country instead is expansive. Adapting will be tough, and taking on new difficulties is what the doctors claim forestalls dementia. Yet this ‘last adventure’ paradigm is a bit abstract.

More tangibly, we have good friends in both Lisbon and Porto already. A professional jazz drummer for more than half a century, my husband has been playing with Portuguese colleagues for years and has built up a network that will make his entry into the music scene graceful. Mercifully, I also have a Portuguese publisher again. Many Spectator readers will have been to the country, so I can keep the tourist-board hard sell to a minimum. Beautiful beaches extend a 15-minute stroll from our new house, roomier than anything we could afford in Britain; from our awaiting back balconies, the sea glistens on the horizon. The fish is fab. The wine is fab too, and cheap. (The one severe downside? I’ll be back in the EU.)

The Portuguese themselves are bafflingly nice. This is what New York Times columnist David Brooks would characterise as a ‘high-trust society’. Crime is low. People honour their commitments. On average, they don’t cheat one another. The builders making a few improvements to our property have been financially scrupulous (no cost overruns, and the project is on time). They clearly take pride in the quality of their craftsmanship, which is impeccable. Not to get stuck into Suella Braverman’s whole multiculturalism palaver, but Portugal is still culturally coherent. The population is only 11 million, and most of them are Portuguese. In the London neighbourhood we’re leaving behind, we have not been living among the English.

Which brings us to the negative drivers. I am profoundly concerned about the future of the UK, whose leaders, Tory and Labour both, have failed to plan like grown-ups. I’ve watched with growing horror for 25 years while coal and nuclear power plants have gone offline with no serious reinvestment in reliable energy sources. Net zero is rapidly rounding into a catastrophe. Everything is meant to be electric by 2035 or so – about 11 years from now – yet, whoops! No one seems to have got round to remembering to generate more electricity. The incompetence is so glaring it makes your jaw drop.

I’ve increasingly had the sensation of living in a country that is falling apart. Any newspaper reader could rattle through the list. The NHS is in a state of collapse; accounting for one out of seven Britons, its waiting list grows only longer. For the last year, the prevalence of strikes has been positively Gallic. Water companies are pouring raw sewage into rivers as if it’s still the Victorian era. Inflation is higher and stickier than in both the US and the EU, and the long-term prospects for an already woefully indebted exchequer look dire. The tax burden is the highest since the war, and last I checked the UK wasn’t making a massive collective sacrifice to defeat an aggressive German dictator. With a fierce and worsening housing shortage, the British government still let in a staggering 610,000 net extra foreigners last year for whom there is no provision; the only country I know of with poorer control of its own borders is the United States. Meanwhile, a disproportionately large domestic population dependent on the state continues to increase; while some are deserving of help, a few of these folks disabled by ‘anxiety’ just might have an attitude problem. Our movers arrive tomorrow. I’ll show you anxiety.

British governance has become only more controlling and punitive, creating a social vibe that’s oppressive. With every new law comes another raft of fines and threats of incarceration. Covid revealed this country’s ugly authoritarian underbelly. Depressingly, too, British institutions have almost universally imported America’s vile race-and-gender mania. If you Brits were going to convert to a self-destructive ideology, you might at least have contrived your own.

will come clean, however. I feel strangely guilty. Sure, few Britons will give a hoot whether one more expat writer moves somewhere else. I’m still tortured by a sense of betrayal. Technically, Britain is not my country, but I’ve lived here off and on for 36 years and have accordingly formed an attachment. If the UK is falling on hard times, isn’t it when you’re down on your luck that your mates should rally round? As the cliché has it, I feel like a rat deserting a sinking ship. But then, when I confided this, a friend noted: ‘Rats have to live too.’

Although improved weather beckons, I relocate with a heavy heart. For me, one dominant reason for moving to Portugal in particular is that it’s such a short plane ride back to London. So you’ve not got shed of me for keeps. I should clarify as well that I’m not off to a sunny retirement. In my new study, the view from my desk will be a slight improvement on today’s – a garish nail salon covered in graffiti and the sedulous tailback of the Rotherhithe Tunnel – but this digital nomad will continue to be your columnist, keeping close track of British goings on from a step back. The main difference? Maybe I’ll be in a better mood.

Cheers! ☮
Friday - October 6th 2023 7:15AM MST
PS. Hey all! Haven’t checked in for a while, travel, some family drama, and the Twins finally winning a playoff game/series (after having lost 18 playoff games in a row; and not having won a series since 2002!) I know I should break my sportsball habit, but…

Anyway, re immigration; I never really argue from the perspective of drugs- our lax border enforcement makes it easier for the cartels, but the main problem is the border, not the drugs.

(As an aside, why did the use of intoxicants other than alcohol begin to increase in, let’s say, 1965 or so? Yeah I know there were opium dens and upper class ladies sneaking laudanum back in the old days, but how is it that many illegal drugs have gained such traction throughout society since the mid sixties?

I used to grade exams (US History) for the College Board. The grading itself is pretty dry, but you meet some nice people, many of whom I’m still pals with. (There’s also a great deal of “same time next year” stuff going on- a story for another day…) One of my pals was a long time teacher from Worthington High School in Minnesota. Worthington is in the far southwestern corner of the state, out on the prairie in farm country, traditionally filled with German and Scandinavian farmers. And, lots of packing houses as well, which provided blue collar jobs at decent wages. In his 30+ years at WHS it’s turned from a good rural school to an urban type nightmare because of all the cheap labor brought in to work in meat packing. And, since most NYT and WAPO reporters have never ventured onto the Great Plains the story goes unreported.

A few years ago IIRC, there was a town in NB that told one of the meat giants that, no, they didn’t want a new packing house built so they could fill the town up with foreigners. This story was covered in the national press, mostly the reporters were stunned that anyone would turn down economic development.

It should be mentioned that many of the people coming in are decent human beings, and I’d support (I do, actually) helping with private contributions these folks, BUT IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES!

I’m also not too keen on importing a subcontinental overclass: as the late PJ O’Rourke writing about India once put it, “ ‘Sub’ is no idle prefix when referring to THIS continent.”
Friday - October 6th 2023 6:15AM MST

RE: Shriver emigrating to Portugal

Her article, published two days ago, is blocked by a paywall (unless Adam Smith is reading this, and if the Adam Smith magic-touch for finding things is still working).


"I'm Leaving Britain, and I feel Guilty"


She was interviewed about her emigration-revelation, whence I took the quotes I give in the earlier comment:


(see 15:20, for a few minutes of her talking).
Friday - October 6th 2023 5:51AM MST
PS: Thanks for the info on Lionel Shriver, Mr. Hail. I am interested in this firstly, because she is about the only writer I sort of follow (not in the Twitter sense). Secondly, I've written about Portugal in that movie review - "Night Train to Lisbon" (very decent movie, BTW).


and I meant to write a follow-up post about Portugal itself. I never got to it, but I think I will, what with this info on Lionel Shriver to add. Yes, she's a jet-setter - we can't all just up and move, and find a very nice place on the coast in which to write great novels. Just as with Uruguay as a bug-out place, we can't all go there either. At some point, with a million Americans there, they'd say "Chega" and "no mas" respectively. (Ha! The results page of a search for that translation of "no more!" came up with a youtube video - #4 result - saying "Portuguese People say no more foreigners in Portugal - 2019")

Portugal has, to put it nicely, good demographics. Lionel Shriver is no wokester, but she'd probably not spell it out for us directly. She may not even consciously know that these demographics are why she likes the place so much. It's just "high trust", magically.

If you have a link, I'd appreciate it, but it should be easy enough to look up this Spectator article of hers. I was not completely sure which part of your 2nd-to-last paragraph are her vs. you, but as for that LBTQIAX+, haha, and the demographics of London, yeah, we were there the summer before last and we saw both the demographics and the big banners. They were everywhere, as seen from the top of the double-decker buses.

Mrs. Shriver spent a lot of time in NYC too, Mr. Hail. Her inherent Conservatism, or backsliding, one might call it, is probably from her younger years in N. Carolina, but one thing - about the only thing - I don't like is how the narrators of her novels act like The New York Times is still the be-all-to-end-all fountain of truth. What the??

Just in case you didn't read a couple of posts (no comments from you, but I don't expect everyone reading to write), from 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 years ago I wrote about the anti-Panic stance of Lionel Shriver:

"A State of Fear":


"Ya gotta like Lionel Shriver!""

Friday - October 6th 2023 5:27AM MST
PS: "One reason Mr. Sailer was never brought into "mainstream media" as a commentator is that he has often, over his twenty-five year writing career, he has often mentioned that particular ethnopolitical current in American life and politics, though I think he does so a lot less now."

True, Mr. Hail, but I don't know if it's his nice enough (no name calling) but numerically-accurate reporting on race that's held him back the most from being one of the tops in the Big Punditry Class.

Regarding the Jewish influence, Mr. Sailer, again, being very nice about it, used to try to convince ctrl-left or plain anti-White Jewish activists to realize that their efforts are going to screw their own people too.

He'd make fun of all that old bitching about the country clubs that wouldn't allow Jews, though the latter did a nice job making alternate arrangements anyway. Haha, his big interest in golf is part of this too, so he knows so many details that most Americans, and even most Jews wouldn't care about anymore.

However, he doesn't go far in naming or calling out TPTB. Mr. Sailer doesn't believe that too many of the bad things that are coming down on Americans (and the world in general) are due to nefarious plans of any sort by anybody. I'm kind of in the middle on that myself.
Friday - October 6th 2023 5:19AM MST
PS: "Of course you know well that the answer is "No, it will not work." " Mr. Hail, I didn't mean "work" to convince the Regime to change its nefarious plans. I think that getting out there in front of the American people how huge this invasion is right now and repeating the many, many ills to come (or already here) that they may not have thought about would get them to do something. Voting? Well, not just that, as in "DeSantis won this on immigration, so there you go." It might motivate Americans to actually get mad.

Instead, they still are more concerned about the Sportsball results and such. Is it a burying of their heads in the sand? I don't know - people still watch the TV blaring out CNN, and these Lyin' Press sites like yahoo are so convenient - you know, checking the email and all too. OTOH, Instapundit just linked to some guy (Don Surber, one of Prof. Reynolds' favorites) with an article about the big decrease in the number of X-formerly-Twitter references to MSM sites that's been happening lately. Good news there.

That's a good point about "the American Dream" - still get a Nitty Gritty Dirt Band song in my head whenever I think that. Yes, indeed. It now seems to mean a dream for immigrants only. They (they meaning the people you describe) feel that we Americans already here have already lived (dreamed?) our American dream. See, no time has passed, and we all are still living in White Beaver Cleaver World, so we shouldn't complain, being privileged and all ...

Back to your first point, AnotherDad and others supporting sloganeering away (he's backed off on repeating "Minoritarianism!", though I agree with his take there) want to get these facts out into the public, this public still being widely and deeply clueless about it all. VDare was writing about old diseases that are now new again - taken across the border from shitholes - 20 years ago! (I think the ex-writer Brenda Walker would write about this, along with others. I hope she is doing OK.) However, VDare readership can't be 0.01% of the population.

Were those points about (Seinfeld reference here:) "The Plague. I mean, The Plague, please ...", "Your average real wages haven't gone up since 1973 due to IMMIGRATION!", "This is how many hospitals have closed down due to YOUR healthcare resources being used to support deadbeat immigrants", "The National Parks are swamped and trails are full of litter", "Sweden's got Iraqis fighting Iranians because they've deported too many of these people. Do we want that here, really?" etc, etc, and even the ones that we don't particularly believe are problems, but others do "Carbon emissions will go up drastically to support ..." and yes, The Fentanyl, where was I, to get right out in front of TV debate viewers, well that'd be a good thing.
Friday - October 6th 2023 5:00AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, those stories about your low-level experiences with your neighbor's Fentanyl habit are amazing. I don't know if it's the right word, but the stuff sounds very "volatile". I'm glad you were able to put 2 + 2 + 2 together - the neighbor and the cat's and Mrs. Smith's problems - to figure this out.

It's too bad you are losing this neighbor as a friend. I wonder how he'll come out physically from this.

The Opium tea sounds good, but I'll avoid all of this stuff.
Thursday - October 5th 2023 11:19PM MST

-- Lionel Shriver to leave the UK, emigrates to Portugal; cites "Covid" --

Mr. Moderator, you may be interested to hear that Lionel Shriver, the authoress and political-critic you have praised in the past, has announced that she is emigrating from the UK.

She will relocate permanently to Portugal.

Here are her recent words:


(quote from Lionel Shriver this week, via The Spectator)

"I am 'sick to the back teeth,' as the British like to say, with the controlling and fascist-lite governing of (the UK). And it seems only to get worse.

'Covid' really changed my feelings about (the UK). I should definitely add that this is very hard for me to do, and emotional. I actually surprised myself by how upsetting it is to me to leave this country. I've been living here, off and on, for 36 years. It's the majority of my adult life.

This is not quite the country that I thought it was. The rapidity with which the better part of the entire population started reporting each other to the police made my skin crawl..."

Shriver further says she likes that Portugal is an "older-style society," a "high-trust country," with people who are warm, helpful, and NOT resentful, each of those things being the opposite of characteristics she attributes to the UK, but negativity and resentment "very dominant" especially in immigrant-and-nonwhite-majority London, that zone on a minor river called Thames under the shadow of giant and aggressive LGBTQIAX+ banners.

(On one hand, since Shriver has a lot of money, there is something here to open her to criticism. Not everyone can jet off to Portugal to start a new life, eh? And recall that she originally an American from North Carolina.)
The Alarmist
Thursday - October 5th 2023 8:15PM MST

China and Vietnam have executed more than a few corrupt bankers and asset managers over the years.

I don’t know if was fentanyl they gave me for anesthesia (I’m tough to knock out), but I felt like death warmed over for several days afterwards.
Adam Smith
Thursday - October 5th 2023 6:19PM MST
PS: Good evening, gentlemen,

Welcome home, Mr. Alarmist. I hope you and Mrs. Alarmist enjoy your stay.

About that fentanyl...

It is 𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒚 𝒊𝒎𝒑𝒐𝒓𝒕𝒂𝒏𝒕 to know your tolerance 𝒃𝒆𝒇𝒐𝒓𝒆 you eat your fentanyl patches!

I have no experience with fentanyl myself, but I had a neighbor who was hooked on it. (The pharmaceutical stuff, not the street stuff.) And I have a couple stories...

So, one day Mrs. Smith and I were sitting by the fire pit when our neighbor (we'll call him David) stopped by with a drink in his hand. It was a Bloody Mary. Didn't think much about it. And we were chatting and talking and David set his drink down on the ground. Again, we didn't think much about it, until a little while later when he accidentally spilled it. He seemed really pretty disappointed about his spilled drink. Like, more disappointed than just a spilled drink.

It was then that Mrs. Smith noticed what looked like a foil strip in the spill.(?) So she asked him about why there was a piece of foil in his drink...

So, David explains that instead of wearing his fentanyl patches as prescribed, he cuts them up and soaks them in 80 proof alcohol and makes drinks with it because it is stronger that way. Apparently, when you wear the patch only so much of the fentanyl gets absorbed into your body while the remaining fentanyl stays in the patch. (This is why some addicts will steal fentanyl patches off of people in the nursing home or take them out of the trash. They eat the used fentanyl patches to get high!)

Needless to say, we had never heard of such a thing. Pretty wild addiction we thought. Anyway...

Fast forward a couple days. Our little black cat (her name is Baby Girl just like her grandmother) wasn't right. She was freaked out, and not feeling well. She was moving very slowly and couldn't do normal things like jump in and out of a chair, or walk straight.

It was pretty concerning. But she was mostly fine, just freaked out and such. I held her and sat with her in my lap. (She is a lap cat.) I could tell she was uncomfortable, but she was breathing fine and her pulse was good as far as I could tell. She was that way for the better part of the evening and even a little into the next day. Then she got better. (But she didn't really eat for like a week, which kinda worked out because she was a little chubby before this experience, and she was a really good weight after all went back to normal.)

I didn't really figure this out right away, but I think Baby Girl found the area with the spilled drink. There are rocks over there and some of the bloody mary probably splashed and dried on the rocks or something and being the curious cat that she is, I assume, she tasted some. Not enough to kill her, thank God, but enough to get high. It's the only time this has ever happened to her.

So... Fast forward a few more days. Our friendly fentanyl addict neighbor David was at our elderly next door neighbor's house with his chainsaw doing some yard work for the old lady who lived there. And it was a hot day, so he was sweating. And he as doing a really good thing cleaning up tree branches and stuff around the yard for her. He didn't charge her a dime.

When he finished, Mrs. Smith gave David a hug while thanking him for doing the yard work. We talked a few minutes, and he went home.

This was about 5 o'clock or so. I know this because Mrs. Smith was already enjoying a drink. On this occasion she was drinking bourbon.

But then, a short while later, she started feeling weird. Not drunk. She hadn't had nearly enough to drink for that. But she was not feeling well at all. And as the evening progressed, she continued getting worse. She said she felt drugged. Before the evening was out she was on the floor by the toilet dry heaving. (This is the only time I've ever seen her vomit level sick, except the time she had appendicitis.)(Vomiting would not have helped as the poison was not ingested.) She did start feeling a bit better before bed, and the next day she was fine. (A little off, but otherwise fine.)

So, I did a little research and apparently, you can absorb fentanyl through your skin, and David was sweating out some of his fentanyl. When Mrs. Smith hugged him she got exposed. Not enough to really get sick, thank God, or we would have had to call an ambulance. But enough that she had second hand fentanyl poisoning.

As these two events happened within the same week, I figured I had to tell David, you know, just so he knows to be more careful with this powerful drug. I even printed out some stuff I found about second hand fentanyl poisoning. And, unsurprisingly, my talk with David did 𝒏𝒐𝒕 go well at all. He was very defensive, and actually quite pissed off that I brought it up. We didn't talk much after that, which was fine with me because my girls were never exposed to fentanyl again.


Now, opium on the other hand... I do know a little about opium. You see, I grow opium poppies sometimes. And I have experimented with it a little. I have scored some pods, (shhh... don't tell the DEA) and harvested some raw opium. I have also made tea from the poppy pods.

Turns out opium really isn't my thing. I smoked the opium with some cannabis and it was nice. It works very well as a pain reliever. But it makes me kinda sleepy. I don't really care for it. And the tea is nice. It also relieves pain. The tea is more mild than smoking the opium resin. Again, if you make the tea too strong or take too much it will make you sleepy. I never did enough of it to feel sick or anything like that. But I have done enough on occasion that I became sleepy enough for a nap.

So, yeah. That's about all I know about fentanyl and opium.

I hope you guys have a great evening!

Cheers! ☮
Thursday - October 5th 2023 6:11PM MST

-- On the Parallel-Constitution and how it laughs at slogans, appeals-to-reason --

Moderator wrote:
"being totally honest in stating that you don't want the American people replaced ought to work too shouldn't it?"

Of course you know well that the answer is "No, it will not work." According to the parallel-constitution of the USA, in force for some fifty years or more now, one of the maindriving purposes of the USA is to give nonwhite "immigrants" better lives. So there is no coaxing the Regime with this or that slogan or plain-speak, anymore than a Bible-believing, traditional-Christian can be persuaded that Jesus was not the Son of God, no matter what slogan or zinger or set of facts that an anti-Jesus-Divinity guy rolls into town with.

Slick foreigners are sometimes quick to pick all this up, and exploit it to great effect. The Vivek Ramaswamey and Nikki Haley campaigns love this cultural vein in American life. Both are creatures of a mix of affirmative-action and ethnic-networking and the goodwill of White-Christian who are loyal to the best-looking tenets of the parallel-constitution. The parallel-constitution for slickly-networked foreign-origin elites like them (and Tim Scott and those like him, as well, who pick up on similar signals and are waved in).

Notice, for example, the changes in the phrase "the American Dream." It once meant that an ordinary man can achieve a lot through hard work, or some such thing, which is highly anachronistic to use in recent times because most any Western society has basically been the same for generations (until the rise of anti-White preference-policies blunted some of it for Whites). The old definition of "The American Dream" was hijacked some time ago and now seems pretty-much EXCLUSIVELY to mean "The USA delivers on its sacred-mission, per the holy post-1970 parallel-constitution, of transferring resources to holy nonwhite foreigners and making them rich at the expense f White-Christian losers out there, who can get trickled-down on from the Holy Immigrant Overlords." The idea of a white-male using the phrase "American Dream" to apply to himself at all is uncommon, and would now practically be laughed at. (Maybe an old-fashioned type like Mike Pence might use it in the old sense, which is one of the appeals of Pence to those who like him.)

Anyway, and in other words, the USA's race-problem and immigration-disaster is not something to "sloganeer away (as AnotherDad does pretty much every day, in his comments; and as the other guy does there, using alternate suggested slogans or themes to do a "gotcha!" "yeah, alright then, you guys win, we'll deport the migrants now"). It's something ideological, something now at the very center of the Regime in a way it never was in any other era (for the former U.S. elite was able to make ethnocultural appeals to shut down migration in the past).

I must also add this to identify directly a keystone of the whole thing: he who avoids the study of Jewish intellectual-political movements of the 19th century and especially 20th century, and he who shies away from making a critical study of Jewish power in America, will not understand the system. There are many other forces involved, but the role of the ethno-political force that I just mentioned is a key one to understand. They are the key element of the U.S. elite that upholds and defends the parallel-constitution and shapes the agenda. Few of the White-Christian commentators who understand the system well (like Mr. Caldwell who "wrote the book" on it) will mention it very often. One reason Mr. Sailer was never brought into "mainstream media" as a commentator is that he has often, over his twenty-five year writing career, he has often mentioned that particular ethnopolitical current in American life and politics, though I think he does so a lot less now.
Thursday - October 5th 2023 5:49PM MST

RE: Mr. Alarmist

Which Asian countries hanged bankers in/after 2008?

Or might you mean the 1998 Asian financial crisis?

For one thing, I don't think the Asian countries were particularly hard-hit. The long-term hit taken by the West by the 2008 economic problems is a quite important historical trend for our time here in the bizarre 2020s. The effects of the 2008 crash and the several years of economic weakness exacerbated all kinds of negative trends that helped shore of the cynicism of the emerging Wokeness regime.

Not to mention Europe's endless series of little crises that lasted well into the 2010s and when the Merkel Migration Disaster of 2015-16 came, it felt like just more business-as-usual, with Europe/EU being a synonym for "new little crisis to overcome"...
Thursday - October 5th 2023 4:15PM MST
PS: Yeah, I've heard people say this is a retaliation for the Opium Wars, but that's probably just a very nice rationalization for making loads of money selling stuff that kills people. It helps one sleep better.

That said, I'd say the same thing I would about the Opium Wars. Military encroachment of a foreign country aside here, I guess if there were no demand, the Brits wouldn't have been able to sell it to them. I'd say the same about the Fentanyl. That doesn't mean I have anything less than disgust for the smugglers and especially the dealers here in the US.

It must be some really addictive stuff, just like the Opium. Best thing is to never touch the stuff (heard about this being mixed in with other drugs though).
The Alarmist
Thursday - October 5th 2023 2:27PM MST

The invasion is bad enough, and it breaks my heart as a former banker to say this, but it’s the money-laundering money-center banks that are running this whole sh*t-show. We didn’t hang any after 2008 ... a couple Asian countries did, and are much better for it. The bankers run the cartels ... and the governments of the west.

As for the fentanyl, the Chinese thing of the USA as a natural extension of the British Empire (we all lookalike, amirite?), and this is just revenge for the opium wars of the 19th century.
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